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Nov 20th

1. mcauser/awesome-micropython


LCD Character

  • LCM1602-14_LCD_Librarystars5 - driver for AIP31068L 3.3 V I2C and SPI 1602 Serial Character LCDs.

  • 2. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • pm-perf-teststars0 - Tooling for running performance tests on multiple ZSH frameworks.
  • Themes

  • svsstars0 - Clean and distraction free theme with git status and current path decorations.
  • biraSkullstars0 - Based on bira, includes root status and git status decorations.
  • promptstars0 - A lightweight prompt consistent across sh, dash, ash, zsh, and pwsh. Includes git status decorations.
  • modestystars0 - A clean and modest ZSH theme with condaenv, virtualenv and git status decorations displayed neatly right aligned.
  • Plugins

  • awsstars0 - Forked from the original oh-my-zsh aws. Includes completions for awscli.
  • githubstars0 - Fork of the original github plugin embedded in oh-my-zsh.
  • zinit-annex-bin-gem-nodestars1 - zinitstars340 extension that exposes binaries without altering $PATH, installs Ruby gems and Node modules and easily exposes their binaries, and updates the gems and modules when the associated plugin or snippet is updated.
  • zinit-annex-default-icestars1 - Allows user to define ices active for multiple zinit commands.
  • zinit-annex-manstars0 - Zinitstars340 extension that generates man pages for all plugins and snippets

  • 3. chentsulin/awesome-graphql


    TypeScript Examples

  • Mocked Managed Federationstars0 - A mocked managed federation supgraph using Apollo Server 3.x
  • Specifications

  • Apollo Federation - Apollo Federation specification
  • Implementations


  • Diana.jlstars99 - A Julia GraphQL client/server implementation.
  • GraphQLClient.jlstars15 - A Julia GraphQL client for seamless integration with a server.

  • 4. hangtwenty/dive-into-machine-learning

    Jargon note

  • Another handy term: "Data Engineering", which might involve or support ML, but it's not limited to ML. "MLOps" overlaps with Data Eng, and there's an introductory MLOps section later in this guide.
  • Other courses

  • Advanced Statistical Computing (Vanderbilt BIOS8366). Interactive.
  • There are more alternatives linked at the bottom of this guide
  • Supplement: Learning Pandas well

  • Essential: Things in Pandas I Wish I'd Had Known Earlier (as a Jupyter Notebook)

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