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Higher Education

Higher Education


Jul 29th

1. web-padawan/awesome-lit

Design Systems

  • AXA Pattern Librarystars91 - AXA CH UI components library built with LitElement.
  • Carbon Web Componentsstars375 - Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components.
  • Momentum UI Web Components - Set of UI components based on Momentum Design.
  • Clarity Core Web Components - Suite of web components for Clarity Design System.
  • Red Hat Design Systemstars12 - Web components for building uniform experiences with the Red Hat brand.

  • 3. mcauser/awesome-micropython


    On Host

  • mpremote - Powerful official shell that supports mounting the host's current directory on the target. Run code without changing the target's filesystem.

  • 4. krzjoa/awesome-python-data-science

    Time Series

  • dartsstars4.5k - A python library for easy manipulation and forecasting of time series.
  • statsforecaststars880 - Lightning fast forecasting with statistical and econometric models.
  • mlforecaststars67 - Scalable machine learning based time series forecasting.
  • neuralforecaststars830 - Scalable machine learning based time series forecasting.
  • greykitestars1.6k - A flexible, intuitive and fast forecasting librarynext.
  • Experimentation

  • envdstars722 - 🏕️ machine learning development environment for data science and AI/ML engineering teams.
  • Deep Learning


  • ChemicalXstars551 - A PyTorch based deep learning library for drug pair scoring. PyTorch based/compatible

  • 5. avelino/awesome-go


  • marshmallowstars187 - Performant JSON unmarshaling for flexible use cases.

  • 6. academic/awesome-datascience


  • Recommender Systems Specialization from University of Minnesota is an intermediate/advanced level specialization focused on Recommender System on Coursera platform.
  • Tutorials

  • 1000 Data Science Projects you can run on the browser with ipyton.

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