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Higher Education

Higher Education


Jul 31st

1. aniftyco/awesome-tailwindcss


  • πŸ’Ό Hyphensstars6 - Adds hyphens utilities.

  • 2. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust


    Image processing

  • shssoichiro/oxipngstars1.6k [oxipng] β€” Multithreaded PNG optimizer written in Rust. Build Status Version
  • Libraries


  • crossbeam-rs/crossbeamstars5.1k – Support for parallelism and low-level concurrency in Rust build badge
  • orium/archerystars99 [archery] β€” Library to abstract from Rc/Arc pointer types. build badge
  • Rayonstars7.1k – A data parallelism library for Rust build badge
  • rustcc/coroutine-rsstars393 – Coroutine Library in Rust build badge
  • zonyitoo/coio-rsstars451 – Coroutine I/O for Rust build badge
  • Libraries

    Data processing

  • amv-dev/yatastars161 β€” high perfomance technical analysis library Build Status
  • bluss/ndarraystars2.3k β€” N-dimensional array with array views, multidimensional slicing, and efficient operations
  • kernelmachine/utahstars137 β€” Dataframe structure and operations in Rust
  • pola-rs/polarsstars7.4k - Fast feature complete DataFrame library Build and test
  • weld-project/weldstars2.8k β€” High-performance runtime for data analytics applications

  • 3. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • 1passwordstars0 - Adds 1Password functionality including a opswd command that wraps the op command. It takes a service name as an argument and copies the password for that service to the clipboard.
  • ranger-autojumpstars64 - Adds autojumpstars14k support to the rangerstars11.9k console file manager.
  • raspberryPi4Temperature - Puts the Raspberry Pi temperature into a spaceship prompt segment
  • prettypingstars1 - Adds a wrapper around the standard ping tool with the objective of making the output prettier, more colorful, more compact, and easier to read.

  • 4. quozd/awesome-dotnet

    Code Analysis and Metrics

  • WebBenstars5 - Is a tool for benchmarking your Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server.

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