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Oct 12th

1. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • osu!frameworkstars855 - A 2D application/game written with amazing games in mind.

  • 2. dhamaniasad/awesome-postgres


  • pgMonitorstars273 - Postgres metrics collection and visualization that can be deployed to bare metal, virtual machines, or Kubernetes.
  • PaaS (PostgreSQL as a Service)

  • Crunchy Bridge - Fully managed Postgres from the Postgres experts. Available across all major cloud providers: Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure. No lock-in with full super-user support.

  • 3. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Web Wednesday: Blazor Web Apps using GraphQL and EF Core with Jeremy Likness - duration June 23, 2021 - Got data? Got Blazor? The “glue” between the client and server is often the weakest link in building enterprise web apps. What if you could use your domain model as the source of truth, generate a database that supports your design and easily move data between the server and your Blazor WebAssembly app with just a few lines of code? Jeremy will show you how to do this and more with the power of Entity Framework Core enhanced by GraphQL.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring MudBlazor - duration October 12, 2021 - In this edition of the Blazor community standup learn more about MudBlazorstars1.8k, a Material Design framework for Blazor with co-creators Jonny Larsson & Meinrad Recheis. Community links.
  • Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway - duration October 11, 2021 - Razor is a server-side, page-centric programming model for building webpages with ASP.NET Core. Razor has continued to mature over time, and has expanded to include numerous "quality-of-life" additions to make the developer's life easier. Jon Galloway joins us to talk about MVC and ASP.NET, and walks us through some of his favorite features, tips and tricks.
  • Libraries & Extensions

    Component bundles

  • Majorsoft Blazor Componentsstars113 - GitHub last commit GitHub Repo stars Majorsoft Majorsoft Blazor Components is a set of UI Components and other useful Extensions for Blazor applications. All components are free and available on NuGet. The main goal of this project is to provide an easy to use, feature reach set of customizable components with other useful extensions. NuGet Demo app Docs.
  • LoreSoft.Blazor.Controlsstars100 - stars last commit Auto-complete (Typeahead) textbox with local and remote data source, for both Client-side and Server-Side Blazor. Also has DateTimePicker and ToggleSwitch. Demo.
  • Libraries & Extensions


  • Blazor File Drop Zonestars1 - last commit Surround an "input type=file" element by this Blazor component to making a zone that accepts drag and drops files (Demo).

  • 4. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • robostars2 - A ZSH plugin for Robostars2.4k.
  • sdkmanstars0 - Installs sdkman and adds completions and aliases for it.

  • 5. fabacab/awesome-cybersecurity-blueteam


    Supply chain security

  • in-toto - Framework to secure the integrity of software supply chains.

  • 6. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac


    Menu Bar Tools

  • Pandan - Time awareness in your menu bar. Freeware App Store

  • 7. EbookFoundation/free-programming-books


  • Learning APL - Stefan Kruger (HTML,PDF,IPYNB)
  • Forth

  • Easy Forth - Nick Morgan (HTML)
  • Git

  • Git-Tutorial For-Beginners - HubSpot Product Team

  • 9. iCHAIT/awesome-macOS



  • Pandan - Time awareness in your menu bar. Freeware

  • 10. ripienaar/free-for-dev


  • - Free public DNS Resolver which is fast and secure (encrypt your DNS query), provided by CloudFlare. Useful to bypass your internet provider's DNS blocking, prevent DNS query spying, and to block adult & malware content. Can also be used via API. Note: Just a DNS resolver, not a DNS hoster.
  • Design and UI

  • Pravatar - Generate random/placeholder fake avatar, which url can be directly hotlinked in your web/app.
  • UI Avatars - Generate avatars with initials from names. Which the urls can be directly hotlinked in your web/app. Support config parameters via the url.
  • CDN and Protection

  • Combinatronics - Convert your Github hosted assets (images, CSS, JS, etc.) into CDN assets. Can even render HTML files, for example from this repo. Similar to and

  • 11. enaqx/awesome-react

    React Development Tools
  • react-scannerstars258 - Extract React components and props usage from code

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