Awesome List Updates on Oct 06, 2022

21 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Ai in Finance

Others / Other Resource

2. Awesome WSL

Supported Distributions / Ubuntu

3. Awesome Zig

Misc libraries

4. Awesome Typescript

Tools / Playground

5. Awesome Go

Version Control

6. Free for Dev

APIs, Data, and ML

7. Awesome Courses

Courses / Algorithms

Courses / CS Theory

Courses / Security

Courses / Statistics

8. Awesome Neovim

Code Runner / Diagnostics

9. Awesome Opensource Documents

Programming Languages / Assembly

10. Awesome Generative Deep Art

Image Synthesis / Multi-agents

Hypertechniques / Deforum

11. Awesome Zsh Plugins

Plugins / superconsole - Windows-only

Themes / superconsole - Windows-only

12. Awesome Amazon Seller

Software and Tools

13. Awesome Board Games


Dungeon Mayhem

In this action-packed Dungeons & Dragons card game, you win by being the last adventurer standing.

Play as one of four brave, quirky characters—Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue, or Wizard—battling it out in a dungeon full of treasure! With magic missiles flinging, dual daggers slinging, and spiked shields dinging, it's up to you to prove your adventurer has the guts to bring home the glory!

Dungeon Mayhem

Players Min. Age Time
2 - 4 8 10m



In Decypto, two teams composed of 2 to 4 players compete. Your goal is to transmit codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept them. Therefore, your communication should be clear enough for your team to understand, but vague enough to confound your opponents. You are also attempting to intercept your opponents' codes.

Decrypto image

Players Min. Age Time
3 - 8 12 15-45m

14. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Security & Privacy

15. Awesome Coq

Projects / Libraries

16. Static Analysis

Multiple languages / Other

17. Awesome Iot


18. Awesome Sysadmin

Software / Packaging

19. Awesome Crypto Papers

Specific topics / Public key cryptography: General and DLP

20. Awesome Cl


21. Awesome Vue

Resources / Examples

Components & Libraries / Utilities