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Jul 28th

1. mcauser/awesome-micropython


  • MicroPython for the Internet of Things: A Beginner's Guide to Programming with Python on Microcontrollers - By Charles Bell. ISBN 9781484231227.
  • Beginning MicroPython with the Raspberry Pi Pico: Build Electronics and IoT Projects - By Charles Bell. ISBN 9781484281345.
  • Python for Microcontrollers: Getting Started with MicroPython - By Donald Norris. ISBN 9781259644535.
  • Libraries


  • micropython-firebase-authstars3 - Firebase Auth implementation for MicroPython.
  • Libraries


  • MICS6814-Micropython-driver - ESP32 MicroPython driver for the Pimoroni mics6814 breakout board.

  • 2. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Maps and Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • MapBBCodeSharestars51 - Tool for sharing custom OSM maps. Support for annotated markers, polygons, lines, multi-format import/export, multiple layers, shortlinks. (Demo) WTFPL PHP
  • Software

    Office Suites

  • EtherCalc - Web spreadsheet. (Source Codestars2.8k) CPAL-1.0/Artistic-2.0 Nodejs
  • Software


  • Teeworlds - Open source 2D retro multiplayer shooter. (Source Codestars2k) Zlib C++
  • Minetest - An open source voxel game engine. Play one of our many games, mod a game to your liking, make your own game, or play on a multiplayer server. (Source Codestars8k) LGPL-2.1/MIT/Zlib C++

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • jqstars142 - Interactively build jq expressions. Also supports gojqstars2.2k. Requires fzfstars47.1k.
  • Themes

  • jnooreestars0 - Minimalist theme with colors adapted from the robbyrussell theme. Includes decorators for git status, whether running as non-default user and current working directory.

  • 4. humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech

    Related awesomeness

  • Awesome Privacystars3k - A curated list of privacy-respecting software and services.

  • 5. web-padawan/awesome-lit


  • @lit-app/state - Lean and simple global State management for Lit 2.

  • 6. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

  • Yazeed1s/minimal.nvimstars69 - Two tree-sitter supported colorschemes that are inspired by base16-tomorrow-night and monokai-pro.
  • Resource

  • TWiN - TWiN ( is dedicated to providing weekly news about Neovim and its ecosystem.

  • 7. denolib/awesome-deno



  • sentry_denostars11 - Unofficial port of the Sentry SDK for JavaScript to Deno.

  • 8. vaticle/typedb-awesome

    Example projects

  • TypeDB Examples - Catalogue of Life - Catalogue of Life is a database of over 4.5 million currently known taxa in biology, compiled from over a hundred different sources.

  • 9. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Dependency Injection Scopes in Blazor - May 31, 2022 - The dependency injection system is a big part of how modern ASP.NET Core works internally: It provides a flexible solution for developers to structure their projects, decouple their dependencies, and control the lifetimes of the components within an application. In Blazor - a new part of ASP.NET Core - however, the DI system feels a bit odd, and things seem to work a bit differently than expected. This article will explain why this is not only a feeling but indeed the case in the first place and how to handle the differences in order to not run into problems later on.
  • Oqtane 3.1.4 Released - July 27, 2022 - The 3.1.4 release is primarily focused on stabilization. This includes a variety of performance optimizations, user experience improvements, and localization enhancements.
  • ClassFly UI - XAML vs Blazor - Part 1 - XAML - July 23, 2022 - This serie of article compares the approaches of XAML vs Blazor. The same application will be create using XAML and Blazor to discover the pros and cons. The part 1 focuses on XAML.
  • Sample Projects


  • BlazorViz interop wrapper for Viz.jsstars0 - last commit A sample of generating Graphviz DOT language files and visualising tree data structures. Demo.

  • 10. catdevnull/awesome-zig

    Editor plugins

  • MarioAriasC/zig-supportstars40 - Language support for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, CLion and others)

  • 11. bcoe/awesome-cross-platform-nodejs



  • global-cache-dirstars4 - Get the global OS-specific cache directory.

  • 12. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac


    General Tools

  • NextDNS - The new firewall for the modern Internet. Freeware App Store
  • Developer Tools

    Command Line Tools

  • tldr - Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Audio and Video Tools

  • YouTube Music Desktop - Free cross platform Desktop Player for YouTube Music. Open-Source Software Freeware

  • 13. TaptuIT/awesome-devsecops


    Supply Chain Security

  • Harden Runner GitHub Actionstars140 - StepSecurity - installs a security agent on the GitHub-hosted runner (Ubuntu VM) to prevent exfiltration of credentials, detect compromised dependencies and build tools, and detect tampering of source code during the build.

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