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Higher Education

Higher Education


Jul 30th

1. PandaFoss/Awesome-Arch

Inactive projects

  • Arch XFerience - A modern OS based on Arch Linux, built for day-to-day operations with tons of packages & features. (inactive)
  • Chakra GNU/Linux - A user-friendly and powerful distribution and live CD originally forked from Arch Linux. (discontinued)
  • Archphile - (Raspberry Pi/ARM/Audio) - Yet another linux audio distribution for embedded boards. (inactive)

  • 2. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust

    Development tools


  • Mutation Testing

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • pyhackstars1 - Works well with dark terminal themes. Shows Python version, Python package version (pyproject.toml) and git current branch information.

  • 4. CodyReichert/awesome-cl


  • clwsstars73 - websockets server in CL, built on IOlib and libfixposix. No licence specified.
  • Hunchensocketstars99 - RFC6455 compliant WebSockets for Common Lisp, as an extension to Hunchentoot. MIT.
  • websocket-driverstars87 - based on Clack.

  • 5. TheComputerM/awesome-svelte

    UI Components


  • svelte-icomoonstars3 - It makes it very simple to use SVG icons in your Svelte projects.

  • 6. shuaibiyy/awesome-terraform


  • Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) - Provides a managed Open Policy Agent (OPA) platform for Application and Infrastructure use cases, including Terraform, Terraform Cloud, and Kubernetes. Enforce policy guardrails during development, in CI/CD pipelines, and at deploy time. Styra DAS Free provides multiple systems and users, policy impact analysis, decision logging and replay, and access to Styra's Terraform policy library.

  • 7. springload/awesome-wagtail



  • Wagtail CMS in Action - Book about creating powerful, simple web applications using the Wagtail content management system.

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