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Sep 18th

1. h4cc/awesome-elixir


  • Rovexstars7 - An implementation of the Mars Rover kata in Elixir transformed in a basic multiplayer game.
  • pictionarystars15 - A multiplayer guessing and drawing game ( clone).
  • rayexstars8 - Raylib bindings to Elixir for games programming.
  • Websites

  • ElixirLibs - A curated list of Elixir libraries
  • Elixir Online Courses list - Classpert - A list of Elixir Online Courses (some are free) from Classpert Online Course Search
  • Third Party APIs

  • nachastars13 - Elixir library for generating and parsing NACHA files for US ACH transfers.

  • 2. avelino/awesome-go



  • GopherCoding - Collection of code snippets and tutorials to help tackle every day issues.

  • 4. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Neovim Lua Development

  • anuvyklack/animation.nvimstars9 - Create animations in Neovim.

  • 5. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • SystemTextJson.JsonDiffPatchstars32 - High-performance, low-allocating JSON object diff and patch extension for System.Text.Json. Support generating patch document in RFC 6902 JSON Patch format.

  • 6. ripienaar/free-for-dev


  • WayScript- WayScript is an internal developer platform (IDP) that allows software engineers to self-serve secure, cloud based (Docker + k8s) developer environments at any time. Remove the need to get resources provisioned on a one off basis. Quickly build tools, apps, APIs, dashboards, schedule cron tasks and more. 100 hours of free runtime per month.

  • 7. vlang/awesome-v



  • vssstars5 - Easy-to-use static site generator.

  • 8. redecentralize/alternative-internet


  • Bitcoin by Mobile allows Bitcoin newcomers to quickly and easily purchase small sums of Bitcoin using their mobile phone to fund the purchase.
  • Uncategorised

  • Elymusstars18 is browser and development stack where decentralization is at first place and which is ready to sacrafice every other good for decentralization.
  • Cloud and storage

  • Arweave is permanent and decentralized storage network.

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