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Awesome list of GraphQL
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Nov 20th


TypeScript Examples

  • Mocked Managed Federationstars0 - A mocked managed federation supgraph using Apollo Server 3.x
  • Specifications

  • Apollo Federation - Apollo Federation specification
  • Implementations


  • Diana.jlstars99 - A Julia GraphQL client/server implementation.
  • GraphQLClient.jlstars15 - A Julia GraphQL client for seamless integration with a server.
  • Implementations

    Ruby Examples

  • to_eat_appstars12 - A sample graphql/rails/relay application with a related 3-part article series.
  • Databases

  • LunaSec - Key-Value Database for encrypting/tokenizing sensitive data with GraphQL support to authorize requests. - Source Codestars60
  • Implementations


  • graphql-koa-scriptsstars0 - GraphQL Koa 1 file simplified. usefull for quick test
  • Implementations


  • GraphVincistars14 - An interactive schema visualizer for GraphQL APIs.
  • Nov 19th


  • GraphQLstars13.5k - Working draft of the specification for GraphQL.
  • GraphQL over HTTPstars195 - Working draft of "GraphQL over HTTP" specification.
  • GraphQL Relay - Relay-compliant GraphQL server specification.
  • OpenCRUDstars371 - OpenCRUD is a GraphQL CRUD API specification for databases.
  • Foundations

  • GraphQL Foundation - GraphQL Foundation under the Linux Foundation
  • Communities

  • Slack - Share and help people on the chat. Get your invite here.
  • Discord - Join #help-graphql on the Reactiflux Discord server.
  • Facebook - Group for discussions, articles and knowledge sharing.
  • Twitter - Use the hashtag #graphql.
  • StackOverflow - Questions and answers. Use the tag graphql.
  • GraphQL APIsstars3.5k - A collective list of public GraphQL APIs.
  • /r/GraphQL - A Subreddit for interesting and informative GraphQL content and discussions.
  • GraphQL Jobs - A list of GraphQL-based jobs in startups all over the world.
  • Codever - Dev bookmarks. Use the tag graphql.
  • Everything GraphQL - Curated by The Guild - A Discord server dedicated to GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Weekly - A weekly newsletter highlighting resources and news from the GraphQL community.
  • GraphQL Custom Scalars - Search graphql custom scalars across Javascript, Java, PHP, Go, Scala, etc....
  • Meetups

  • Relay Meetup - A global, online meetup on Relay, the GraphQL client.
  • Amsterdam
  • Bangalore
  • Berlin
  • Buenos Aires
  • Copenhagen
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Melbourne
  • Montreal
  • Munich
  • New York City
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Sydney
  • Tel Aviv
  • Wrocław
  • Singapore
  • Zurich
  • Implementations


  • graphql-jsstars18.2k - A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript.
  • graphql-jitstars657 - GraphQL execution using a JIT compiler.
  • Implementations


  • apollo-clientstars17k - A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for every UI framework and GraphQL server.
  • graphql-requeststars4k - A minimal GraphQL client for Node and browsers.
  • typescript-graphql-request - Use GraphQL Request as a fully typed SDK.
  • graphql-zeusstars1.3k - GraphQL Zeus creates autocomplete client library for JavaScript or TypeScript which provides autocompletion for strongly typed queries.
  • graphqurlstars3k - curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL. Also a dead-simple universal javascript GraphQL client.
  • aws-amplifystars8.5k - A client library developed by Amazon for caching, analytics and more that includes a way to fetch GraphQL queries.
  • Implementations

    Frontend Framework Integrations
  • vue-apollostars5.5k - Apollo/GraphQL integration for VueJS.
  • apollo-angularstars1.2k - A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for Angular and every GraphQL server.
  • svelte-apollostars759 - Svelte integration for Apollo GraphQL.
  • ember-apollo-clientstars273 - An ember-cli addon for Apollo Client and GraphQL.
  • apollo-elementsstars332 - GraphQL web components that work in any frontend framework.
  • Implementations

  • react-apollo - The core @apollo/client library provides built-in integration with React.
  • relaystars16.1k - Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications.
  • urqlstars6.6k - A simple caching GraphQL client for React.
  • graphql-hooksstars1.6k - Minimal hooks-first GraphQL client with caching and server-side rendering support.
  • gqlessstars3.6k - A GraphQL client without queries ✨
  • mst-gqlstars603 - Bindings for mobx-state-tree and GraphQL.
  • micro-graphql-reactstars522 - A lightweight utility for adding GraphQL to React. components. Includes simple caching and uses GET requests that could additionally be cached through a service-worker.
  • Implementations


  • apollo-serverstars12.1k - Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.
  • express-graphqlstars6.2k - GraphQL Express Middleware.
  • hapi-graphqlstars115 - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Hapi.
  • hapi-plugin-graphiqlstars20 - HAPI plugin for GraphiQL integration.
  • graphql-api-koastars51 - GraphQL Koa middleware that implements GraphQL.js from scratch and supports native ESM.
  • koa-graphqlstars814 - GraphQL Koa Middleware.
  • gqlstars114 - Universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno.
  • mercuriusstars1.3k - GraphQL plugin for Fastify.
  • graphql-yogastars6.5k - Fully-featured GraphQL Server with focus on easy setup, performance and great developer experience.
  • graphitejsstars118 - Framework NodeJS for GraphQL.
  • graphql-helixstars524 - A highly evolved GraphQL HTTP Server.
  • Implementations

    Databases & ORMs
  • graphql-sequelizestars1.9k - Sequelize helpers for GraphQL.
  • graphql-bookshelfstars186 - Some help defining GraphQL schema around BookshelfJS models.
  • join-monsterstars2.4k - A GraphQL-to-SQL query execution layer for batch data fetching.
  • Implementations

  • graphql-ably-pubsub - Ably PubSub implementation for GraphQL to publish mutation updates and subscribe to the result through a subscription query.
  • Implementations

    Custom Scalars

  • graphql-scalarsstars1.4k - A library of custom GraphQL Scalars for creating precise type-safe GraphQL schemas.
  • graphql-tools-typesstars47 - Custom GraphQL types for use with GraphQL-Tools (Void, Int, Float, String, Date, UUID, JSON).
  • graphql-java-datetimestars101 - GraphQL ISO Date is a set of RFC 3339 compliant date/time scalar types to be used with graphql-java.
  • graphql-java-extended-scalarsstars130 - Extended scalars for graphql-java.
  • Implementations


  • type-graphqlstars6.8k - Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!
  • graphql-nexusstars2.7k - Code-First, Type-Safe, GraphQL Schema Construction.
  • graphql-code-generatorstars7.9k: GraphQL code generator with flexible support for custom plugins and templates like TypeScript (frontend and backend), React Hooks, resolvers signatures and more.
  • giraphqlstars310 - A plugin based schema builder for creating code-first GraphQL schemas in TypeScript.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-toolsstars4.5k - Tool library for building and maintaining GraphQL-JS servers.
  • graphql-tagstars2k - A JavaScript template literal tag that parses GraphQL queries.
  • graphql-composestars1.1k - Tool which allows you to construct flexible graphql schema from different data sources via plugins.
  • graphql-modulesstars1.1k - Separate GraphQL server into smaller, reusable parts by modules or features.
  • graphql-shieldstars3.1k - A library that helps creating a permission layer for a graphql api.
  • graphql-letstars399 - A webpack loader to import type-protected codegen results directly from GraphQL documents
  • graphql-configstars976 - One configuration for all your GraphQL tools (supported by most tools, editors & IDEs).
  • graphql-clistars1.8k - A command line tool for common GraphQL development workflows.
  • graphql-toolkitstars168 - A set of utils for faster development of GraphQL tools (Schema and documents loading, Schema merging and more).
  • graphql-meshstars2.1k - use GraphQL query language to access data in remote APIs that don't run GraphQL (and also ones that do run GraphQL).
  • sofastars775 - Generate REST API from your GraphQL API.
  • graphbackstars376 - Framework and CLI to add a GraphQLCRUD API layer to a GraphQL server using data models.
  • graphql-middlewarestars945 - Split up your GraphQL resolvers in middleware functions.
  • graphql-relay-jsstars1.4k - A library to help construct a graphql-js server supporting react-relay.
  • graphql-normalizrstars180 - Normalize GraphQL responses for persisting in the client cache/state.
  • babel-plugin-graphqlstars65 - Babel plugin that compile GraphQL tagged template strings.
  • eslint-plugin-graphqlstars1.1k - An ESLint plugin that checks your GraphQL strings against a schema.
  • graphql-wsstars855 - Coherent, zero-dependency, lazy, simple, GraphQL over WebSocket Protocol compliant server and client.
  • graphql-live-querystars277 - Realtime GraphQL Live Queries with JavaScript.
  • Implementations

    JavaScript Examples

  • React Starter Kitstars21k - front-end starter kit using React, Relay, GraphQL, and JAM stack architecture.
  • SWAPI GraphQL Wrapperstars967 - A GraphQL schema and server wrapping SWAPI.
  • Relay TodoMVCstars161 - Relay TodoMVC with routing.
  • Apollo Client documentation - Documentation and example for building GraphQL apps using apollo client.
  • Apollo Server tools documentation - Documentation, tutorial and examples for building GraphQL server and connecting to SQL, MongoDB and REST endpoints.
  • F8 App 2017stars14k - Source code of the official F8 app of 2016, powered by React Native and other Facebook open source projects.
  • Apollo React example for Github GraphQL APIstars114 - Usage Examples Apollo React for Github GraphQL API with create-react-app.
  • Next.js TypeScript and GraphQL Example - A type-protected GraphQL example on Next.js running graphql-codegen under the hood
  • GraphQL StackBlitz Starter – A live, editable demo spinning up in about 2 seconds and running in a browser.
  • NAPERGstars709 - Fullstack Boilerplate GraphQL. Made with React & Prisma + authentication & roles.
  • VulcanJS - The full-stack React+GraphQL framework
  • RAN Toolkitstars2.1k - Production-ready toolkit/boilerplate with support for GraphQL, SSR, Hot-reload, CSS-in-JS, caching, and more.
  • Implementations

    TypeScript Examples

  • Node.js API Starterstars3.4k - Yarn v2 based monorepo template (code-first GraphQL API, PostgreSQL, PnP, Zero-install, serverless).
  • Next.js Apollo TypeScript Starterstars183 - Next.js starter project focused on developer experience.
  • GraphQL Starterstars37 - A boilerplate for TypeScript + Node Express + Apollo GraphQL APIs.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-rubystars4.9k - Ruby implementation of Facebook's GraphQL.
  • graphql-clientstars1k - A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries.
  • graphql-batchstars1.2k - A query batching executor for the graphql gem.
  • graphql-authstars20 - A JWT auth wrapper working with devise.
  • agoostars747 - Ruby web server that implements Facebook's GraphQL.
  • GQListars196 - A GraphQL client and DSL. Allowing to write queries in native Ruby.
  • Implementations

    Ruby Examples

  • graphql-ruby-demostars221 - Use graphql-ruby to expose a Rails app.
  • github-graphql-rails-examplestars270 - Example Rails app using GitHub's GraphQL API.
  • relay-on-railsstars41 - Barebones starter kit for Relay application with Rails GraphQL server.
  • relay-rails-blogstars140 - A graphql, relay and standard rails application powered demo weblog.
  • agoo-demo - Use of the Agoo server to demonstrate a simple GraphQL application.
  • rails-devise-graphqlstars249 - A rails 6 boilerplate with devise, graphql & JWT auth.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-phpstars4.2k - A PHP port of GraphQL reference implementation.
  • graphql-relay-phpstars270 - Relay helpers for webonyx/graphql-php implementation of GraphQL.
  • lighthousestars2.6k - A PHP package that allows to serve a GraphQL endpoint from your Laravel application.
  • graphql-laravelstars1.7k - Laravel wrapper for Facebook's GraphQL.
  • overblog/graphql-bundlestars673 - This bundle provides tools to build a complete GraphQL server in your Symfony App. Supports react-relay.
  • wp-graphqlstars3.1k - GraphQL API for WordPress.
  • graphqlitestars421 - Framework agnostic library that allows you to write GraphQL server by annotating your PHP classes.
  • silerstars1.1k - Plain-old functions providing a declarative API for GraphQL servers with Subscriptions support.
  • graphql-request-builderstars2 - Builds request payload in GraphQL structure.
  • Implementations

    PHP Examples

  • siler-graphgl - An example GraphQL server written with Siler.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-parserstars50 - GraphQL parser for Python.
  • graphql-corestars398 - GraphQL implementation for Python based on GraphQL.js v0.6.0 reference implementation
  • graphql-core-nextstars398 - Latest GraphQL implementation based on GraphQL.js v14.5.6 reference implementation
  • graphql-relay-pystars132 - A library to help construct a graphql-py server supporting react-relay.
  • graphql-parser-pythonstars4 - A python wrapper around libgraphqlparser.
  • graphenestars6.9k - A package for creating GraphQL schemas/types in a Pythonic easy way.
  • graphene-gaestars121 - Adds GraphQL support to Google AppEngine (GAE).
  • django-graphiqlstars35 - Integrate GraphiQL easily into your Django project.
  • flask-graphqlstars1.3k - Adds GraphQL support to your Flask application.
  • python-graphql-clientstars143 - Simple GraphQL client for Python 2.7+
  • python-graphjoinerstars0 - Create GraphQL APIs using joins, SQL or otherwise.
  • graphene-djangostars3.7k - A Django integration for Graphene.
  • Flask-GraphQL-Authstars64 - An authentication library for Flask inspired from flask-jwt-extended.
  • tartiflettestars800 - GraphQL Implementation, SDL First, for python 3.6+ / asyncio.
  • tartiflette-aiohttpstars53 - Wrapper of Tartiflette to expose GraphQL API over HTTP based on aiohttp / 3.6+ / asyncio, official tutorial available on
  • Ariadnestars1.6k - library for implementing GraphQL servers using schema-first approach. Asynchronous query execution, batteries included for ASGI, WSGI and popular webframeworks, fully documented.
  • django-graphql-authstars259 - Django registration and authentication with GraphQL.
  • strawberrystars1.7k - A new GraphQL library for Python.
  • Implementations

    Python Examples

  • swapi-graphenestars171 - A GraphQL schema and server using Graphene.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-javastars5.3k - GraphQL Java implementation.
  • DGS Frameworkstars2k - A GraphQL server framework for Spring Boot, developed by Netflix.
  • graphql-java-generator - A Maven pluginstars53 and a Gradle pluginstars14 that can generate both the Client and the Server (POJOs and utility classes). The server part is based on graphql-java, and hides all its boilerplate codes.
  • gaphql-java-type-generatorstars37 - Auto-generates types for use with GraphQL Java
  • schemagen-graphqlstars45 - Schema generation and execution package that turns POJO's into a GraphQL Java queryable set of objects. Enables exposing any service as a GraphQL service using Annotations.
  • graphql-java-annotationsstars347 - Provides annotations-based syntax for schema definition with GraphQL Java.
  • graphql-java-toolsstars729 - Schema-first graphql-java convenience library that makes it easy to bring your own implementations as data resolvers. Inspired by graphql-toolsstars4.5k for JS.
  • graphql-java-codegen-maven-pluginstars17 - Schema-first maven plugin for generating Java types and Resolver interfaces. Works perfectly in conjunction with graphql-java-tools. Inspired by swagger-codegen-maven-plugin.
  • graphql-java-codegen-gradle-pluginstars21 - Schema-first gradle plugin for generating Java types and Resolver interfaces. Works perfectly in conjunction with graphql-java-tools. Inspired by gradle-swagger-generator-pluginstars229.
  • graphql-java-servletstars188 - A framework-agnostic java servlet for exposing graphql-java query endpoints with GET, POST, and multipart uploads.
  • manifold-graphql - Comprehensive GraphQL client use. Schema-first. Type-safe GraphQL types, queries, and results, no code generators, no POJOs, no annotations. Excellent IDE support with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. See the Java example below.
  • spring-graphql-commonstars131 - Spring Framework GraphQL Library.
  • graphql-spring-bootstars1.3k - GraphQL and GraphiQL Spring Framework Boot Starters.
  • vertx-graphql-service-discoverystars47 - Asynchronous GraphQL service discovery and querying for your microservices.
  • vertx-dataloaderstars66 - Port of Facebook DataLoader for efficient, asynchronous batching and caching in clustered GraphQL environments.
  • graphql-spqrstars923 - Java 8+ API for rapid development of GraphQL services.
  • Light Java GraphQLstars29: A lightweight, fast microservices framework with all cross-cutting concerns addressed and ready to plug in GraphQL schema.
  • Elide: A Java library that can expose a JPA annotated data model as a GraphQL service over any relational database.
  • federation-jvmstars136 - Apollo Federation on the JVM.
  • graphql-java-extended-validationstars63 - Provides extended validation of fields and field arguments for graphql-java.
  • Implementations

    Java Examples

  • light-java-graphql examples - Examples of Light Java GraphQL and tutorials.
  • graphql-spqr-samplesstars96 - An example GraphQL server written with Spring MVC and GraphQL-SPQR.
  • manifold-graphql samplestars14 - A simple application, both client and server, demonstrating the Manifold GraphQL library.
  • graphql-java-kickstart_samplesstars58 - Samples for using the GraphQL Java Kickstart projects.
  • spring-boot-federation-examplestars3 - A GraphQL Java Kickstart federation example.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-kotlinstars1.3k - GraphQL Kotlin implementation.
  • manifold-graphql - Comprehensive GraphQL client use. Schema-first. Type-safe GraphQL types, queries, and results, no code generators, no POJOs, no annotations. Excellent IDE support with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. See the Kotlin example below.
  • KGraphQLstars193: Pure Kotlin implementation to setup a GraphQL server.
  • Implementations

    Kotlin Examples

  • manifold-graphql samplestars2 - A simple GraphQL application, both client and server, demonstrating the Manifold GraphQL library with Kotlin.
  • Implementations


  • libgraphqlparserstars921 - A GraphQL query parser in C++ with C and C++ APIs.
  • agoo-cstars132 - A high performance GraphQL server written in C. benchmarksstars48
  • cppgraphqlgenstars215 - C++ GraphQL schema service generator.
  • CaffQLstars18 - Generates C++ client types and request/response serialization from a GraphQL introspection query.
  • Implementations


  • graphqlstars8.1k - An implementation of GraphQL for Go follows graphql-js
  • graphql-gostars4k - GraphQL server with a focus on ease of use.
  • gqlgenstars6.8k - Go generate based graphql server library.
  • graphql-relay-gostars390 - A Go/Golang library to help construct a server supporting react-relay.
  • graphjinstars1.6k: Build APIs in 5 minutes with GraphQL. An instant GraphQL to SQL compiler.
  • Implementations

    Go Examples

  • golang-relay-starter-kitstars131 - Barebones starting point for a Relay application with Golang GraphQL server.
  • todomvc-relay-gostars63 - Port of the React/Relay TodoMVC app, driven by a Golang GraphQL backend.
  • go-graphql-subscription-examplestars22 - A GraphQL schema and server that demonstrates GraphQL subscriptions (over Websocket) to consume Apache Kafka messages.
  • Implementations


  • sangriastars1.9k - Scala GraphQL server implementation.
  • sangria-relaystars87 - Sangria Relay Support.
  • calibanstars711 - Caliban is a purely functional library for creating GraphQL backends in Scala.
  • Implementations

    Scala Examples

  • sangria-akka-http-examplestars240 - An example GraphQL server written with akka-http and sangria
  • sangria-playgroundstars82 - An example of GraphQL server written with Play and sangria.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-dotnetstars5k - GraphQL for .NET.
  • graphql-netstars873 - GraphQL to IQueryable for .NET.
  • Hot Chocolatestars3k - GraphQL server for .Net Core and .NET Framework.
  • Snowflaqestars125 - Type-safe GraphQL code generator for F# and Fablestars2.3k
  • Implementations


  • absinthe-graphqlstars3.8k - Fully Featured Elixir GraphQL Library.
  • graphql-elixirstars861 - GraphQL Elixir. (No longer maintained)
  • plug_graphqlstars127 - Plug integration for GraphQL Elixir.
  • graphql_relaystars35 - Relay helpers for GraphQL Elixir.
  • graphql_parserstars16 - Elixir bindings for libgraphqlparserstars921
  • graphqlstars86 - Elixir GraphQL parser.
  • plotstars29 - GraphQL parser and resolver for Elixir.
  • Implementations

    Elixir Examples

  • hello_graphql_phoenixstars99 - Examples of GraphQL Elixir Plug endpoints mounted in Phoenix - View demo online.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-haskellstars167 - GraphQL AST and parser for Haskell.
  • Implementations


  • GraphpostgresQLstars1k - GraphQL for Postgres.
  • sql-to-graphqlstars575 - Generate a GraphQL API based on your SQL database structure.
  • PostGraphilestars10.9k - Lightning-fast GraphQL APIs for PostgreSQL: highly customisable; extensible via plugins; realtime.
  • Hasurastars24.6k - Hasura gives Instant Realtime GraphQL APIs over PostgreSQL. Works with an existing database too.
  • subZero - GraphQL & REST API for your database
  • Implementations


  • graphql-luastars162 - GraphQL for Lua.
  • Implementations


  • elm-graphqlstars704 - GraphQL for Elm.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-cljstars281 - A Clojure library designed to provide GraphQL implementation.
  • Laciniastars1.6k - GraphQL implementation in pure Clojure.
  • graphql-querystars60 - Clojure(Script) GraphQL query generation.
  • Implementations

    Clojure Examples

  • Clojure Game Geekstars38 - Example code for the Lacinia GraphQL framework tutorial.
  • Implementations


  • GraphQLstars853 - The Swift implementation for GraphQL.
  • Implementations


  • ocaml-graphql-serverstars600 - GraphQL servers in OCaml.
  • Implementations


  • apollo-androidstars2.9k - 📟 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for Android, written in Java.
  • manifold-graphql - Comprehensive GraphQL client use. Schema-first. Type-safe GraphQL types, queries, and results, no code generators, no POJOs, no annotations. Excellent IDE support with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. See the Java example below.
  • Implementations

    Android Examples

  • apollo-frontpage-android-appstars2 - 📄 Apollo "hello world" app, for Android.
  • Implementations


  • apollo-iosstars3.2k - 📱 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift.
  • ApolloDeveloperKitstars57 - Apollo Client Devtools bridge for [Apollo iOS].
  • Graphaellostars408 - Type Safe GraphQL directly from SwiftUI.
  • Implementations

    iOS Examples

  • frontpage-ios-appstars99 - 📄 Apollo "hello world" app, for iOS.
  • Implementations


  • re-graphstars391 - A GraphQL client for ClojureScript with bindings for re-frame applications.
  • graphql-querystars60 - Clojure(Script) GraphQL query generation.
  • Implementations


  • reason-apollostars558 - ReasonML binding for Apollo Client.
  • ReasonQLstars97 - Type-safe and simple GraphQL Client for ReasonML developers.
  • reason-urqlstars224 - ReasonML binding for urql Client.
  • Implementations


  • graphql-flutterstars2.8k - A GraphQL client for Flutter.
  • Artemisstars403 - A GraphQL type and query generator for Dart/Flutter.
  • Implementations


  • async-graphqlstars2k - High-performance server-side library that supports all GraphQL specifications.
  • juniperstars4.1k - GraphQL server library for Rust.
  • graphql-clientstars736 - GraphQL client library for Rust with WebAssembly (wasm) support.
  • graphql-parserstars237 - A parser, formatter and AST for the GraphQL query and schema definition language for Rust.
  • Implementations

    Rust Examples

  • Warp GraphQL Juniper Demo
  • Implementations

    D (dlang)

  • graphqldstars31 - GraphQL server library for D.
  • Implementations

    R (Rstat)

  • ghqlstars121 - General purpose GraphQL R client.
  • graphqlstars33 - Bindings to the 'libgraphqlparser' C++ library. Parses GraphQL syntax and exports the AST in JSON format.
  • gqlrstars52 - R GraphQL Implementation.
  • Implementations


  • graphqlstars76 - GraphQL server library.
  • graphql-crystalstars210 - library inspired by graphql-rubystars4.9k & go-graphqlstars250 & graphql-parserstars179.
  • crystal-gqlstars3 - GraphQL client shard inspired by Apollo client.
  • graphql.crstars0 - GraphQL shard.
  • Tools

    Tools - Editors & IDEs & Explorers

  • GraphiQLstars12.9k - An in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Editorstars5.5k - Visual Editor & GraphQL IDE.
  • GraphQL Voyagerstars6.4k - Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph.
  • Altair GraphQL Clientstars3.8k - A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client for all platforms.
  • Insomnia - A full-featured API client with first-party GraphQL query editor.
  • Postman - An HTTP Client that supports editing GraphQL queries.
  • Apollo Sandbox - The quickest way to navigate and test your GraphQL endpoints.
  • GraphQL Birdseyestars663 – View any GraphQL schema as a dynamic and interactive graph.
  • AST Explorer - Select "GraphQL" at the top, explore the GraphQL AST and highlight different parts by clicking in the query.
  • Firecamp - GraphQL Playground - The fastest collaborative GraphQL playground.
  • Tools

    Tools - Security

  • StackHawk - GraphQL Vulnerability Scanner - StackHawk
  • Tinfoil Security - GraphQL Security Scanner - Tinfoil Security
  • InQL Scannerstars873 - A Burp Extension for GraphQL Security Testing
  • GraphQL Raider BurpSuite
  • WAF for graphQL - Web Application Firewall for graphQL APIs
  • GraphQL Intruderstars8 - Plugin based python script to perform GraphQL vulnerability assessment.
  • Tools

    Tools - Browser Extensions

  • Apollo Client Developer Toolsstars1.3k - GraphQL debugging tools for Apollo Client in the Chrome developer console
  • GraphQL Networkstars311 - A chrome dev-tools extension for debugging GraphQL network requests.
  • Tools

    Tools - Prototyping

  • GraphQL Fakerstars2.4k - 🎲 Mock or extend your GraphQL API with faked data. No coding required.
  • GraphQL Designer - A developer's web-app tool to rapidly prototype a full stack CRUD implementation of GraphQL with React.
  • Tools

    Tools - Docs

  • graphdocstars1.3k - Static page generator for documenting GraphQL Schema.
  • gqldocstars129 - The easiest way to make API documents for GraphQL.
  • Tools

    Tools - Editor Plugins

  • Apollo GraphQL VSCode Extension - Rich editor support for GraphQL client and server development that seamlessly integrates with the Apollo platform
  • js-graphql-intellij-pluginstars755 - GraphQL language support for IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm, including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • vim-graphqlstars401 - A Vim plugin that provides GraphQL file detection and syntax highlighting.
  • Apollo Workbench - Tooling to help you develop and mock federated schemas using Apollo Federation.
  • graphql-autocompletestars48 - Autocomplete and lint from a GraphQL endpoint in Atom.
  • Tools

    Tools - Miscellaneous

  • graphql-code-generatorstars7.9k - GraphQL code generator based on schema and documents.
  • swagger-to-graphqlstars854 - GraphQL types builder based on REST API described in Swagger. Allows to migrate to GraphQL from REST for 5 minutes
  • ts-graphql-pluginstars565 - A language service plugin complete and validate GraphQL query in TypeScript template strings.
  • apollo-tracingstars450 - GraphQL extension that enables you to easily get resolver-level performance information as part of a GraphQL response.
  • json-graphql-serverstars1.6k - Get a full fake GraphQL API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds, based on a JSON data file.
  • Prismastars17.7k - Turn your database into a GraphQL API. Prisma lets you design your data model and have a production ready GraphQL API online in minutes.
  • tuqlstars583 - Automatically create a GraphQL server from any sqlite database.
  • Bitstars14.3k - Organize GraphQL API as components to be consumed with NPM or modified from any project, example-explanation).
  • openapi-to-graphqlstars1.2k - Take any OpenAPI Specification (OAS) or swagger and create a GraphQL interface - Two minute video and resources here
  • Retool – Internal tools builder on top of your GraphQL APIs + GraphQL IDE with a schema explorer.
  • dataloader-codegenstars92 - An opinionated JavaScript library for automatically generating predictable, type safe DataLoaders over a set of resources (e.g. HTTP endpoints).
  • raphql-inspectorstars1.2k: alidate schema, get schema change notifications, validate operations, find breaking changes, look for similar types, schema coverage.
  • Databases

  • Dgraph - Scalable, distributed, low latency, high throughput Graph database with GraphQL as the query language
  • EdgeDB - The next generation object-relational database with native GraphQL support.
  • FaunaDB - Relational NoSQL database with GraphQL schema import. Supports joins, indexes, and multi-region ACID transactions with serverless pay-per-use pricing.
  • ArangoDB - Native multi-model database with GraphQL integration via the built-in Foxx Microservices Framework.
  • Weaviatestars1.9k - Weaviate is a cloud-native, modular, real-time vector search engine with a GraphQL interface built to scale your machine learning models.
  • Back4App - Build a Scalable Database with GraphQL API in minutes.
  • Services

  • AWS AppSync - Scalable managed GraphQL service with subscriptions for building real-time and offline-first apps
  • FakeQL - GraphQL API mocking as a service ... because GraphQL API mocking should be easy!
  • Moesif API Analytics - A GraphQL analaytics and monitoring service to find functional and performance issues.
  • Booster framework - An open-source framework that makes you completely forget about infrastructure and allows you to focus exclusively on your business logic. It autogenerates a GraphQL API for your models, supporting mutations, queries, and subscriptions.
  • Hypi - Low-code, scalable, serverless backend as a service. Your GraphQL & REST over GraphQL backend in minutes.
  • Nhost - Open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL
  • Saleorstars14.5k - GraphQL-first headless e-commerce platform.
  • Stargate - Open source data gateway currently supporting Apache Cassandra® and DataStax Enterprise.
  • Services


  • GraphCDN - GraphQL CDN for caching GraphQL APIs.
  • Services


  • DatoCMS - CDN-based GraphQL based Headless Content Management System.
  • GraphCMS - GraphQL based Headless Content Management System.
  • Cosmic - GraphQL-powered Headless CMS and API toolkit.
  • Books

  • The GraphQL Guide by John Resig and Loren Sands-Ramshaw
  • Learning GraphQL by Eve Porcello and Alex Banks
  • Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe by Bruce Williams and Ben Wilson
  • The Road to GraphQL
  • Fullstack GraphQL by Julian Mayorga
  • Learning GraphQL and Relay by Samer Buna
  • Practical GraphQL by Daniel Schmitz
  • Production Ready GraphQL by Marc-André Giroux
  • Full Stack GraphQL Applications by William Lyon
  • Videos

  • GraphQL: The Documentary
  • Zero to GraphQL in 30 Minutes
  • Data fetching for React applications at Facebook
  • React Native & Relay: Bringing Modern Web Techniques to Mobile
  • Exploring GraphQL
  • Creating a GraphQL Server
  • GraphQL at The Financial Times
  • Relay: An Application Framework For React
  • Building and Deploying Relay with Facebook
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Exploring [email protected]
  • What's Next for Phoenix by Chris McCord
  • GraphQL with Nick Schrock
  • Build a GraphQL server for Node.js using PostgreSQL/MySQL
  • GraphQL server tutorial for Node.js with SQL, MongoDB and REST
  • JavaScript Air Episode 023: Transitioning from REST to GraphQL
  • GraphQL Future at react-europe 2016
  • GraphQL at Facebook at react-europe 2016
  • Building native mobile apps with GraphQL at react-europe 2016
  • Build a GraphQL Server
  • GraphQL Tutorial
  • Five years of GraphQL
  • Podcasts

  • GraphQL.FM by Marc-Andre Giroux and Tony Ghita.
  • Style Guides

  • Shopify GraphQL Design Tutorial