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Jun 21st

1. vlang/awesome-v



  • vagistars2 - Asterisk FastAGI library in V.
  • Applications


  • Vieterstars1 - Archlinux repository server & package build system, written in V.
  • Applications


  • klonolstars11 - CLI tool to help you "clone all" git repositories belonging to you. Works with GitHub and Gitea.

  • 2. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • doomstars0 - Doom-inspired. Looks similar to powerline. Has customizable segments, decorators for git status, rust, node.js, python and ruby versions.
  • gazellestars0 - Minimalist theme with git status decorations.
  • Plugins

  • sudo (hcgraf)stars24 - The sudo plugin from oh-my-zsh, extracted to a standalone. Toggles sudo before the current/previous command by pressing *ESC-ESC- in emacs-mode or vi-command mode.
  • sudo (none9632)stars0 - Adds sudo as a prefix to the current command by typing ESC-ESC.
  • base16stars1.6k - Adds a script to allow you to change your shell's default ANSI colors but most importantly, colors 17 to 21 of your shell's 256 colorspace (if supported by your terminal). This script makes it possible to honor the original bright colors of your shell (e.g. bright green is still green and so on) while providing additional base16 colors to applications such as Vim.

  • 3. ayr-ton/awesome-geek-podcasts

    In Portuguese

  • DASH - Podcast sobre games em que cada episódio explora um game, tema, franquia ou desenvolvedor a fundo, servindo até como um mini-doc em áudio.

  • 4. grafana/awesome-k6


  • Umbraco 9 - What a Performance! - test the performance of Umbraco v9 on Azure against Umbraco v8 and comparing Windows vs Linux.

  • 5. sindresorhus/awesome-electron


    Closed Source

  • RunJS - Playground for JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • 6. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    APIs, Data and ML

  • DB-IP - Free IP geolocation API with 1k request per IP per day.lite database under CC-BY 4.0 License is free too.
  • Game Development

  • Poly Pizza - Free low poly 3D assets

  • 7. kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood


  • Falsehoods about Plain Text - Plain text can't cut it, which makes Unicode even more incredible for its ability to just work well.
  • Falsehoods about text - A subset of the falsehoods from above, illustrated with some examples.
  • Geography

  • Falsehoods about Maps Data - The complexity of geopolitics need to be materialized in data structure.
  • Falsehoods about Geography - Takes on places, their names and locations.
  • Business

  • Falsehoods about Online Shopping - Covers prices, currencies and inventory.

  • 8. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • F# Data - F# type providers for accessing XML, JSON, CSV and HTML files (based on sample documents) and for accessing WorldBank data
  • RPC

  • gRPCurlstars7.1k - gRPCurl is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers. It's basically curl for gRPC servers.

  • 9. frenck/awesome-home-assistant

    Custom Integrations

  • The Watchmanstars111 - Keep track of missing entities and services in your config files.

  • 10. zudochkin/awesome-newsletters



  • This Week In React. Weekly newsletter for experienced React and React-Native developers.
  • React Newsletter. The free, weekly newsletter of the best React.js news and articles.
  • React Native Newsletter. Free occasional summary of React Native news, articles, issues & pull requests, libraries and apps.
  • React Native Now. Hand picking the best React Native news, tutorials, libraries, articles, and videos.

  • 11. AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS

    ☁ Free Servers


  • Public Hosts 576

  • 12. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Test-Driving CSS Styles in Blazor - duration June 20, 2022 - This video is about test-driving CSS styles in Blazor.

  • 13. jthegedus/awesome-firebase


  • 🔧 FirelordJSstars20 - Extremely High Precision Typescript Wrapper for Firestore Web.
  • Follow


  • 📹 Fireship - A YouTube channel by Jeff Delaney, a Google Firebase expert and creator of the famous "X in 100 Seconds" videos.

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