Top 50 Awesome List


Jun 18th

1. EbookFoundation/free-programming-books


  • Learning Lua ebook - Rip Tutorial (Compiled from StackOverflow documentation) (PDF)

  • 2. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • paxtonstars0 - Inspired by powerline. Includes segments for git branch, time, last command exit status and current directory. Requires a powerline-compatible font.

  • 3. AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS

    📖 RSS Readers


  • Big News 1170 iOS
  • Cupfeed 1175
  • 📖 RSS Readers

    Hosted Readers

  • 期待 綫上版 1204 iOSOnline
  • 😣 Services that have stopped supporting RSS

  • every collection still has public RSS feed but Raindrop does not plan to support further improvements for RSS due to possible privacy issues. 399

  • 4. vuejs/awesome-vue



  • React vs Vue - their communities (My typeof Radio) [es-MX]
  • Resources


  • Vue 3.0 and decentralized app (dApp)stars10
  • Projects Using Vue.js

    Open Source

  • Protovuestars192 - A prototyping component library that helps designers and developers quickly scaffold an abstracted app layout.
  • Vue E-Store Templetstars82 - An e-commerce template build with vue/vuex/vue-router and bootstrap4.
  • VueSolitairestars111 - Solitaire (spider,klondike) implemented in Vue.js.
  • Aftermanstars34 - 🌕 Create beautiful docs in markdown and HTML from postman collection. Using Quasar Framework
  • Pexelrystars4 - Application that leverages the pexels api to enable you find beautiful photos and pictures.

  • 5. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    APIs, Data and ML

  • Stoplight - Saas for collaborativly designing and documenting for APIs. The free plan offers free design, mocking and documentation tools to get started.

  • 6. mostafatouny/awesome-theoretical-computer-science

    Lecture Notes

  • Tim Roughgarden. Foundations of Blockchains - The science and technology of blockchain protocols and the applications built on top of them, with an emphasis on fundamental principles rather than specific protocols. - See also Lecture Videos.

  • 7. CodyReichert/awesome-cl

    HTTP Servers

    Clack plugins

  • tiny-routesstars5 - A tiny routing library for Common Lisp targeting Clack. BSD_3Clause.

  • 8. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • gRPCstars3.2k An RPC library and framework for .NET Core. Read more about it on Docs Microsoft
  • CoreRPCstars63 - Extensible library for WCF-like RPC targeting netstandard1.3. Compatible with .NET, Mono and .NET Core.

  • 9. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac

    Developer Tools


  • UTM - UTM is an easy-to-use GUI for QEMU and can run ARM64, x64 and other VMs on M1 Macs. Open-Source Software

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