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A curated list of awesome Common Lisp frameworks, libraries and other shiny stuff.
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Jun 18th

HTTP Servers

Clack plugins

  • tiny-routesstars5 - A tiny routing library for Common Lisp targeting Clack. BSD_3Clause.
  • Jun 6th

    Build Systems

  • ASDF - Another System Definition Facility; a build system for Common Lisp. Expat. Quicklisp (see library manager) uses ASDF under the hood.
    • known ASDF extensions, such as asdf-system-connections, that lets you specify systems that are automatically loaded when two other systems are loaded, to connect them.
  • Cryptography

  • Ironcladstars123 - A library of crypto functions for Common Lisp. Not considered secure, but is still useful for the message digest functions. Expat.
  • ORMs

  • clsql - An SQL database with a Common Lisp interface. LLGPL.
  • Wrappers

  • postmodern - A library for interacting with PostgreSQL. zlib.
  • C

  • CFFIstars343 - Portable, easy-to-use C foreign function interface. Expat.
  • Graphics

  • Sketchstars1.2k - A CL framework for the creation of electronic art, graphics, and lots more. MIT.
  • GUI

  • CommonQtstars102 - A Common Lisp binding for Qt4 via QtSmoke. FreeBSD.
  • ltk - A binding for the Tk toolkit. LLGPL or GNU LGPL2.1.
    • LTk Examples - Provides LTk examples for the tkdocs tutorial.
    • LTk Plotchart - A wrapper around the tklib/plotchart library to work with LTk. This includes over 20 different chart types (xy-plots, gantt charts, 3d-bar charts etc...).
    • nodgui - Bindings for the Tk toolkit, based on Ltk, with syntax sugar and additional widgets. LLGPL.
  • Implementations

  • SBCL - Steel Bank Common Lisp. A fork of CMUCL; compiles to machine code. Standard compliance. Public domain, with some parts under Expat and 3-clause BSD.
  • CCL - Clozure Common Lisp; compiler-only implementation, generates native code. LLGPL.
  • Language extensions

  • alexandria - A general-purpose utility library. Public domain.
  • triviastars257 - Optimized pattern-matching library. LLGPL.
  • Changing the syntax

  • cl-interpolstars44 - A set of reader modifications to allow string interpolation. BSD.
  • CLOS extensions

  • closer-mop - A compatibility layer that rectifies many absent or incorrect MOP features. Expat.
  • Iteration

  • iterate - An iteration construct for Common Lisp which is extensible and Lispier. MIT.
  • Library Manager

  • Quicklisp - A library manager containing many libraries, with easy depencency management. Expat.
  • HTTP Servers

  • Hunchentoot - A web server. 2-clause BSD
  • HTML generators and templates

  • cl-who - The venerable HTML generator. FreeBSD.
  • Djulastars123 - A port of Django's template engine to Common Lisp. Expat.
  • Javascript

  • Parenscript - A translator from Common Lisp to Javascript. 3-clause BSD. See Trident-modestars64, an Emacs mode that provides live interaction with the browser.unlicence.
  • Parallelism and Concurrency

  • BordeauxThreads - Portable, shared-state concurrency. Expat.
  • lparallelstars216 - A library for parallel programming. 3-clause BSD.
  • Regex

  • cl-ppcre - Portable, Perl-compatible regular expressions. FreeBSD.
  • Emacs

  • Slimestars1.6k - Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs; a full-blown environment for Common Lisp inside of Emacs. Public domain.
  • Text Parsers

  • esrapstars54 - Packrat parser. Expat.
  • Unit Testing

  • FiveAMstars159 - Simple regression testing framework. FreeBSD.
  • CSV

  • cl-csvstars102 - A library for parsing CSV files. 3-clause BSD.
  • Date and time

  • local-time - A development library for manipulating date and time information in a semi-standard manner. 3-clause BSD.
  • Files and directories

  • uiop and its pathname package (replaces cl-fad). uiop is part of ASDF3 and as thus is shipped in many implementations. MIT.
  • Logging

  • log4clstars61 - Logging framework modelled after Log4J. Apache2.0. Advanced integration with Slime.
  • Caching

  • clachestars7 - General caching facility. Cache any Lisp object on disk or in memory. A cache can be persistent or have an expiration time. LLGPL.
  • Literate programming

  • literate-lispstars39 - Load Common Lisp code blocks from Emacs' Org files. MIT.
  • eruditestars52 - Literate Programming System built with interactive development in mind. MIT.
  • Jun 1st


  • cl-smtp - CL-SMTP is a simple lisp smtp client.
  • May 22nd

    Matrix libraries

  • magiclstars187 - Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp based on BLAS/LAPACK and Expokit, by Rigetti Computing. BSD_3Clause.
  • May 18th


  • sigilstars2 - A Parenscript to Javascript command line compiler and REPL. MIT.
  • Apr 19th


  • cl-cffi-gtkstars129 - Binding for GTK+3. GNU LGPL2.1.
  • Emacs

  • slime-starstars8 - a SLIME configuration with extensions pre-installed, with also some custom utilities and menus:
  • XML

  • CXML - XML parser and serializer, with a range of extension libraries. LLGPL.
    • 👍 has an incremental parser, allowing to parse big files.
    • see the FXMLstars19 fork, with fixes and new features. You should use it if your are parsing potentially ill-formed or malicious XML, or if you need to use Klacks with namespaces.
  • Plumpstars102 - A lenient XML parser. zlib.
  • xpathstars4 (homepage - Implementation of the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0. BSD_2Clause.
  • s-xml - A basic parser. LLGPL.
  • xmlsstars15 - A small, simple, non-validating XML parser. 3-clause BSD.
  • cl-feedparserstars24 - A Common Lisp (RSS, Atom) feed parser. LLGPL
  • Buildnodestars18 - A common lisp library to ease interaction with CXML-dom, such as building Excel spreadsheets. BSD.
  • Mar 23rd


  • translatestars6 - seamless language localization. LLGPL.
  • Mar 11th


  • Allegro's Common Graphics- a library of functions for writing windowized GUIs for Windows, Mac and Linux. Proprietary with a free version.
    • since Allegro 10.1 (March, 2022), the IDE and the Common Graphics toolkit runs in the browser.
  • Mar 9th

    Isomorphic web frameworks

  • Weblocksstars12 - A widgets-based framework with a built-in ajax update mechanism that "solves the JavaScript problem". LLGPL.
  • Mar 2nd

    Web frameworks

  • radiancestars251 - A web application environment and framework . zlib.
  • Feb 13th


  • LispWork's mobile runtime - Android and iOs. Proprietary.
  • LQML - a lightweight ECL binding to QML (both Qt5 and Qt6) derived from EQL5. LGPL and public domain.
  • Reference

  • CDR - Common Lisp Document Repository. a repository of documents that are of interest to the Common Lisp community. The most important property of a CDR document is that it will never change: if you refer to it, you can be sure that your reference will always refer to exactly the same document.
    • the Common Lisp Document Repository is hosted at Zenodo.
  • Jan 27th


  • lmdbstars30 - Bindings to LMDB, the Lightning Memory-mapped Database, an ACID key-value database with MultiVersion Concurrency Control.
  • Machine Learning

  • MGLstars327 - a machine learning library for backpropagation neural networks, boltzmann machines, gaussian processes and more. MIT.
    • some parts originally contributed by Ravenpack International.
  • Jan 6th

    Actors pattern

  • 👍 cl-gserverstars116 - cl-gserver is a 'message passing' library/framework with actors similar to Erlang or Akka. It supports creating systems that should work reactive, require parallel computing and event based message handling. Apache2.
  • Dec 7th, 2021


  • cl-webdriver-clientstars14 - a binding library to WebDriver (supports Selenium 4.0).
  • Nov 24th, 2021


  • 📹 Common Lisp Programming: from novice to effective developer - A learning video series on the Udemy platform (full content under paid access). Teaches the language basics, explains the ecosystem and shows real-world examples. By an active lisper and community contributor (@vindarel).

    Thanks for supporting my work on Udemy. Also note that I release free coupons from time to time, and that Udemy often proposes drastic promotions, but you can ask me a free coupon too.

  • Nov 22nd, 2021

    Numerical and Scientific

  • originstars0 - A native Lisp graphics math library with an emphasis on performance and correctness. Includes: vectors, matrices (up to 4x4), quaternions, single/double-float support, destructive/non-destructive operations, shaping & intersections. MIT.
  • Nov 16th, 2021

    Querying HTML/DOM

  • 👍 lquerystars74 - A jQuery-like HTML/DOM manipulation library. zlib.
  • Others

  • maiden - A bot and chat system framework with support for IRC and more. zlib.
  • Nov 15th, 2021

    Graph databases

  • neo4clstars4 - a library for interacting with Neo4J. Sends Cypher queries to a Neo4J server, and decodes the responses into something useful for processing in CL. Apache2.
  • Nov 1st, 2021


  • Programming Algorithms in Lisp - Updated version of "Programming Algorithms"; A comprehensive guide to writing efficient programs with data structures and algorithms in Lisp.
  • Oct 26th, 2021


  • alivestars92 - Common Lisp Extension for VSCode. Public domain.
  • Sep 29th, 2021

    Unit Testing

  • CLUnit2 - A unit testing library. MIT.
  • Sep 26th, 2021

    To third parties

  • pzmqstars33 - ZeroMQ 4.0+ Common Lisp bindings. Unlicense.
  • Sep 13th, 2021


  • 👍 Coaltonstars458 - an efficient, statically typed functional programming language that supercharges Common Lisp. MIT.
  • Aug 24th, 2021

    Persistent object databases

  • bknr.datastorestars78 - a CLOS-based lisp-only database in RAM with transaction logging persistence. Manual. licence.
  • Command-line options parsers

  • 👍 Unix-optsstars95 - a command line options parser with a concise declaration of options. MIT.
  • Clingonstars43 - a rich command-line options parser system.
    • newer, it may have the richest feature set: subcommands, generation of bash completion, support for various kinds of options (integers, booleans, counter, enums…), extensible…
  • Aug 9th, 2021

    Web project skeletons and generators

  • cl-cookiewebstars11 - a Cookiecutter template to start a web project. BSD_3Clause. Not in Quicklisp.
    • Provides a working toy web app with the Hunchentoot web server, easy-routes, Djula templates, styled with Bulma, based on SQLite, with migrations, an example table definition and a test suite using FiveAM.
  • make-likestars10 - an application template builder for LIKE (Lisp In Kubernetes + Emacs) applications. Apache2.0.
    • Makefile, podman support, GitHub Actions, Prometheus metrics support, TOML-style config.ini, easy-route preconfigured with health-check and more.
  • cl-webapp-seedstars6 - a simple web application boilerplate. Uses Hunchentoot, cl-who, deploys easily to Heroku. MIT.
  • Others

  • cl-wgetstars9 - Makes retrieving large files or mirroring entire websites easy. AGPL-3.0.
  • trivial-downloadstars34 - Download files. MIT.
  • Command-line options parsers

  • Adoptstars23 - A Damn OPTion parsing library. MIT.
  • Jul 23rd, 2021

    System administration

  • Consfigurator - Lisp declarative configuration management system. You can use it to configure hosts as root, deploy services as unprivileged users, build and deploy containers, and produce disc images. GPL3.
  • Project skeletons

  • cl-projectstars189 - General modern project skeletons. LLGPL.
  • cl-project-with-docsstars3 - uses Sphinx and reStructured text to render nice and readable HTML documentation. BSD.
  • cl-cookieprojectstars27 - Generate a ready-to-use Common Lisp project. Not in Quicklisp. BSD_3Clause.
    • test definitions, entry point to run from sources, build a binary, Roswell integration…
  • Jul 22nd, 2021

    Shells, shells interfaces

  • shclstars274 - a POSIX-like shell in Common Lisp. Apache2.0.
  • Jul 8th, 2021


  • pngload-fast - A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format decoder in portable Common Lisp with an emphasis on speed. MIT.
  • Jun 21st, 2021


  • #lisp on Libera Chat - IRC channel for all Lisp dialects.
  • #clschool on Libera Chat - IRC channel for learning Common Lisp.
  • #lispcafe on Libera Chat - IRC channel for off-topic discussions.
  • #commonlisp on Libera Chat - main Common Lisp IRC channel.
  • Apr 25th, 2021

    Library Manager

  • CLPM - A package manager for Common Lisp that strives to cleanly separate the package manager process itself from the client image that uses it. BSD_2Clause.
  • Qlotstars288 - A project-local library installer, similar to Bundler or Carton. Expat.
  • Quicksys - install systems from multiple Quicklisp distributions. MIT.
  • Websockets

  • Portalstars18 - Portable websockets for Common Lisp using usocket. LLGPL.
  • Apr 14th, 2021


  • crypto-shortcutsstars19 - Collection of common crypto shortcuts. zlib.
  • Persistent object databases

  • ubiquitousstars22 - A library providing easy-to-use persistent configuration storage. zlib.
  • GUI

  • 👍 Qtoolsstars189 - A Qt toolkit, based on CommonQt. zlib Also Qtools-uistars28 (premade UI components), with videos.
  • Language extensions

  • dissect - when a lot of projects use the “trivial-backtrace” system that just gives them a string with a backtrace, Dissect allows you to capture, step, and completely inspect the stack trace on a variety of Lisp implementations. Also very useful for logging and other situations where execution is automatically continued, but the information of the current stack is still useful to store somewhere. zlib.
  • Portability layers

  • trivial-argumentsstars18 - A portable library to retrieve the arguments list of a function. zlib.
  • definitionsstars11 - a general definitions introspection library. It gives you the ability to retrieve definitions or bindings associated with designators such as symbols, packages, and names in general. zlib.
  • Iteration

  • for - A concise, lispy and extensible iteration macro. Unlike loop it is extensible and sensible, and unlike iterate it does not require code-walking and is easier to extend. zlib.
  • Parsing html

  • 👍 Plumpstars102 - A lenient HTML/XML parser, tolerant on malformed markup. zlib. Best used with lquerystars74 and clssstars26.
  • HTML generators and templates

  • clip - An HTML template processor where the templates are written in HTML. zlib.
  • Deployment

  • deploy - A toolkit for binary deployment of Lisp applications, with extra support for foreign shared libraries. zlib.
  • Matrix libraries

  • 3d-matrices - A library implementing common matrix calculations, with an emphasis on 2x2,3x3, and 4x4 matrices as commonly used in graphics. It provides some numerical functions as well, but those are not the focus. The library is heavily optimised, so it is not made of pretty code. zlib.
  • Event processing

  • simple-tasksstars18 - A very simple task scheduling framework. zlib.
  • deedsstars22 - Deeds is an Extensible Event Delivery System. It allows for efficient event delivery to multiple handlers with a complex event filtering system. zlib.
  • Writing, running scripts

  • cl-allstars13 - A script to run Lisp snippets in multiple implementations. This allows you to quickly compare implementation behaviour and differences. zlib.
  • Unit Testing

  • Parachutestars61 - An extensible and cross-compatible testing framework. With test dependencies, conditions, fixtures and restarts. zlib.
  • Data validation

  • ratifystars28 - A collection of utilities to ratify, validate and parse inputs. zlib.
  • Documentation builders

  • Staplestars46 - a tool to generate documentation pages using an HTML template. Uses the existing README, adds docstrings, crossreferences and links to the CLHS. zlib.
  • Files and directories

  • pathname-utilsstars9 - A collection of utilities to help with pathname operations. zlib.
  • Git

  • legit - an interface to the Git binary. zlib.
  • i18n

  • oxenfurtstars13 - A client library for the Oxford dictionary API. zlib.
  • language-codes - A database library for ISO language codes. zlib
  • system-locale - A library to retrieve the user's preferred language, so that your application may choose a sensible default. zlib.
  • multilang-documentation - Allows writing docstrings in multiple languages, for truly internationally documented libraries. zlib.
  • Logging

  • verbose - A fast and highly configurable logging framework. zlib.
  • Apr 12th, 2021

    Game Development

  • Trialstars350 - Trial is an OpenGL game engine with a heavy focus on modularity. It is supposed to provide a large toolkit of useful bits and pieces from which you can create a game. zlib.
  • cl-mpg123 and cl-out123, bindings libraries for libmpg123 and libout123 respectively, giving you fast and easy to use mp3 decoding and cross-platform audio output. zlib.
  • trivial-gamekit – with this small framework you would be able to make simple 2D games: draw basic geometric forms, images and text, play sounds and listen to mouse and keyboard input. MIT.
  • cl-gamepad - Access to gamepads and joysticks on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. zlib.
  • viralitystars73 - A component-based game engine written in Common Lisp MIT.
  • Apr 10th, 2021

    Shells, shells interfaces

  • Lishstars52 - lish may someday be a lisp shell. GPL3.
    • supports tab-completion of executables in the path and Lisp symbols, allows to write and to mix shell commands and Lisp code, has a tiny REPL and an interactive debugger, and more.
  • C

  • cl-cxx-jitstars34 - Common Lisp and C++ interoperation with JIT. MIT.
  • Apr 4th, 2021


  • cl-jsonstars3 - A highly customizable JSON encoder and decoder. MIT.
  • Apr 3rd, 2021

    Unit Testing

  • cl-mockstars14 - Another mocking library. It has more features than Mockingbird, like pattern matching on the mocked call, etc.
  • Apr 1st, 2021


  • lisp-stat - an environment for statistical computing, conceptually similar to R, that is also suitable for front-line production deployments. "It grew out of a desire to have an environment for rapidly prototyping analytical and A.I. solutions, and move directly to production environments with minimal friction."
  • Mar 22nd, 2021


  • doplusstars7 – another extensible iteration library, similar to :for.
  • Feb 27th, 2021


  • rollbar.lispstars2 - interface to, an error tracking software.
  • Feb 12th, 2021

    Isomorphic web frameworks

  • CLOGstars922 - The Common Lisp Omnificent GUI. Uses web technology to produce graphical user interfaces for applications locally or remotely. BSD_3Clause.
    • CLOG is based on the ideas of GNOGA, a framework the author wrote for Ada and used in commercial production code since 2013.
  • Interactive SSR - ISSR allows you to make interactive web pages without writing client scripting. No knowledge about Javascript or DOM is necessary.
    • it is not unlike Phoenix LiveView or Hotwire.
  • Feb 11th, 2021


  • Emacs4CLstars219 - A tiny Emacs initialization file to quickly set up vanilla Emacs for Common Lisp programming. Comes with a line-by-line explanation of every line of code in the initialization file.
  • Jan 25th, 2021

    Docker images

  • cl-docker-images - Docker images for ABCL, CCL, ECL, and SBCL on Windows (amd64) and Alpine and Debian (amd64, arm64, arm/v7) BSD_2Clause.
  • Jan 13th, 2021

    Shells, shells interfaces

  • cmdstars47 - utility for running external programs. Protects against shell interpolation, built with multi-threaded programs in mind, Windows support. MIT.
  • Jan 6th, 2021

    Web Development

  • Lisp for the Web - A book that walks you through building a voting web application in three tiers.
  • Section on Web Development in The Common Lisp Cookbook - An introductory tutorial covering web server setup, routing, weblocks, templating, error handling, packaging, hot reloading, database connection, and deployment, amongst other topics in the current lisp web development ecosystem.
  • Numerical and Scientific

  • Vellumstars64 - Data Frames for Common Lisp. BSD_2Clause.
  • rtg-mathstars50 - a selection of the math routines most commonly needed for making realtime graphics in lisp (2, 3 and 4 component vectors, 3x3 and 4x4 matrices, quaternions, spherical and polar coordinates). BSD_2Clause.
  • Matrix libraries

  • lisp-matrixstars65 - A matrix package. FreeBSD.
  • Statistics

  • common-lisp-statstars165 - Common Lisp statistics library. FreeBSD.
  • Utils

  • cmu-infixstars28 - A library for writing infix mathematical notation in Common Lisp. See also polisherstars4.
  • Dec 17th, 2020

    Library Manager

    Interfaces to other package managers

  • flatpack-common-lisp - A BuildStream project for building Flatpak based runtime environments for Common Lisp applications.
  • Parallelism and Concurrency

  • calispelstars25 - CSP-like channels for common lisp. With blocking, optionally buffered channels and a "CSP select" statement. ISC-style.
    • "It is complete, flexible and easy to use. I would recommend Calispel over Lparallel and ChanL." @Ambrevar. discussion
  • Plotting

  • ADW-Charting - A simple chart drawing library written completely in Common Lisp. Also includes a backend to Google's chart service. BSD-like.
  • Dec 14th, 2020

    Data Structures

  • bststars7 - Binary Search Tree. GPL3.
  • Dec 12th, 2020


  • commonlisp-vscode - an extension to support syntax highlight, auto completion, documentation on hover, go to definition, compile & load file, REPL. It is On GitHubstars38.
  • strict-paredit-vscode - structural editing and navigation like Emacs.
  • Nov 11th, 2020


  • ABCLJstars80 - dead easy Clojure to Common lisp interop. EPL-2.0.
  • Other books

  • Building Problem Solvers (PDF) by Ken Forbus and Johan de Kleer, made available for free by MIT Press - a unique book among standard artificial intelligence texts in combining science and engineering, theory and craft to describe the construction of AI reasoning systems, and including code illustrating the ideas.
  • Nov 6th, 2020

    Machine Learning

  • clmlstars246 - originally developed by Mathematicl Systems Inc., a Japanese company. With a tutorial. LLGPL.
  • Oct 29th, 2020


  • gtwiwtg - A lazy sequences library. Similar to 'series' but not as complete. However it has a 'modern' API with stuff like take, filter, for, fold, etc. that is easy to use.
  • Oct 26th, 2020


  • physical-quantitiesstars32 - a library that provides a numeric type with optional unit and/or uncertainty for computations with automatic error propagation. GPL2
  • Text Parsers

  • parseqstars21 - a library for parsing sequences such as strings and lists using parsing expression grammars. Inspired by Esrap. GPL2.
  • Compression / decompression

  • zippystars10 - A ZIP archive format library based on 3bz. zlib.
  • Data Structures

  • 👍 FSet - A functional, set-theoretic collections data structure library. LLGPL.
  • Language extensions

  • hu.dwim.walker - a code walker and unwalker (aka AST parser and unparser). BSD. See also this blog post.
  • Lambda shorthands

  • f-underscore - a tiny library of functional programming utils. (f_ (+ _ _)) -> (lambda (_) (+ _ _)). Public domain.
  • HTTP clients

  • 👍 Dexadorstars275 - An HTTP client, that aims at replacing Drakma. MIT.
  • Job processing

  • cl-cronstars7 - A simple tool that provides cron like facilities. GPL3.
  • PDF

  • cl-pslib - a (thin) wrapper around the pslib library for generating PostScript files. Also cl-pslib-barcode. LLGPL.
  • Oct 22nd, 2020


  • cl-cudastars257 - A library to use NVIDIA CUDA in Common Lisp programs. LLGPL.
  • Text Parsers

  • texpstars4 - A DSL to generate TeX. AGPL-3.0.
  • Compression / decompression

  • chipzstars15 - A decompression library. 3-clause BSD.
  • Salza2 - A library for creating compressed data. FreeBSD.
  • GUI

  • LispWork's CAPI - A portable GUI toolkit, with mobile runtime. Proprietary, but comes with a free version.
  • HTML generators and templates

  • flutestars59 - An easily composable HTML5 generation library with the most simplistic syntax. MIT.
  • lsxstars74 and markupstars52 - Two JSX-like templating engines, where HTML tags are Common Lisp code. markup comes with an Emacs package.
  • Parallelism and Concurrency

  • STMXstars227 - High performance Transactional Memory for Common Lisp. LLGPL.
  • REPLs

  • sbclistars67 - a readline REPL for SBCL. With completion, quick commands, optional syntax highlighting (with pygments), and no interactive debugger. GPL3.
  • Oct 12th, 2020


  • cl-liballegrostars44 - Interface and bindings to the Allegro 5 game programming library. zlib.
  • Oct 8th, 2020

    C, C++

  • with-c-syntaxstars110 - a fun package which introduces the C language syntax into Common Lisp. (Yes, this package is not for practical coding, I think.) WTFPL Licence.
  • Function extensions

  • cl-advice - an attempt of portable layer advice library for SBCL, CCL, LispWorks and Allegro. Not in Quicklisp.
  • Oct 5th, 2020

    HTTP Servers

  • 👍Clackstars934 - A web application environment inspired by Rack and WSGI. LLGPL. Provides a unified interface to a webserver of choice (default is Hunchentoot). With more getting started guide.
  • Oct 1st, 2020


  • trivial-dostars12 - Additional dolist style macros for Common Lisp. MIT.
  • piclstars13 - An (almost) complete port of Python's itertools package, complete with laziness where applicable, and not relying on cl-cont. MIT.
  • Sep 30th, 2020


  • cl-mangostars1 - A minimalist CouchDB 2.x database client. BSD_3Clause. See also clouchdb - Library for interacting with CouchDB. FreeBSD.
  • Sep 19th, 2020

    HTTP Servers

    Hunchentoot plugins

  • 👍 easy-routesstars38 - a routes handling system on top of Hunchentoot. It supports dispatch based on HTTP method, arguments extraction from the url path, decorators, url generation from route name, etc. MIT.
  • Linting, code formatting

  • sblintstars105 - a linter for Common Lisp source code using SBCL, suited for Reviewdog (slides). BSD_2Clause.
  • trivial-formatterstars23 - code formatter for Common Lisp. MIT.
  • Sep 15th, 2020

    Non-deterministic, logic programming

  • Temperancestars51 - logic programming. MIT. A focus on performance, with General Game Playing in mind.
  • Sep 14th, 2020


  • Aprilstars406 - The APL programming language (a subset thereof) compiling to Common Lisp. Replace hundreds of lines of number-crunching code with a single line of APL. Apache2.
  • Iteration

  • snakesstars41 - Python style generators for Common Lisp. Includes a port of itertools. Apache2.
  • Natural Language Processing

  • sparserstars38 - A natural language understanding system for English. Eclipse.
  • Regex

  • one-more-re-nightmarestars104 - a fast-ish regular expression compiler in Common Lisp. BSD_2Clause.
  • Shells, shells interfaces

  • Cleshstars59 - extends Common Lisp to embed shell code in a manner similar to perl's backtick. FreeBSD.
  • Text Parsers

  • cl-yaccstars51 - a LALR(1) parser generator. MIT.
  • cl-shlexstars7 - simple lexical analyzer for shell-like syntaxes. MIT.
  • smugstars98 - parser combinators for Common Lisp. SMUG makes it simple to create quick extensible recursive descent parsers without funky syntax or impenetrable macrology. MIT.
  • i18n

  • gettextstars6 - a port of the gettext runtime to Common Lisp. GPL3.
  • Sep 13th, 2020

    Data validation

  • json-schemastars10 - A library for validating data against schemas of drafts 4, 6, 7, and 2019-09 of the JSON Schema standard. LLGPL.
  • Sep 8th, 2020


  • burgled-batteriesstars103 - A bridge between Python and Common Lisp. The goal is that Lisp programs can use Python libraries. Not available on Quicklisp. MIT.
  • Email

  • mailgunstars10 - A thin wrapper to post HTML emails through unlicence.
  • Deployment

  • cubestars34 - Kubernetes client library for Common LISP generated from the Swagger specification. MIT.
  • Parallelism and Concurrency

  • Moirastars25 - Monitor and restart background threads. In-lisp process supervisor. MIT.
  • Graph databases

  • factsstars41 - an in-memory graph database with transactions and rollbacks, logging/replay and dumping/loading to/from disk. BSD-style license (ISC).
  • C, C++

  • ecrepl - an interactive REPL for the C language. BSD_2Clause.
  • Cryptography

  • cl-ssh-keysstars11 - Common Lisp system for generating and parsing of OpenSSH keys. BSD_3Clause.
  • cl-bcryptstars8 - Common Lisp system for parsing and generating bcrypt password hashes. BSD_3Clause.
  • Aug 20th, 2020


  • cl-json-pointerstars6 - A JSON Pointer implementation. MIT.
  • Aug 17th, 2020

    Graph databases

  • cl-agraphstars20, a minimal client for AllegroGraph. AllegroGraph is a horizontally distributed, multi-model (document and graph), entity-event knowledge graph technology. It is proprietary and has a free version with a limit of 5 million triples.
  • Aug 6th, 2020

    Sublime Text

  • Sublime Text (proprietary) has Common Lisp support with its SublimeREPL and Slyblimestars36 packages. Slyblime is an implementation of SLY and it uses the same backend (SLYNK). It ships advanced features including a debugger with stack frame inspection.
  • Jul 31st, 2020


  • /r/learnlisp - a subreddit to ask questions and get help about Lisp
  • Jul 18th, 2020

    HTTP Servers

    Hunchentoot plugins

  • hunchentoot-errorsstars4 - Augments Hunchentoot error pages and logs with request and session information. MIT.
  • Jul 17th, 2020

    Library Manager

    Interfaces to other package managers

  • linux-packaging - build .deb, .rpm or .pkg packages for your application with a single ASDF declaration. Uses fpm under the hood. MIT.
  • cl-brewerstars10 - Homebrew formula builder for (command line) common lisp applications. Public domain.
  • Jul 11th, 2020


  • 👍 cl-formsstars32 - Web forms handling library for Common lisp. MIT.
  • Jul 10th, 2020

    HTTP Servers

    Hunchentoot plugins

  • hunchentoot-authstars2 - implementing user authentication with passwords. BSD.
  • Plotting

  • kaistars78 - A high-level plotter library for Common Lisp. A wrapper around the Plotly JS library. MIT.
  • cl-sparkstars89 - sparkline strings for the console: (spark '(1 1 2 3 5 8)) => "▁▁▂▃▅▇". MIT.
  • Graph databases

  • vivace-graphstars120 - graph database & Prolog implementation. Takes design inspiration from CouchDB, neo4j and AllegroGraph. It implements an ACID-compliant object graph model with user-defined indexes and map-reduce views. It also implements a master / slave replication scheme for redundancy and horizontal read scaling. Querying the graph is accomplished via a number of Lisp methods or via a Prolog-like query language. MIT.
  • Jul 9th, 2020

    Web Development

  • Lisp Web Tales - Simple tutorials using hunchentoot, cl-redisstars168, restasstars250, SEXMLstars22, Postmodernstars323, and more.