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A curated list of awesome Lit resources.
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Jul 29th

Design Systems

  • AXA Pattern Librarystars95 - AXA CH UI components library built with LitElement.
  • Carbon Web Componentsstars391 - Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components.
  • Momentum UI Web Components - Set of UI components based on Momentum Design.
  • Clarity Core Web Components - Suite of web components for Clarity Design System.
  • Red Hat Design Systemstars16 - Web components for building uniform experiences with the Red Hat brand.
  • Jul 28th


  • @lit-app/state - Lean and simple global State management for Lit 2.
  • Jul 26th

    General resources

  • Tutorials
  • Apr 29th

    Component Libraries

  • Dile Componentsstars24 - General use Web Components for websites and applications.
  • Apr 18th



  • esbuild-plugin-lit - ESBuild plugin to import CSS, SVG, HTML, XLIFF files as JavaScript tagged-template literal objects.
  • Oct 16th, 2021


  • @shoelace-style/localize - A micro library for localizing custom elements, providing directives for Lit.
  • Oct 6th, 2021

    Starter Templates

  • Lit Webpack Starterstars6 - Starter for multipage apps with Lit and Typescript, using Webpack.
  • Oct 4th, 2021

    Sep 28th, 2021

    Sep 25th, 2021


  • @stefanholzapfel/lit-state - Lightweight reactive state management for Lit 2.
  • Integrations

  • Bridgetown Lit Rendererstars10 - SSR + hydration of Lit components for Bridgetown.
  • Starter Templates

  • Vite Lit Starter - Lit based template preset for Vite.
  • Vite Lit TS Starter - Lit and TypeScript based template preset for Vite.
  • Design Systems

  • Outline Design Systemstars63 - Web component based design system starter kit.
  • Sep 24th, 2021


  • Polymer → Lit Migration Guide - Code examples showing migration guidance from Polymer to Lit.
  • Starter Templates

  • Lit Sass JavaScript Starterstars0 - Project that has a simple setup for SASS + JS + Lit, using Rollup.
  • Lit Sass TypeScript Starterstars20 - Project that has a simple setup for SASS + TS + Lit, using Rollup.
  • Vite Lit Element TS SASSstars43 - Example Vite project using Lit 2, Typescript, and SASS.
  • Component Libraries

  • Furo Webcomponentsstars9 - Enterprise ready set of web components which work best with Eclipse Furo.
  • Fusion Web Componentsstars0 - Ser of web components used by Equinor Fusion.
  • Titanium Elementsstars6 - Collection of lightweight web components used by Leavitt Group Enterprises.
  • Sep 23rd, 2021


  • Fable.Litstars75 - Collection of tools to embed HTML code into F# code with the power of Lit.
  • Ruby2JSstars365 - Minimal yet extensible Ruby to JavaScript conversion.
  • Examples

  • Lit Nativestars27 - Reuse Lit web components on native platforms.
  • Lit Node Editorstars14 - Node editor built with canvas API and simple graph data structure.
  • Lit 3D Pianostars10 - 3D Piano built with Lit, Three.js and Tone.js.
  • Open Web Components Examples - Code examples of common patterns using Lit.
  • Vite + RxDB + Litstars4 - Minimal example to get RxDB running with Vite.
  • Standalone Components

  • <helium-animated-pages> - Web component for creating CSS animations built with Lit.
  • <json-viewer> - Web Component to visualize JSON data in a tree view.
  • <light-gallery> - Full featured JavaScript image and video gallery for Lit.
  • <round-slider> - Simple round slider web component built with Lit.
  • Sep 22nd, 2021

    Component Libraries

  • ESP Web Toolsstars172 - Allow flashing ESPHome or other ESP-based firmwares via the browser.
  • Ignite UI Web Componentsstars74 - Complete library of UI components from Infragistics.
  • Medblocks UIstars27 - Web Components for rapid development of openEHR and FHIR systems.
  • Vidstack Elementsstars442 - Spec-compliant customizable, extensible, accessible and universal media elements.
  • Tools

    Other Tools

  • Storybook for web-components - UI development environment for plain web-component snippets.
  • @custom-elements-manifest/analyzer - CLI tool to generate API documentation for web components.
  • web-components-codemods - Codemods for Web Components compatible with lit-html template literals.
  • Web Component Factory - CLI tool for generating, building, testing and publishing web components.
  • Tools


  • lit-scss-loader - Webpack loader to import the CSS/SCSS into Lit components.
  • babel-plugin-lit-property-types-from-ts - Babel plugin for setting type for reactive properties declared in Lit components based on TypeScript type annotations.
  • babel-plugin-template-html-minifier - Babel plugin for minifying HTML in tagged template strings.
  • esbuild-plugin-lit-css - ESBuild plugin to import css files as JavaScript tagged-template literal objects.
  • lit-css-loader - Webpack loader to import css files as JavaScript tagged-template literal objects.
  • rollup-plugin-lit-css - Rollup plugin to import css files as JavaScript tagged-template literal objects.
  • rollup-plugin-minify-html-literals - Rollup plugin to minify HTML in tagged template strings.
  • rollup-plugin-postcss-lit - Rollup plugin to load PostCSS-processed stylesheets in Lit components.
  • Tools

    TypeScript Plugins

  • typescript-lit-html-plugin - TypeScript server plugin that adds IntelliSense for Lit templates.
  • ts-lit-plugin - Plugin that adds type checking and code completion for Lit templates.
  • Tools


  • eslint-plugin-lit - ESLint plugin for Lit template strings.
  • eslint-plugin-lit-a11y - Accessibility linting plugin for Lit templates.
  • lit-analyzer - CLI that type checks bindings in Lit templates.
  • Tools

    IDE Plugins

  • vscode-lit-html - Syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for lit-html template strings.
  • vscode-lit-plugin - Syntax highlighting, type checking and code completion for lit-html.
  • es6-string-html - VSCode extension which provides syntax highlighting for HTML in ES6 multiline strings.
  • vim-html-template-literalsstars61 - Syntax highlighting and indentation for HTML inside of tagged template literals.
  • Overview

  • Announcing Lit 2 stable release
  • Videos

  • Lit 2.0 Release Livestream
  • Sep 21st, 2021

    Lit Labs

  • @lit-labs/scoped-registry-mixin - Mixin for LitElement that integrates with the speculative Scoped CustomElementRegistry polyfill to evaluate the proposal and facilitate feedback.
  • @lit/localize - Library and command-line tool for localizing web applications built using Lit.
  • @lit-labs/ssr - Package for server-side rendering Lit templates and components.
  • @lit-labs/motion - Lit directives for making things move.
  • @lit-labs/react - React integration for Web Components and reactive Lit controllers.
  • @lit-labs/task - Controller for Lit that renders asynchronous tasks.
  • @lit-labs/virtualizer - Package that provides virtual scrolling for Lit.
  • Extensions

  • @adobe/lit-mobx - Mixin and base class for using mobx with Lit.
  • @apollo-elements/lit-apollo - LitElement integrations with Apollo GraphQL.
  • @vaadin/form - Set of utilities for building forms with TypeScript and Lit.
  • dark-theme-utils - Useful utilities for dark mode built with Web Components.
  • exome - State manager for deeply nested states that supports Lit.
  • pure-lit - Register your Lit elements as pure functions.
  • lit-element-effect - Effect hooks for LitElement.
  • lit-element-state-decoupler - Utility for state handling outside of the component for LitElement.
  • lit-redux-router - Declarative way of routing for Lit powered by pwa-helpers and Redux.
  • lit-svelte-stores - Lit controller to use svelte stores as state management.
  • lit-vaadin-helpers - Helpers for using Vaadin web components with Lit 2.
  • ullr - Build Web Components with functional programming using Lit.
  • Component Libraries

  • Apollo Elementsstars371 - Custom elements meet Apollo GraphQL.
  • Stripe Elementsstars63 - Custom Element Wrapper for Stripe.js v3 Elements.
  • VSCode Webview Elementsstars28 - Components for creating VSCode extensions which use the Webview API.
  • Webmarkets web componentsstars1 - Set of Webmarkets' public web components.
  • Playground Elementsstars292 - Serverless code experiences with web components.
  • Blackstone UIstars48 - Web components for creating interfaces built with lit-html and LitElement.
  • Curvenotestars125 - Web components for creating interactive scientific articles.
  • One Platform Componentsstars19 - Set of web components for Red Hat One Platform.
  • Web Components for TEI Publisherstars13 - Web components used by TEI Publisher and apps generated by it.
  • Tools

    Other Tools

  • Web Component DevToolsstars82 - Browser extension for developers working with Web Components.
  • Community

  • YouTube
  • Overview

  • Lit 2.0: Meet Lit, all over again!
  • Videos

  • Lit Beta Launch Event (2021)
  • Design Systems

  • Korstars204 - An open source Design System and lightweight UI Component Library.
  • Lionstars1.4k - Highly performant, accessible and flexible Web Components.
  • Material Web Componentsstars3.8k - Material Design implemented as Web Components.
  • Pharos Design Systemstars50 - JSTOR's design system to create cohesive, supportive, and beautiful experiences.
  • Shoelacestars7.2k - Collection of professionally designed UI components built on a framework-agnostic technology.
  • Spectrum Web Componentsstars702 - Adobe Spectrum design language implementation built with LitElement.
  • UI5 Web Componentsstars1.2k - Enterprise-flavored sugar on top of native APIs!
  • Sep 20th, 2021


  • GitHub Discussions
  • Twitter
  • GitHubstars12.5k
  • Slack
  • Stack Overflow
  • Tutorials

  • Building a Rich Text Editor with Lit
  • Draggable DOM with Lit
  • Getting started with LitElement and TypeScript
  • Here's a minimalist no-frills Redux Toolkit & LitElement example
  • JSON to HTML Table with Lit
  • Lit and Figma
  • Lit and Flutter
  • Lit and Monaco Editor
  • Lit and VSCode Extensions
  • Lit Sheet Music
  • Navigation Lifecycle using Vaadin Router, LitElement and TypeScript
  • lit-html Part 1 - A solution for DOM management in web components
  • lit-html Part 2 - Working with attributes and properties
  • Recreating The Arduino Pushbutton Using SVG And <lit-element>
  • Routing Management with LitElement and TypeScript
  • Archive

  • Render HTML with Vanilla JavaScript and lit-html
  • Updating blog-pwa from Polymer to LitElement, Workbox, and Rollup
  • Let's Build Web Components! Part 5: LitElement
  • A new, lean way of creating web apps
  • The future of Polymer & lit-html
  • A night experimenting with Lit-HTML
  • Making a fullstack CRUD app with LitHTML, Redux, Express, and Webpack
  • Building a chat with Twilio, lit-html, Parcel and TypeScript
  • Component Libraries

  • Wired Elementsstars9.1k - Collection of elements that appear hand drawn.
  • Starter Templates

  • LitElement JavaScript starterstars136 - Sample component using LitElement with JavaScript.
  • LitElement TypeScript starterstars333 - Sample component using LitElement with TypeScript.
  • hello-web-componentsstars15 - Simple starter web component written in TypeScript using Lit.
  • Open Web Components Generator - Starter app based on Open Web Components Recommendations.
  • pwa-starterstars753 - LitElement edition of the PWABuilder pwa-starter.
  • pwa-lit-templatestars145 - Build Progressive Web Applications following the modern web standards.
  • Codelabs

  • Build a Brick Viewer with lit-element
  • Build a Story Component with lit-element
  • From Web Component to Lit Element
  • lit-html & lit-element: basics
  • lit-html & lit-element: intermediate
  • Lit for React Developers
  • Similar libraries

  • haunted - React's Hooks API but for standard web components and hyperHTML or lit-html.
  • General resources

  • Documentation
  • Playground
  • Blog
  • CDN

  • Skypack CDN
  • May 8th, 2020

    Standalone Components

  • <granite-qrcode-generator> - Custom element to generate and render QR Codes, using qr.js library.
  • Apr 24th, 2020

    Component Libraries

  • Wokwi Elementsstars101 - Web Components for Arduino and various electronic parts.
  • Apr 23rd, 2020

    Design Systems

  • Brightspace UI corestars34 - Collection of web components for building Brightspace applications.
  • Apr 20th, 2020

    Standalone Components

  • <burgton-button> - Simple to use, customizable and accessible burger-button element.
  • <code-block> - Web component that displays colorfully formatted code with Prism.js and LitElement.
  • <stl-part-viewer> - LitElement web component that utilizes Three.js to display an STL model file.
  • Mar 23rd, 2020

    Component Libraries

  • Mutation testing elementsstars17 - A schema for mutation testing results with the web components to visualize it.
  • Jan 22nd, 2020

    Standalone Components

  • <codesandbox-button> - Custom Element that shows a CodeSandbox demo when you click on it.
  • Dec 24th, 2019

    Standalone Components

  • <api-viewer> - API documentation and live playground for Web Components.
  • Oct 23rd, 2019

    Standalone Components

  • <lottie-player> - Web Component for easily embedding and playing Lottie animations.
  • <app-datepicker> - Datepicker element built with LitElement and Material Design 2.
  • <rapi-doc> - Web Component to view OpenAPI 3.0 & Swagger 2.0 Spec.
  • <lit-datatable> - Material Design implementation of a data table, powered by LitElement.
  • <model-viewer> - A web component for rendering interactive 3D models.
  • Jul 20th, 2019

    Component Libraries

  • Chartjs Web Componentsstars50 - Web components for chartjs.
  • LRNWebComponentsstars208 - ELMS:LN produced web components for any project.
  • Jul 18th, 2019

    Similar libraries

  • htmstars7.9k - Hyperscript Tagged Markup: JSX alternative using standard tagged templates, with compiler support.
  • Jul 17th, 2019

    Component Libraries

  • Microsoft Graph Toolkitstars726 - Collection of web components for the Microsoft Graph.
  • Jul 9th, 2019

    Component Libraries

  • Clever componentsstars145 - Collection of Web Components made by Clever Cloud.
  • Sep 25th, 2018

    Jul 31st, 2018

    Similar libraries

  • lit-ntmlstars77 - Lightweight and modern templating for SSR in Node.js, inspired by lit-html.
  • Jul 29th, 2018


  • The Web Platform Podcast 159: lit-html - HTML Templates via JavaScript Template Literals -
  • Similar libraries

  • hybridsstars2.7k - UI library for creating Web Components with simple and functional API.
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