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Nov 21st

1. antdimot/awesome-lowcode


  • Doppler - Sync environment variables at scale.
  • Automation

  • Camunda - Automate Any Process, Anywhere.

  • 2. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Host, deploy and scale ASP.NET Core Blazor Server - duration November 11, 2021 - Let's discuss Host configuration values, deployment, scalability, SignalR configuration, Azure SignalR Service and more.
  • What’s new in bUnit for .NET 6 - duration November 11, 2021 - In this talk we will go through the latest additions and changes to bUnit that makes it simpler and easier than ever to test Blazor components. This includes the additions related to the new features that are part of the .NET 6 release of Blazor.
  • Blazor and GraphQL - duration November 11, 2021 - GraphQL is a powerful way of querying data. Creating loosely coupled clients using various JavaScript libraries to present data from a GraphQL API has been a popular architecture adopted by developers. How can we consume an GraphQL API in a Blazor WASM app to create rich apps? What if I can make it even better by using the content from a Headless CMS and present it using a Blazor App? In my session, I will make use of the GraphQL API from Umbraco Heartcore, a headless CMS, to create a Harry Potter themed Blazor App and present the data to the user in multiple ways.
  • Embedding Power BI Reports in your Blazor 6 site - duration November 11, 2021 - In this coding session, we will take a run-of-the-mill Blazor WebAssembly site, create a page with a report published in, we will then show how to use the ASP.NET Core identity services to protect reports from unauthorized eyes.
  • Responsive and Adaptive Tactics for Blazor Applications - duration November 11, 2021 - In this session you'll learn about CSS techniques like CSS Grid, Flexbox and media queries. We will also explore techniques for adaptive the user interface at runtime for maximum control. These tactics apply to Blazor WASM, Server, and Blazor Hybrid.

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • exa-lsstars0 - Adds aliases so that you can use exa as a drop-in replacement for ls and tree.
  • Completions

  • oktastars1 - Provides command line completions for the aws-okta and okta-awsclistars200 commands.
  • saml2awsstars1 - Adds completions for saml2awsstars1.4k.

  • 4. hangtwenty/dive-into-machine-learning

    Recommended course: Prof. Andrew Ng's Machine Learning on Coursera

    Tips for studying

  • Review tips from Nam Vu's guide to learning ML as a software engineerstars25.5k.
  • Risks

    Towards Expertise

  • Ask a question. Start exploring some data. The "most important thing in data science is the question" (Dr. Jeff T. Leek). So start with a question. Then, find real datastars46.6k. Analyze it. Then ...
  • Communicate results. When you think you have a novel finding, ask for review.
  • Deep Learning

  • publishes explorable explanations that are really great.

  • 5. davidsonfellipe/awesome-wpo


  • Amazon CloudFront - A content delivery network by Amazon that integrates nicely with other Amazon services or can be used standalone.

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