Top 50 Awesome List



1. matteocrippa/awesome-swift



  • ISEmojiViewstars427 - Emoji Keyboard for iOS

  • 2. mgramin/awesome-db-tools


  • QuickTable - Empowers everyone to access, clean, analyze, transform, and model data with no code.

  • 3. substrate-developer-hub/awesome-substrate

    SCALE Codec

  • JavaScript / TypeScript implementations:

  • 4. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • NCrontab.Schedulerstars6 - Simple task scheduler library for scheduling NCrontab-based tasks

  • Yesterday

    1. ansible-community/awesome-ansible


  • ansible-doc-extractorstars11 - A tool that extracts documentation from Ansible modules in the HTML form.
  • Blog posts and opinions

  • Getting started with Ansible - Introduces Ansible, provides installation instructions and gives an interactive walkthrough of Ansible's basic functionalities, like running Ansible playbooks and installing Ansible content.
  • Taking Ansible apart - Describes and shows how most commonly used Ansible components work.

  • 2. chentsulin/awesome-graphql


    Elixir Examples

  • hello_graphql_phoenixstars100 - Examples of GraphQL Elixir Plug endpoints mounted in Phoenix

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • majemojistars1 - Adds a random emoji to each session's prompt. Includes git status decorations.

  • 4. grafana/awesome-k6


  • On maintaining a k6 codebase, Part 1 - Personal tips to maintain a challenging k6 load testing codebase.

  • 5. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Note Taking

  • mickael-menu/zk-nvimstars136 - Neovim extension for zk, a plain text note-taking assistant.

  • 6. paragonie/awesome-appsec


    Securing The Stack

    Bi-Weekly Appsec Tutorials

    OWASP ServerlessGoat

    OWASP ServerlessGoat is a deliberately insecure realistic AWS Lambda serverless application, maintained by OWASP and created by PureSec. You can install WebGoat, learn about the vulnerabilities, how to exploit them, and how to remediate each issue. The project also includes documentation explaining the issues and how they should be remediated with best-practices.

    Test and learn Clickjacking. Make clickjacking PoC, take screenshot and share link. You can test HTTPS, HTTP, intranet & internal sites.


    PureSec FunctionShield

    FunctionShield is a 100% free AWS Lambda security and Google Cloud Functions security library that equips developers with the ability to easily enforce strict security controls on serverless runtimes.

    Books and ebooks

    Defensive Coding: A Guide to Improving Software Security by the Fedora Security Team (2022)

    Released: May 23, 2022

    Provides guidelines for improving software security through secure coding. Covers common programming languages and libraries, and focuses on concrete recommendations.

    7. rafaskb/awesome-libgdx


    Visual Effects

  • gdx-graphstars4 - Provides a GUI to design your rendering pipeline and shaders, and a library to easily incorporate them into your games.

  • 8. quozd/awesome-dotnet

    Other Lists

  • dotnet-console-gamesstars311 - Game examples implemented in .NET console applications.

  • May 22nd

    1. dhondta/awesome-executable-packing

    πŸ“š Literature

    Scientific Research

  • πŸ“° Bypassing anti-analysis of commercial protector methods using DBI tools (January 2021) ⭐ ⭐
  • πŸ“° Efficient automatic original entry point detection (January 2019) ⭐ ⭐
  • πŸ“° A survey on malware analysis techniques: Static, dynamic, hybrid and memory analysis (September 2018) ⭐
  • πŸ““ Syntia: Synthesizing the semantics of obfuscated code (August 2017) ⭐ ⭐
  • πŸ““ Towards paving the way for large-scale Windows malware analysis: Generic binary unpacking with orders-of-magnitude performance boost (October 2018) ⭐ ⭐
  • πŸ”§ Tools

  • DynamoRIO - Runtime code manipulation system that supports code transformations on any part of a program, while it executes.
  • Pin - Dynamic binary instrumentation framework for the IA-32, x86-64 and MIC instruction-set architectures that enables the creation of dynamic program analysis tools.

  • 2. avelino/awesome-go


  • async-jobstars1 - AsyncJob is an asynchronous queue job manager with light code, clear and speed.
  • Functional

  • valorstars3 - Generic option and result types that optionally contain a value.
  • Command Line

    Standard CLI

  • carapace-specstars2 - Define simple completions using a spec file.

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • novastars0 - Includes git status decroations. Overrides LS_COLORS and LSCOLORS settings.

  • 4. CodyReichert/awesome-cl

    Matrix libraries

  • magiclstars180 - Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp based on BLAS/LAPACK and Expokit, by Rigetti Computing. BSD_3Clause.

  • 5. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Web Hosting

  • Layer0 - Deploy fast dynamic Jamstack websites on a global CDN powered by Limelight for free with 100GB/month bandwidth and 3 environments.
  • mogenius - Deploy from git repository with Dockerfile. 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB traffic, 4 GB SSD persistent storage.
  • Email

  • DNSExit - Up to 2 Email addresses under your domain for free with 100MB of storage space. IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SPF/DKIM support.

  • 6. jetli/awesome-yew



  • yew-oauth2stars4 - A plain Yew OAuth2/OpenIDConnect component, not tied to any CSS framework.

  • May 21st

    1. agamm/awesome-developer-first

    Reports Generation

  • [DocRaptor[( - HTML to PDF API built specifically for Paged Media using the Prince PDF library.

  • 2. tmcw/awesome-geojson


  • 99boundariesstars2: Generate any maritime & land boundary in GeoJSON and other file formats or download directly from the web

  • 4. CUTR-at-USF/awesome-transit

    Web Apps (open source)

  • Bustime - Public transport real-time monitoring with WebSocket updates. Open-source on GitHubstars44.

  • 5. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • vorpalstars0 - Adds completions for some projects whose upstream appears dead, including duperemovestars458, optimus-managerstars1.6k and pacutilsstars80.

  • 6. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Maps and Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Bicimonstars2 - Bike Speedometer as Progressive Web App. (Demo) MIT HTML5
  • Software

    Feed Readers

  • Bubo Readerstars42 - Open source, "irrationally minimal" RSS feed reader. (Demo) Nodejs MIT
  • Software

    Personal Dashboards

  • Fenrusstars77 - A self hosted personal home page that allows for multiple users, guest access and multiple dashboards for each user. It also has "Smart Apps" which display live data for those apps. GPL-3.0 Nodejs

  • 7. fffaraz/awesome-cpp


  • FakeItstars959 - Simple mocking framework for C++. [MIT]
  • Audio

  • rnnoisestars2.5k - Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction. [BSD-3-Clause]

  • 8. DanailMinchev/awesome-eosio


    Courses, workshops, webinars, videos and others

  • EOSIO Blockchain Developer Workshop - Free course on YouTube.
  • Developers


  • EOSIO/history-toolsstars61 - Official EOSIO history API plugin.
  • Hyperion History APIstars113 - Scalable Full History API Solution for EOSIO based blockchains.
  • EOSIO Light APIstars46 - Historic information about EOSIO blockchain accounts and token balances.
  • Developers


  • EOSIO/eosio.contracts - Official C++ system contract test suite (notoriously difficult to use).
  • Hydra - JavaScript framework for testing EOSIO smart contracts.
  • haderech/vertstars4 - JavaScript EOS-VM emulation RunTime for WASM-based blockchain contracts. Run and test smart contracts.

  • 9. avelino/awesome-go


  • H3GeoDiststars0 - Distribution of Uber H3geo cells by virtual nodes.
  • [h3-go] - Go bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system.
  • H3 GeoJSONstars1 - Conversion utilities between H3 indexes and GeoJSON.
  • Go Tools

    Other Software

  • Gokapistars285 - Lightweight server to share files, which expire after a set amount of downloads or days. Similar to Firefox Send, but without public upload.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

    Miscellaneous Data Structures and Algorithms

  • go-rampartstars78 - Determine how intervals relate to each other.

  • 10. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Components & Libraries


  • vue-magnifierstars2 - Vue 3 image zoom component.

  • 11. ucg8j/awesome-dash


  • Charming Data YouTube channel - A channel dedicated to teaching Dash and Plotly with over 25k subscribers.

  • May 20th

    1. dend/awesome-product-management


  • Good Strategy, Bad Strategy - By Richard Rumelt.
  • Crossing The Chasm - By Geoffrey A. Moore.
  • EMPOWERED: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products - By Marty Cagan, Chris Jones.
  • Articles

  • Guide to building a product roadmap - By Hellonext, Inc.

  • 2. aorumbayev/awesome-algorand


  • ptokens - pNetwork Officially Launched Cross-Chain Bridges for Algorand.
  • Community


  • algorewards - Free and unofficial Algorand governance reward calculator. Hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • - Algorand Developer: The unofficial developer resource.
  • daotools - Manage all your DAO voting sessions in one Dapp.

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • condaenvstars0 - Provides a condaenv_prompt_info function which returns the current conda environment name.
  • Tutorials

    Generic ZSH

  • zephyrstars2 - Zephyr uses built-in Zsh features to set up better default options, completions, keybindings, history, and much more.
  • Themes

  • repostars0 - Shows detailed git status information

  • 4. ohenley/awesome-ada


    Entry Point

  • celebrating-ada - Ada history key moments.

  • 5. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Components & Libraries


  • vue2-jsx-runtimestars3 - A Vue 2 new JSX transform runtime for TSC/SWC. Use Vue 2 JSX with TSC/SWC directly.
  • Components & Libraries

    Asset Management

  • webpack-plugin-qiniu-uploadstars0 - Vue3,webpack-plugin-qiniu-upload for qiniu(七牛)|aws(δΊšι©¬ι€Š) cloud upload. support @vue/cli-service 5.0.x

  • 6. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac


    Collaboration and Team Tools

  • Wavebox - A revolutionary and feature-rich Chromium browser that's built for productive working across Google Workspaces, Microsoft Teams, ClickUp, Monday, Atlassian, Asana, AirTable, Slack, and every other web app you use to get work done.
  • Developer Tools

    Command Line Tools

  • thefuckstars71.1k - A interesting software that corrects errors in previous console commands. Open-Source Software

  • 7. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust


    Network programming


  • 8. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • ASP.NET, Blogging, Kuberetes, and more - May 10, 2022 - The Unhandled Exception Podcast with Andrew Lock ( He’s the author of the Manning ebook, ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition. This episode covers a lot - from the different flavours of ASP.NET, to Kubernetes, Blazor, gRPC, testing, Minimal API, MediatR and more.

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