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A collection of awesome .NET libraries, tools, frameworks and software
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Sep 18th


  • SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatchstars34 - High-performance, low-allocating JSON object diff and patch extension for System.Text.Json. Support generating patch document in RFC 6902 JSON Patch format.
  • Aug 26th

    Template Engine

  • Morestachiostars45 - A full sized {{mustache}} like template engine with focus on extendibility.
  • Aug 24th


  • ZoneTreestars98 - Persistent, high-performance, transactional, and ACID-compliant ordered key-value database for .NET.
  • Aug 23rd


  • NetArchTeststars658 - A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
  • Aug 16th


  • GraphQL.NETstars5.3k - Implementation of Facebook's GraphQLstars13.9k in .Net
  • HotChocolatestars3.8k - GraphQL server compatible to all GraphQL compliant clients like Strawberry Shake, Relay, Apollo Client, and various other clients and tools.
  • graphql-netstars882 - GraphQL to IQueryable for .NET.
  • EntityGraphQLstars289 - library to build a GraphQL API on top of data model with the extensibility to easily bring multiple data sources together in the single GraphQL schema (EF is not a requirement - any ORM working with LinqProvider or an in-memory object will work).
  • Jul 31st

    Code Analysis and Metrics

  • WebBenstars5 - Is a tool for benchmarking your Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server.
  • Jul 27th


  • SlimMessageBusstars293 - Lightweight message bus with transports for popular messaging systems (Kafka, Redis, Azure Service Bus, and others) and in-memory communication.
  • Jul 19th


  • Pro .NET Benchmarking - Provides an in-depth look at software benchmarking for accurate performance measurement. Helps you get maximum performance impact by identifying and targeting the right bottlenecks. Includes coverage of the latest compilers and processors. [$]
  • Pro .NET Framework with the Base Class Library - Shows valuable tips and examples that reinforce the correct use of manage types, including how to avoid boxing/unboxing and better use of memory resources. [$]
  • Pro .NET 5 Custom Libraries - Consists of sample projects for each data type implementation. Demonstrates implementation in C#. Covers dos and don'ts of each implementation. [$]
  • Pro ASP.NET Core 6 - The most comprehensive coverage available on ASP.NET Core 6 in full-color. Detailed explanations and plenty of working code to learn new functionality. Provides a fully functioning ASP.NET Core 6 application that can be used as a template for projects. [$]
  • Pro Microservices in .NET 6 - Shows you how to get up to speed with .NET 6, Docker, and microservices. Teaches you how to leverage microservice design patterns to strengthen an application. Provides environment options for orchestrators and Azure Kubernetes Service. [$]
  • Algorithms and Data structures

  • Akade.IndexedSetstars10 - A convenient data structure supporting efficient in-memory indexing and querying, including range queries and fuzzy string matching.
  • Jul 16th


  • Moq.Contrib.HttpClientstars131 - A set of extension methods for mocking HttpClient and IHttpClientFactory with Moq.
  • Jul 1st


  • Pro .NET Memory Management - Takes a deep dive into .NET memory management, including comprehensive coverage of how .NET memory works, implementation details, possible pitfalls, and ways to work around them. [$]
  • Jun 24th


  • .NET in Action, Second Edition - An introduction to implementing full-featured, cross-platform professional applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. [$]
  • Jun 22nd


  • gRPC UIstars3.6k - gRPC UI is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers via a browser. It's sort of like Postman, but for gRPC APIs instead of REST.
  • Jun 21st


  • F# Data - F# type providers for accessing XML, JSON, CSV and HTML files (based on sample documents) and for accessing WorldBank data
  • RPC

  • gRPCurlstars7.6k - gRPCurl is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers. It's basically curl for gRPC servers.
  • Jun 19th


  • BloomRPCstars8.6k - BloomRPC aims to provide the simplest and most efficient developer experience for exploring and querying your GRPC services.
  • Jun 18th


  • gRPCstars3.3k An RPC library and framework for .NET Core. Read more about it on Docs Microsoft
  • CoreRPCstars68 - Extensible library for WCF-like RPC targeting netstandard1.3. Compatible with .NET, Mono and .NET Core.
  • Jun 12th


  • WTelegramClientstars347 - Automate a user account on Telegram, using the latest version of Telegram Client API
  • Jun 6th


  • Megabit.Blazorisestars2.5k - Blazorise is a component library built on top of Blazor and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma and Material. Very easy to use.
  • Jun 3rd


  • ASP.NET Core Web API - A book about designing and implementing APIs using the REST and GraphQL standards. [$]
  • .NET Maui in Action - A book about creating mobile and desktop apps using a common set of .NET tools. [$]
  • Jun 1st


  • Paseto.Corestars59 - A Paseto (Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens) implementation for .NET
  • May 29th

    Source Generator

  • Supernova.Enum.Generatorsstars48 - A C# source generator to create an enumeration class from an enum type. With this package, you can work on enums very, very fast without using reflection.
  • May 25th


  • Kevsoft.PDFtkstars21 - A wrapper to drive the awesome pdftk binary, which can fill PDF forms, get field information, concatenate multiple documents or pages, split documents, add or replace stamps, and can attach files to or download files from pages.
  • May 24th


  • NCrontab.Schedulerstars7 - Simple task scheduler library for scheduling NCrontab-based tasks
  • May 23rd

    Other Lists

  • dotnet-console-gamesstars382 - Game examples implemented in .NET console applications.
  • Feb 22nd

    Image Processing

  • PixelViewerstars48 - Cross-platform (Windows/macOS/Linux) image viewer which supports reading raw Luminance/YUV/RGB/ARGB/Bayer pixels data from file and rendering it. 10/16-bit YUV and viewing image frame sequence are also supported (v1.99+).
  • Cryptography

  • CryptoNetstars16 - .NET simple crypto library. Native c#.
  • Feb 20th


  • Appccelerate - Command Line Parser - A command-line parser with fluent definition syntax, different argument types, required and optional arguments, value restrictions, aliases, type conversion and semi-automatic usage help message composition
  • Machine Learning and Data Science

  • F# Datastars736 - F# type providers for accessing XML, JSON, CSV and HTML files (based on sample documents) and for accessing WorldBank data
  • Testing

  • xBehave.netstars386 - An extension for describing your tests using natural language.
  • Feb 8th


  • Squidexstars1.8k GitHub stars GitHub stars - Open source headless CMS and content management hub.
  • Tools

  • UnitsNetstars1.7k - Makes life working with units of measurement just a little bit better.
  • Regular Expression

  • RegExtractstars642 - Clean & simple idiomatic C# RegEx-based line parser that emits strongly typed results.
  • Jan 6th

    Database Drivers

  • Stowagestars92 - Bloat-free zero dependency .NET cloud storage kit that supports at minimum THE major cloud providers.
  • Dec 29th, 2021

    Git Tools

  • Husky.Netstars307 - Git hooks made easy with Husky.Net internal task runner, You can use it to lint your commit messages, run tests, lint code, etc... when you commit or push. supports C# scripts, gitflow hooks, Multiple file states (staged, lastCommit, glob)
  • Dec 27th, 2021


  • CSharpierstars389 - An opinionated code formatter for c# that is based on the Prettierstars43.9k printing process.
  • Dec 21st, 2021


  • ULogViewerstars73 - Cross-Platform (Windows/macOS/Linux) Universal Log Viewer which supports reading and parsing various type of logs. You can also define your own profile to parse and show logs.
  • Books

  • Microservices in .NET Second Edition - A comprehensive guide to building microservice applications using the .NET stack. [$]
  • ASP.NET Core Razor Pages in Action - A comprehensive guide to how to use Razor Pages to create dynamic websites that are easy to test and scale. [$]
  • Dec 17th, 2021


  • MASA.Blazorstars416 - A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Material Design and Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Dec 6th, 2021

    Reactive Programming

  • ObsevableComputationsstars88 - A cross-platform .NET library for computations whose arguments and results are objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection) interfaces.
  • Dec 4th, 2021

    Application Frameworks

  • Signalsstars41 - Signals is a .NET5 based framework which focuses on increasing the quality and productivity within development teams by providing them with tools, aspects and processes.
  • Serialization

  • FlatSharpstars279 - Fast, idiomatic FlatBuffers implementation. Use .fbs files or attributes.
  • Nov 30th, 2021


  • Community Toolkit - Collection of control & helper libraries and samples for various .NET technologies. Contains modern MVVM library, supported by Microsoft. Includes Windows Community Toolkitstars5.1k, MAUI Community Toolkitstars933, and Dotnet Community Toolkitstars1.4k.
  • GUI

  • UNO Platform - The only platform for building native mobile, desktop and WebAssembly with C#, XAML from a single codebase. Open source and professionally supported. Website:
  • Nov 13th, 2021


  • Sejilstars103 - Capture, view and filter your ASP.NET Core app's logs right from your app. It supports structured logging, querying as well as saving log queries.
  • Oct 29th, 2021


  • Functional Programming in C#, Second Edition - Real world examples and practical techniques for functional programming in C# without the jargon and theory. [$]
  • ASP.NET Core in Action, Second Edition - A comprehensive guide to creating web applications with ASP.NET Core 5.0. [$]
  • Code Like a Pro in C# - Build on your existing programming skills and upskill to professional-level C# programming. [$]
  • ASP.NET Core Security - A practical and hands-on guide to securing web applications built with ASP.NET. [$]
  • Oct 25th, 2021


  • ObjectDumper.NETstars275 - Serializes in-memory object to C# code.
  • Oct 24th, 2021


  • WPF-Mathstars442 - a .NET library for rendering mathematical formulae using the LaTeX typesetting style, for the WPF framework
  • Office

  • Toxystars242 - .NET text extraction framework supports a few file formats
  • ORM

  • SqlSugarstars4.2k - Another ORM library supports many RDBMS including MySql, SqlServer, Sqlite, Oracle, Postgresql
  • Oct 23rd, 2021

    JavaScript Engines

  • YantraJSstars52 - JavaScript Runtime (Similar to NodeJS) for .NET Standard, compiles JavaScript to IL, support for many ES6 features, generators, CommonJS modules, CSX modules and expression compiler.
  • Misc

  • Build Versioningstars21 - Simple build versioning for .NET, powered by Git tags
  • Oct 22nd, 2021


  • NBomberstars1.6k - Very simple load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios. It's 100% written in F# and targeting .NET Core and full .NET Framework.
  • Oct 12th, 2021


  • osu!frameworkstars1.2k - A 2D application/game written with amazing games in mind.
  • Sep 28th, 2021

    Application Frameworks

  • Plasticstars33 - Plastic provides encapsulation of things like Domain, Application Rules, Business Rules or Business Logic in Application. For this, Command pattern is used.
  • Chat

  • Streamstars34 Official .NET API client for Stream Chat, a service for building chat applications.
  • Graphics

  • ScottPlot - A plotting library to interactively displays large datasets. Line plots, bar charts, pie graphs, scatter plots, and more. It supports WinForms, WPF, Avalonia, Console.
  • Sep 21st, 2021


  • LiveCharts2stars2.1k - Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps, and gauges for .Net. LiveCharts2 supports WPF, WinForms, Xamarin, Avalonia, WinUI, UWP.
  • Sep 7th, 2021


  • Vim.Math3dstars67 - A feature-rich cross-platform replacement for System.Numerics with support for consistent serialization and binary layout, and additional structures and algorithms for efficient 3D Math.
  • Aug 19th, 2021


  • FNAstars1.6k - FNA is an XNA4 reimplementation that focuses solely on developing a fully accurate XNA4 runtime for the desktop
  • Aug 17th, 2021


  • NaCl.Corestars55 - A managed-only cryptography library for .NET which provides modern cryptographic primitives.
  • Aug 13th, 2021

    Machine Learning and Data Science

  • m2cgenstars2.2k - A CLI tool to transpile trained classic ML models into a native .NET (C#, F# or Visual Basic) code with zero dependencies.
  • Functional programming

  • Curryfystars47 - Provides strongly typed extensions methods for C# delegates to take advantages of functional programming techniques, like currying and partial application.
  • MoreLinqstars3k - Provides extra methods to LINQ to Objects.
  • Misc

  • RecordParserstars154 - Library to help reading and writing CSV and Flat files with zero heap allocation.
  • Aug 1st, 2021

    Distributed Computing

  • .NEXT Raftstars865 - Raft implementation for .NET and ASP.NET Core that allows to build clustered microservices powered by distributed consensus and replication
  • Office

  • ShapeCrawlerstars114 - A fluent API for the processing of PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft Office installed.
  • MiniExcelstars1.2k - A micro Excel helper avoids OOM and high performance to create/mapping/template-fill-data.
  • Image Processing

  • ColorHelperstars32 - Useful methods for work with colors.
  • Visual Studio Plugins

  • ViEmu - very powerful Vi/vim emulator for Visual Studio supporting all basic and many advanced features of vi/vim. [$]
  • Tabs Studio - Visual Studio tab manager with multiple tab rows, tab coloring and tab grouping. [$]
  • Roslynatorstars2.5k - A collection of 500+ analyzers, refactorings and fixes for C#, powered by Roslyn
  • Unchase.Odata.Connectedservicestars39 - A Visual Studio Connected Service for generating API client code in C# or VB for OData web service.
  • Unchase.OpenAPI.Connectedservicestars73 - A Visual Studio 2017/2019 extension to generate C# (TypeScript) HttpClient (or C# Controllers) code for OpenAPI web service with NSwagstars5.4k.
  • Graphics

  • Aspose.Drawing - Fully managed, cross-platform, complete 2D graphic library for drawing text, geometries, and images, with System.Drawing compatible API. [$]
  • Interactive programming

  • .NET Interactivestars2k - .NET Interactive takes the power of .NET and embeds it into your interactive experiences.
  • Testing

  • CsCheckstars64 - Random testing library for C#. Including concurrency, causal profiling, regression and performance testing.
  • BDTest - A behaviour driven testing and reporting framework!
  • Protocols

  • Tecan SiLA2 SDK - A library and code generator to develop SiLA2 clients and servers.
  • API

  • CommandQuerystars69 - Command Query Separation for 🌐ASP.NET Core ⚡AWS Lambda ⚡Azure Functions ⚡Google Cloud Functions 🌐ASP.NET Web API 2
  • Application Frameworks

  • silkystars192 - The Silky framework is designed to help developers quickly build a microservice development framework through simple code and configuration under the .net platform.
  • Networking

  • SharpPcapstars949 - Fully managed, cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) .NET library for capturing packets from live and file based devices.
  • Queue

  • Silverback - A simple but feature-rich message bus for .NET core (supports Kafka, RabbitMQ and MQTT).
  • Blazor

  • ant-design-blazorstars4.5k - A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Blazor WebAssembly.
  • SDK and API Clients

  • Cloudmersive APIs - An API client library for .NET [Proprietary][Free]
  • Mathematics

  • AngouriMathstars579 - An open-source symbolic/computer algebra library, made primarily for C# and F#. It covers a range of features and might be considered as an alternative to SymPy in .NET.
  • MVVM

  • EBindstars142 - A concise, fast and feature-rich .NET data binding solution.
  • ORM

  • FreeSqlstars3.4k - a convenient ORM in dotnet, supports MySql, SqlServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sqlite, Firebird, 达梦, 人大金仓, 神舟通用, 翰高 and Access.
  • PDF

  • PdfPig - Read and create and extract text and other content from PDFs in C# (port of PdfBox)
  • QuestPDF - QuestPDF is an open-source, modern and battle-tested library that can help you with generating PDF documents by offering friendly, discoverable and predictable C# fluent API.
  • CLI

  • Typinstars201 - Simple to use declarative framework for interactive CLI applications and command line tools (direct mode) that has its roots in CliFx.
  • Misc

  • LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizerstars341 - View SQL Server and Postgres query plans directly inside LINQPad.
  • Tools

  • JSON Formatter and Validator - A blazing fast JSON formatter and validator that won't share JSON with a server.
  • E-Commerce and Payments

  • Adyenstars75 - The official Adyen Payment API Library for .NET
  • Jun 26th, 2021

    Application Frameworks

  • Fusionstars1.4k - .NET Core and Blazor library that attempts to dramatically improve the way we implement real-time and high-load services by introducing a novel kind of "computed observables" - immutable, thread-safe, and most importantly, almost invisible for developers. Samples 1stars128 Samples 2stars58
  • E-Commerce and Payments

  • GrandNodestars587 - Headless, multi-vendor, multi-tenant, the most advanced open source e-commerce platform based on .NET Core 5.0 and MongoDB.
  • Caching

  • FusionCachestars285 - An easy to use, high performance and robust cache with an optional distributed 2nd layer and some advanced features, like a fail-safe mechanism and advanced timeouts management
  • Mar 3rd, 2021


  • Validotstars259 - Validot is a performance-first, compact library for advanced model validation. Using a simple declarative fluent interface, it efficiently handles classes, structs, nested members, collections, nullables, plus any relation or combination of them. It also supports translations, custom logic extensions with tests, and DI containers.
  • Blazor

  • BootstrapBlazorstars1.1k - A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Bootstrap and Blazor.
  • Other Lists

  • Awesome Microservices .NET Corestars2k - A collection of awesome training series, articles, videos, books, courses, sample projects, and tools for Microservices in .NET Core.
  • Jan 22nd, 2021


  • Quickenshteinstars183 - An extremely quick and memory efficient Levenshtein Distance calculator with SIMD and Threading support
  • HTTP

  • WebApiClientstars1.8k An open source project based on the HttpClient. You only need to define the c# interface and modify the related features to invoke the client library of the remote http interface asynchronously.
  • Jan 15th, 2021


  • CsvExportstars123 - Very simple & lightweight CSV exporter, Excel friendly, escapes text & quotes etc.
  • CLI

  • CommandDotNetstars440 - Model your console app using C# in a composable manner. Define commands with methods. Define subcommands with properties or nested classes. Extensible parsing and command execution.
  • CommandLineUtilsstars2k - This is a fork of Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils, which is no longer under active development.
  • Compilers, Transpilers and Languages

  • Amplifier.NETstars133 - Write and compile your own kernel function using C# and Amplifier will take care of running it on your favorite hardware. Amplifier allows .NET developers to easily run complex applications with intensive mathematical computation on Intel CPU/GPU, NVIDIA, AMD without writing any additional C kernel code.
  • DirectX

  • Vortice.Windowsstars694 - Cross platform .NET standard libraries for DirectX, WIC, Direct2D1, XInput, XAudio and X3DAudio
  • Game

  • UnrealCLRstars2.4k - Unreal Engine .NET Core integration
  • Logging

  • Rollbar.NETstars62 - Simplifies real-time remote error monitoring while using Open-source Rollbar Notifier SDK for any .NET-based technology stack. The SDK that can be used in any application built on the following .NET versions: .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Standard 2.0+, .NET Full Framework 4.5.1+, Mono, Xamarin, and, in general, any implementation of the .NET Standard 2.0+. It simplifies building data payloads based on exception data, tracing data, informational messages, and telemetry data and sends the payloads to the Rollbar API for remote monitoring and analysis of the hosting application's behavior.
  • ZeroLogstars271 - ZeroLog is a zero-allocation .NET logging library. It provides basic logging capabilities to be used in latency-sensitive applications, where garbage collections are undesirable.
  • Machine Learning and Data Science

  • SciSharp STACK - A rich machine learning ecosystem for .NET created by porting the most popular Python libraries to C#.
  • Synapsesstars64 - An in-memory neural network library written in F#.
  • Networking

  • NetCoreServerstars1.7k - Ultra fast and low latency asynchronous socket server & client C# .NET Core library with support TCP, SSL, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket protocols and 10K connections problem solution (NETStandard).
  • Object to object mapping

  • Mapsterstars3k - A high performance object mapper in .net
  • Strong Naming

  • .NET Assembly Strong-Name Signerstars280 - Utility software to strong-name sign .NET assemblies, including assemblies you do not have the source code for.
  • Testing

  • Compare-Net-Objectsstars813 - Perform a deep compare of any two .NET objects using reflection. Shows the differences between the two objects.
  • Misc

  • Infinity Crawlerstars181 - A simple but powerful web crawler library for .NET
  • ORM

  • MongoFrameworkstars251 - An "Entity Framework"-like interface for MongoDB
  • Caching

  • Cache Towerstars371 - An efficient multi-layered caching system for .NET (In-Memory, Redis, Database, File etc)
  • CLR

  • Runtimestars10.2k - Mono and CoreCLR .NET runtimes, as well as the standard library and some higher level components like System.Linq and System.Text.Json.
  • Dec 14th, 2020


  • Blazor in Action - A guide to building UIs and client-side applications using C# and .NET. [$]
  • Nov 30th, 2020


  • Ookii.Dialogs.Wpfstars745 - Enable WPF applications to access common Windows dialogs such as task dialogs, credential dialog, progress dialog, folder browser dialog, and more
  • Ookii.Dialogs.WinFormsstars384 - Enable Windows Forms applications to access common Windows dialogs such as task dialogs, credential dialog, progress dialog, folder browser dialog, and more
  • Tools

  • Downloaderstars563 - Fast and reliable multipart downloader with asynchronous progress events for .NET applications.
  • Algorithms and Data structures

  • Towelstars586 - data structures, algorithms, mathematics, metadata, extensions, console, measurements, and other useful stuff
  • Minification

  • CompressedStaticFilesstars69 - Send compressed static files to the browser without having to compress on demand, also has support for sending more advanced image formats when the browser indicates that i has support for it.
  • Oct 20th, 2020


  • YARPstars5.9k - YARP is a reverse proxy toolkit for building fast proxy servers in .NET using the infrastructure from ASP.NET and .NET.
  • Caching

  • EasyCachingstars1.4k - A caching library that contains basic and some advanced usages of caching which can help handle caching more easier!
  • API

  • FFImageLoading - Fast & Furious Image Loadingstars1.4k - This Library to load images quickly & easily on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Mac / Xamarin.Tizen and Windows (UWP, WinRT)
  • ORM

  • Venflowstars162 - A super fast and lightweight ORM for PostgreSQL.
  • Oct 19th, 2020


  • spectre.consolestars5.8k - A library that makes it easier to create beautiful console applications.
  • Distributed Computing

  • Orleankkastars472 - Orleankka is a functional API for Microsoft Orleans framework. It is highly suitable for scenarios where having composable, uniform communication interface is preferable, such as: CQRS, event-sourcing, re-routing, FSM, etc. Additional API available for F# called Orleankka.FSharp.
  • Testing

  • ArchUnitNETstars299 - Simple library for checking the architecture of C# code with a fluent API.
  • Snapshooterstars199 - A snapshot testing tool for .NET Core and .NET Framework
  • Oct 2nd, 2020


  • Bunifu UI Framework - Carefully crafted Winforms controls and components for creating stunning modern application UI. [$]
  • Sep 21st, 2020


  • OctoLinkerstars5k - Navigate through project.json, packages.config, *.props, *.targets, and C#/F#/VB.NET project files efficiently with the OctoLinker browser extension for GitHub.
  • Sep 18th, 2020

    Reactive Programming

  • Dynamic Datastars1.4k - Reactive Extensions (Rx) for collections
  • ORM

  • Fluent NHibernatestars1.6k - Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate.
  • GUI

  • Empty Keys UI - Multi-platform and multi-engine XAML based user interface library [Free][Proprietary]
  • Visual Studio Plugins

  • VsVIMstars3.3k - VIM in Visual Studio
  • UI Automation

  • FlaUIstars1.4k - FlaUI is a .NET library which helps with automated UI testing of Windows applications (Win32, WinForms, WPF, Store Apps, ...).
  • Tools

  • SmartCodestars525 - SmartCode = IDataSource -> IBuildTask -> IOutput => Build Everything!!! (Including [Code generator])
  • Papercutstars2.4k - Papercut is an open source (.NET based) test email viewer that runs locally with a built-in SMTP server designed to receive and notify of test email messages.
  • Open Live Writerstars2.4k - Blog writer which integrated with WordPress, Blogger, et. al. Open Live Writer makes it easy to write, preview, and post to your blog.
  • Testing

  • Verifystars1.6k - Verification tool to enable simple approval of complex models and documents.
  • Serialization

  • ProtoBufstars269 - Generate C# code for protocol buffer serialization from a .proto specification.
  • Package Management

  • Cloudsmith - A fully managed package management SaaS, with support for NuGet, Npm, Docker and much more. [Free for Public/OSS] [$]
  • Misc

  • Rantstars3k - The Rant Procedural Text Generation DSL
  • Interoperability

  • pinvokestars1.8k - A library containing P/Invoke code for latest Windows OS.
  • Internationalization

  • ResX Resource Managerstars977 - The most popular free tool to localize all kind of applications with resx-based resources.
  • Documentation

  • Swashbucklestars3k - Seamlessly adds a Swagger to Web API projects.
  • Build Automation

  • MSBuildstars4.8k - The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is the build platform for .NET and Visual Studio
  • Authentication and Authorization

  • Logibit Hawkstars37 - A F# Hawkstars1.9k authentication library
  • Sep 15th, 2020


  • MKL.NETstars58 - A simple cross platform .NET API for Intel MKL.
  • Code Snippets

  • Sharplab - Run C# code using different branches and versions of Roslyn, see the IL that was produced and examine the JIT's output.
  • PDF

  • Docotic.Pdf - PDF library to create, read, edit, draw, and print PDF documents in .NET and .NET Core applications. 100% managed, without unsafe blocks. [$] [Free for OSS]
  • ITextSharpstars1.2k - iText is a PDF library that allows you to CREATE, ADAPT, INSPECT and MAINTAIN documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF)[$] [Free for OSS]
  • Graphics

  • RealTimeGraphXstars167 - RealTimeGraphX is a data type agnostic, high performance plotting library for WPF, UWP and soon, Xamarin Forms.
  • Application Frameworks

  • Newbe.Claptrapstars208 - This is a set of server-side development frameworks with reactive, event sourcing and Actor pattern as basic theories. On top of this, developers can develop "distributed", "scale out", and "easy to test" application more simply.
  • Sep 14th, 2020


  • Silk.NETstars2.1k - A cross-platform, high-performance, low-level .NET Standard wrapper for many advanced APIs such as OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL, OpenXR, Assimp, GLFW, as well as many others. In addition to wrapping over Native APIs, it also comes with its own Windowing and Input abstraction. This makes game and application development with Silk.NET a breeze, and has pretty much everything a 3D application developer would need.
  • Parser Library

  • CSLYstars221 - A light embedded C# lexer/parser generator.
  • Template Engine

  • Scribanstars2.1k - A fast, powerful, safe and lightweight text templating language and engine for .NET
  • GUI

  • Larastars121 - Lara Web Engine is a library for developing Web user interfaces in C#
  • UI Automation

  • PuppeteerSharpstars2.4k - Puppeteer Sharp is a .NET port of the official Node.JS Puppeteer API.
  • PuppeteerSharp.Contribstars71 - Contributions to Puppeteer Sharp that provides a convenient way to write readable and robust browser tests.
  • Jun 17th, 2020

    Real-time Communications

  • SIPSorcerystars885 - A cross platform C# .NET library supporting SIP, VoIP and WebRTC.
  • GIS

  • DEM Net Elevation APIstars214 - .Net library for Digital Elevation Models, allows 3D terrain generation in glTF / STL format.
  • Deployment

  • yuniqlstars319 - Free and open source schema versioning and migration tool made with .NET Core. Run migrations with plain SQL, arrange versions in ordinary folders and seed your data from CSV via stand-alone CLI (no CLR needed), Azure Pipelines, Docker or ASP.NET Core code.
  • Application Templates

  • JHipster.NETstars254 JHipster blueprint for replace orginal SpringBoot Backend by core. The main goal generator of jhipster is showcases best practices of modern web development in java. So the goal of the project is to do the same in .net. The Frontend can be generated with angular or react and soon with blazor.
  • May 13th, 2020

    Image Processing

  • Imgix-CSharp - Easily update image urls to be fast and responsive. [$]
  • PDF

  • Cloudmersive PDF - Cloudmersive PDF is a native .NET Framework and .NET Core NuGet library and API service that can create, modify, encrypt or convert PDF documents at high scale and fidelity; and is free to use with no expiration [Free]
  • Misc

  • FormHelperstars219 - Form & Validation Helper for ASP.NET Core. Form Helper helps you to create ajax forms and validations without writing any javascript code. (Compatible with Fluent Validation)
  • Calendar

  • iCal.NETstars604 iCal.NET is an iCalendar (RFC 5545) class library for .NET aimed at providing RFC 5545 compliance, while providing full compatibility with popular calendaring applications and libraries.
  • Game

  • Devtodevstars7 - A full-cycle analytics solution for game developers.
  • Functional programming

  • Optuplestars21 - .NET Standard Library for giving (bool, T) Option-like semantics in a non-obtrusive way; this is, there is no new option type dependency for a library or its users.
  • Apr 24th, 2020


  • EntityFramework.Exceptionsstars579 - Use typed Exceptions for Entity Framework Core when your SQL query violates database constraints in SqlServer, MySql, PostgreSQL or SQLite
  • Apr 21st, 2020


  • ReportPortal - AI-powered Test Automation Dashboard. Acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health.
  • xUnit.netstars3.5k - A free, open source, community-focused unit testing tool for the .NET Framework.
  • SpecFlowstars2k - Binding business requirements to .Net code
  • Serialization

  • Protobuf.NETstars4k - Protocol buffers is the name of the binary serialization format used by Goo