Awesome List Updates on Oct 01, 2020

39 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Audiovisual

Lighting / Lighting Software

2. Awesome Micro Npm Packages

Modules / Math

3. Awesome Spark

Packages / Language Bindings

4. Awesome Python Typing

Tools / Working with types

5. Awesome Github

Tips, tricks, tools, and add-ons for GitHub power users

6. Awesome Ocaml

Code Analysis and Linters

7. Awesome Esolangs


8. Awesome Math


Foundations of Mathematics / Type Theory

9. Awesome V


10. Awesome Competitive Programming

Tools / Contest Preparation

11. Awesome Earth


12. Awesome Flame


Plugins & Libraries

13. Awesome Cli Apps

Productivity / Calendars

14. Awesome Tailwindcss


15. Awesome Vue

Resources / External Resources

Components & Libraries / UI Components

Components & Libraries / UI Utilities

16. Awesome Board Games



Slide, collide and score to win the game of Sorry! Draw cards to see how far you get to move one of your pawns on the board. If you land on a Slide you can zip to the end and bump your opponents' pawns or your own!

Sorry image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 6 30m


Klask is a board game that has a ball field shape with two deep holes functioning as goals in each end of the field. The purpose of the game is to push the small ball around on the field with your magnet/gaming piece, shoot the ball past the obstacles and your opponent and into the goal hole.

Klask image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8 10m


Battleball is a football board game but with teams made of players with physical and mechanical enhancements - which has made the sport more intense and more deadly. Plan a strategy and do your best to score two touchdowns without having all of your players be destroyed!

Battleball Image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8 45m


Connect Four

Connect Four is a two-player connection game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping one colored disc from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the lowest available space within the column. The objective of the game is to be the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one's own discs. Connect Four is a solved game. The first player can always win by playing the right moves.

Connect four image

Players Min. Age Time
2 6 1-10m

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters is a survival board game set in a devil-filled forest in which three groups of characters—the Shadows, creatures of the night; the Hunters, humans who try to destroy supernatural creatures; and the Neutrals, civilians caught in the middle of this ancient battle—struggle against each other to survive. You belong to one of these groups and must conceal your identity from others since you don't know whom you can trust—at least not initially. Over time, though, someone might decipher who you are through your actions or through Hermit cards, or you might even reveal yourself to use your special ability.

Shadow Hunters Image

Players Min. Age Time
4-8 13 45m


Guess the color of hidden pegs. A deduction game where each player takes turn making a limited number of guesses, using logic to deduce what pegs the opponent has hidden.

Mastermind image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8 30m


Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is a card game that replicates the iconic design of the London Underground map, and the game is licensed by Transport for London. Players have a hand of cards, each representing stations on the London Underground. Each player lays a card face up and players in turn play cards that are on a line that matches that of the previous card. If they cannot lay a card, they draw a card. The winner is the first player to exhaust their hand.

Mind the Gap image

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 8 6 20m

17. Awesome Swift

Logging / Barcode

Socket / Barcode

Webserver / Barcode

OCR / Barcode

Cryptography / Barcode

System / Barcode

18. Awesome Cpp


19. Awesome Javascript

MVC Frameworks and Libraries / Runner

20. Discount for Student Dev


21. Webcomponents the Right Way


22. Awesome Keycloak


23. Awesome Embedded Rust

Board support crates / Teensy

24. Awesome Lidar


25. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / Communication - Email - Complete Solutions

26. Awesome Cl


27. Awesome Elixir


28. Awesome Home Assistant

Uncategorized / Twitter

29. Awesome Bioinformatics

Package suites

Sequence Alignment / Pairwise

Sequence Alignment / Multiple Sequence Alignment

30. Awesome Job Boards

Tech / Europe

31. Open Source Flutter Apps

Contents / Health and Fitness

32. Awesome Actions

Utility / Docker Container Actions

33. Awesome Devsecops


34. Awesome Machine Learning

C / General-Purpose Machine Learning

C / Computer Vision

C++ / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Python / Natural Language Processing

C++ / Sequence Analysis

Go / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Java / Natural Language Processing

Julia / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Matlab / Natural Language Processing

.NET / General-Purpose Machine Learning

.NET / Data Analysis / Data Visualization

General-Purpose Machine Learning / Data Analysis / Data Visualization

Python / Computer Vision

Python / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Python / Data Analysis / Data Visualization

R / General-Purpose Machine Learning

Tools / Misc

35. Awesome Raspberry Pi

OS Images

36. Free for Dev

Design and UI

37. Android Security Awesome

Tools / Dynamic Analysis Tools

Tools / Misc Tools

Tools / Vulnerable Applications for practice

38. Awesome Geek Podcasts

In Portuguese

In Russian

39. Awesome React Native

System / Navigation Demos

Storage / Navigation Demos