Top 50 Awesome List


Sep 17th

1. gramantin/awesome-rails


Video tutorials

  • A curated list of Ruby on Rails courses

  • 2. matteocrippa/awesome-swift


    Official Guides

  • Apple eBook - Official Apple eBook for Swift beginners.
  • Libs


  • CapturePreventionKitstars16 - Provides Label and ImageView for screen capture prevention.

  • 3. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Self-hosting Solutions

  • VivumLab - An open-source data-center, owned by you, the user. VivumLab deploys web services to a server. (Source Codestars30) MIT Docker/Shell

  • 4. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • gazellestars0 - Minimalist theme with git status decorations.

  • 5. rust-embedded/awesome-embedded-rust

    Driver crates

  • usbd-human-interface-devicestars30 - Batteries included embedded USB HID library for usb-device. Includes concrete Keyboard (boot and NKRO), Mouse and Consumer Control implementations as well as support for building your own HID classes - githubstars30 -

  • 6. avelino/awesome-go

    Command Line

    Standard CLI

  • mclistars2 - A minimal but very powerful cli library for Go.
  • Websites


  • Games With Go - A video series teaching programming and game development.
  • Messaging

  • mobstars4 - mob is a generic-based, simple mediator / event aggregator library. It supports in-process requests / events processing.
  • Ratusstars48 - Ratus is a RESTful asynchronous task queue server.

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