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1. awesome-foss/awesome-sysadmin

IT Asset Management

  • OCS Inventory NG - Asset management and deployment solution for all devices in your IT Department. (Source Code) GPL-2.0 PHP/Perl
  • OPSI - Hardware and software inventory, client management, deployment, and patching for Linux and Windows. (Source Code) GPL-3.0/AGPL-3.0 OVF/Python
  • RackTables - Datacenter and server room asset management like document hardware assets, network addresses, space in racks, networks configuration. (Source Codestars629, Demo) GPL-2.0 PHP
  • Ralph - Asset management, DCIM and CMDB system for large Data Centers as well as smaller LAN networks. (Source Codestars1.9k, Demostars1.9k) Apache-2.0 Python/Docker
  • Snipe IT - Asset & license management software. (Source Codestars6.8k) AGPL-3.0 PHP

  • 2. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Design and UI

  • TeleportHQ - Low-code Front-end Design & Development Platform. TeleportHQ is the collaborative front-end platform to create and publish your headless static websites instantly. 3 free projects, unlimited collaborators, free code export.

  • 3. h4cc/awesome-elixir


  • Mechanizestars26 - Build web scrapers and automate interaction with websites in Elixir with ease!

  • 4. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Note Taking

  • epwalsh/obsidian.nvimstars44 - A Neovim plugin for Obsidian, written in Lua.
  • Plugin

    Split and Window

  • anuvyklack/windows.nvimstars185 - Automatically expand width of the current window. Maximizes and restore it. And all this with nice animations!

  • 5. YuzheSHI/awesome-agi-cocosci


    Human Concept Representation

  • Organizing conceptual knowledge in humans with a gridlike code - Science, 2016. [All Versions]. Original findings suggest that global relational codes may be used to organize nonspatial conceptual representations and that these codes may have a hexagonal gridlike pattern when conceptual knowledge is laid out in two continuous dimensions.

  • Yesterday

    1. JoseDeFreitas/awesome-youtubers

    Web development


    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers swyx Badge for youtubers that upload videos weekly
    Content about: Web development in general, serverless
    Featured playlists: AWS Amplify.

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    2. dlang-community/awesome-d

    WIP Compilers

  • sdcstars202 - The Snazzy D Compiler. Written in D. Grows Smarter every day.

  • 3. pazguille/offline-first

    Maintained by

  • Guille Paz (Frontend Web Developer & Web standards lover)

  • 4. zudochkin/awesome-newsletters


  • No-Code Shots. A curated weekly newsletter that will bring you news, updates, and tips on how to improve your No-code skills.

  • 5. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim



  • uga-rosa/ccc.nvimstars166 - Super powerful color picker / colorizer plugin.
  • Plugin


  • gen740/SmoothCursor.nvimstars117 - Add fancy sub-cursor to signcolumn to show your scroll or jump direction.

  • 6. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor

    Sample Projects


  • Wolfenstein 3D ported to Blazorstars27 - stars last commit Wolfenstein 3D ported to modern C# and Blazor. Article.
  • Articles

  • C# / Blazor Wolfenstein - Part 7 - Solid Walls, Doors and C# Observations - September 20, 2022 - Part 7 of the articles explaining how port the game Wolfenstein 3D on C# and Blazor. Source codestars27 stars last commit.
  • C# / Blazor Wolfenstein - Part 6 - The Basic Raycaster - September 18, 2022 - Part 6 of the articles explaining how port the game Wolfenstein 3D on C# and Blazor. Source codestars27 stars last commit.

  • 7. ripienaar/free-for-dev


  • Form-Data - No-code forms backend. Spam filter, email notification and auto-respond, webhooks, zapier, redirects, AJAX or POST and more. Free plan offers unlimited forms, 20 submissions/month and additional 2000 submissions with Form-Data badge.

  • 9. ellisonleao/magictools


    Engines and Frameworks

  • 🎉 Gridstars665 - A multiplayer-first game engine for Lua.
  • :tada [axys] ( - A fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0, it has Full Support OpenAL for all platforms, single texture multi GPU texture handler and C++ 17.

  • Sep 19th

    2. AppImage/awesome-appimage

    AppImage developer tools

    Build systems

  • rules_appimagestars1 - Bazel rules to package any lang_binary target as AppImage.

  • 3. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Maps and Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Headwaystars2.1k - Self-hostable web maps stack, powered by OpenStreetMap. Easy to set up for cities and small regions and supports full-planet maps. (Demo) Apache-2.0 Docker
  • Software

    Self-hosting Solutions

  • MeshCentral - A full computer management website. With MeshCentral, you can run your own web server to remotely manage and control computers on a local network or anywhere on the internet. (Source Codestars1.8k) Apache-2.0 Nodejs
  • Software

    Communication - SIP

  • Flexisip - A complete, modular and scalable SIP server, includes a push gateway, to deliver SIP incoming calls or text messages on mobile device platforms where push notifications are required to receive information when the app is not active in the foreground. (Source Codestars102) AGPL-3.0 C/Docker

  • 4. h4cc/awesome-elixir


  • thumbor_clientstars4 - Client for Thumbor.
  • Testing

  • propcheckstars321 - Property based testing for Elixir.
  • dummystars0 - An Elixir mocking library that makes sense by exposing meck in the right way
  • Miscellaneous

  • cubdbstars369 - CubDB is an embedded key-value database, written in the Elixir language. It runs locally, it is schema-less, and backed by a single file.
  • quarantinestars2 - Quarantine is a tiny OTP application for feature toggles.

  • 5. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Programming languages support

  • AckslD/swenv.nvimstars30 - Tiny plugin to quickly switch Python virtual environments from within Neovim without restarting.
  • Plugin


  • AckslD/messages.nvimstars20 - Capture and show any messages in a customisable (floating) buffer.

  • 6. MunGell/awesome-for-beginners


  • Legeritystars29 (label: good first issue)
    A framework for speeding up the development of automated UI tests for Windows, Android, iOS, and Web with Appium/Selenium on .NET.
  • Legerity for Uno Platformstars13 (label: good first issue)
    An extension framework to Legerity for speeding up the development of automated UI tests for Uno Platform applications with Appium/Selenium on .NET.
  • Haskell

  • Hasura GraphQL Enginestars28k (label: good first issue)
    Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.
  • Typescript

  • Hasura GraphQL Enginestars28k (label: good first issue)
    Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on Postgres with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.

  • 7. ripienaar/free-for-dev


  • Porter - a fully-managed PaaS that lets teams automate DevOps. The free basic tier for porter cloud offers management of 1 cluster with up to 10 vCPU and 20 GB memory.
  • Napkin - FaaS with 500Mb of memory, a default timeout of 15 seconds and 25,000 free API calls/month, rate-limited to 5 calls/second.
  • APIs, Data and ML

  • DynamicDocs - Generate PDF documents with JSON to PDF API based on LaTeX templates. Free plan allows 50 API calls per month and access to a library of templates.

  • 8. ramnes/awesome-mongodb



  • PyMongoExplainstars2 - A wrapper for PyMongo's Collection object that makes it easy to run explain on your queries.

  • 9. CodyReichert/awesome-cl


  • 🆕 cl-gtk4stars87 - GTK4/Libadwaita/WebKit binding for Common Lisp. LGPL3.

  • 10. lauris/awesome-scala

    Tutorials and courses

  • Free Scala Courses - A curated list of free Scala courses.

  • 11. JoseDeFreitas/awesome-youtubers



    DevOps is combination of software development and IT operations. This section list down few YouTubers who makes learn DevOps topic easy. The topics may include Docker, Kubernetes, System Design, Kafka, Ansible, Cassandra, Zookeeper, Hadoop, Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) etc.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers TechWorld with Nana
    Content about: GitOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, IaC, Kubernetes, Docker
    Featured playlists: DevOps Concepts explained, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tutorials, DevOps Bootcamp.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers KodeKloud Badge for verified YouTube channels
    Content about: Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform
    Featured playlists: DevOps Pre-requisites, Docker for the Absolute Beginners, Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers DevOps Journey
    Content about: DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible
    Featured playlists: Complete Docker Course, Complete Ansible Course, Complete Vagrant Course.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers DevOps Toolkit Badge for youtubers that upload videos weekly
    Content about: GitOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, AWS
    Featured playlists: Kubernetes, CI/CD, This vs. that.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers Just me and Opensource Badge for youtubers that upload videos weekly
    Content about: Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Linux containers, Jenkins, Databases (MySQL/MongoDB/Postgres), Elasticsearch Stack, Red Hat, Devops
    Featured playlists: Kubernetes Provisioning, Learn AWS, Google Cloud Platform for Beginners.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers Tech Primers
    Content about: DevOps Cloud, Architecture, Tips & tricks
    Featured playlists: System Design Primer, AWS primer, Google Cloud Primer, Sprint Cloud Primer.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers Defog Tech
    Content about: Java concurrency, Distributed systems, System design, Microservice etc.
    Featured playlists: Microservices, Distributed Systems.

    Channel's avatar

    Badge for English-speaking YouTubers CodeOpinion Badge for youtubers that upload videos weekly
    Content about: Software Architecture & Design, Messaging, CQRS, Event Sourcing and HTTP APIs
    Featured playlists: Architecture, Software Design.

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    12. YuzheSHI/awesome-agi-cocosci


    Scientific Discovery

  • Eureka Effect - Wikipedia. Wikipedia on Eureka effect (a.k.a. Aha! moment), the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

  • Sep 18th

    1. h4cc/awesome-elixir


  • Rovexstars7 - An implementation of the Mars Rover kata in Elixir transformed in a basic multiplayer game.
  • pictionarystars15 - A multiplayer guessing and drawing game ( clone).
  • rayexstars8 - Raylib bindings to Elixir for games programming.
  • Websites

  • ElixirLibs - A curated list of Elixir libraries
  • Elixir Online Courses list - Classpert - A list of Elixir Online Courses (some are free) from Classpert Online Course Search
  • Third Party APIs

  • nachastars13 - Elixir library for generating and parsing NACHA files for US ACH transfers.

  • 2. avelino/awesome-go



  • GopherCoding - Collection of code snippets and tutorials to help tackle every day issues.

  • 4. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Neovim Lua Development

  • anuvyklack/animation.nvimstars9 - Create animations in Neovim.

  • 5. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatchstars32 - High-performance, low-allocating JSON object diff and patch extension for System.Text.Json. Support generating patch document in RFC 6902 JSON Patch format.

  • 6. ripienaar/free-for-dev


  • WayScript- WayScript is an internal developer platform (IDP) that allows software engineers to self-serve secure, cloud based (Docker + k8s) developer environments at any time. Remove the need to get resources provisioned on a one off basis. Quickly build tools, apps, APIs, dashboards, schedule cron tasks and more. 100 hours of free runtime per month.

  • 7. vlang/awesome-v



  • vssstars5 - Easy-to-use static site generator.

  • 8. redecentralize/alternative-internet


  • Bitcoin by Mobile allows Bitcoin newcomers to quickly and easily purchase small sums of Bitcoin using their mobile phone to fund the purchase.
  • Uncategorised

  • Elymusstars18 is browser and development stack where decentralization is at first place and which is ready to sacrafice every other good for decentralization.
  • Cloud and storage

  • Arweave is permanent and decentralized storage network.

  • Sep 17th

    2. matteocrippa/awesome-swift


    Official Guides

  • Apple eBook - Official Apple eBook for Swift beginners.
  • Libs


  • CapturePreventionKitstars16 - Provides Label and ImageView for screen capture prevention.

  • 3. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Self-hosting Solutions

  • VivumLab - An open-source data-center, owned by you, the user. VivumLab deploys web services to a server. (Source Codestars30) MIT Docker/Shell

  • 4. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • gazellestars0 - Minimalist theme with git status decorations.

  • 5. rust-embedded/awesome-embedded-rust

    Driver crates

  • usbd-human-interface-devicestars30 - Batteries included embedded USB HID library for usb-device. Includes concrete Keyboard (boot and NKRO), Mouse and Consumer Control implementations as well as support for building your own HID classes - githubstars30 -

  • 6. avelino/awesome-go

    Command Line

    Standard CLI

  • mclistars2 - A minimal but very powerful cli library for Go.
  • Websites


  • Games With Go - A video series teaching programming and game development.
  • Messaging

  • mobstars4 - mob is a generic-based, simple mediator / event aggregator library. It supports in-process requests / events processing.
  • Ratusstars48 - Ratus is a RESTful asynchronous task queue server.

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