Awesome List Updates on Jan 21, 2016

8 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Security

Threat Intelligence / Forensics

2. Awesome Npm


3. Motion Ui Design

Web animation performance / SVG

4. Awesome Jvm


5. Awesome Elixir

Date and Time


6. Engineering Blogs

Companies / T companies

7. Codeface

The Gallery


Each typeface directory in the repository now includes a vertical metrics table (vertical_metrics.txt). Combine the data in these reference tables with the new font-line tool to modify any font to the line spacing that suits your needs. Tighten up or keep it loose.

"Stop wasting your braintime on meaningless stuff like this and get back to coding. If you replace 'font' with some cosmetic product y'all sound like a bunch of valley girls."

-- Some Guy on Reddit


Download All Fonts

Click a link below to download all font binaries in the Codeface main and bitmap gallery collections:

Archive SHA1 Size (⭐5.8k) 4709e7b6f63d1e2c31f7af0d56b7e1f75a846476 31.4 MB
codeface-fonts.tar.xz (⭐5.8k) e4416c72e331d71e55fd56f2fba38cfda7672f85 16.5 MB

or use one of the following commands to pull a font archive with curl:

$ curl -OL
$ curl -OL

8. Awesome Text Editing

Rich-text editors using contenteditable

Markdown editors