Awesome List Updates on May 23, 2022

9 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Free for Dev

Security and PKI

2. Awesome Ansible


Blog posts and opinions

3. Awesome Graphql

Elixir Examples / React

4. Awesome Dash

App Examples

5. Awesome Zsh Plugins

Themes / superconsole - Windows-only

6. Awesome Privacy


7. Awesome Appsec


Securing The Stack

Bi-Weekly Appsec Tutorials

OWASP ServerlessGoat

OWASP ServerlessGoat is a deliberately insecure realistic AWS Lambda serverless application, maintained by OWASP and created by PureSec. You can install WebGoat, learn about the vulnerabilities, how to exploit them, and how to remediate each issue. The project also includes documentation explaining the issues and how they should be remediated with best-practices.



Qualys SSL Labs

The infamous suite of SSL and TLS tools.

Quickly and easily assess the security of your HTTP response headers.

A free CSP and HPKP reporting service.

Test and learn Clickjacking. Make clickjacking PoC, take screenshot and share link. You can test HTTPS, HTTP, intranet & internal sites.

Books and ebooks

PureSec FunctionShield

FunctionShield is a 100% free AWS Lambda security and Google Cloud Functions security library that equips developers with the ability to easily enforce strict security controls on serverless runtimes.

Awesome Electron.js hacking & pentesting resources (⭐408) (2020)

Released: June 17, 2020

A curated list of resources to secure Electron.js-based applications.


Clojure OWASP (⭐19) (2020)

Released: May 5, 2020

Repository with Clojure examples of OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

8. Awesome Cyber Security University

Free Beginner Blue Team Path / Level 1 - Tools

9. Awesome Libgdx

Resources / Visual Effects