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A curated list of awesome tools, utils and projects using Playwright
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Jan 7th


  • Demo.Playwrightstars38 - Various testing scenarios with Playwright, using the official test-runner and scripts authored in TypeScript.
  • Jul 13th, 2021


  • expect-axe-playwrightstars6 - Expect matchers to perform Axe accessibility tests in your Playwright tests.
  • Utils

  • expect-playwrightstars117 - Expect utility matcher functions to simplify expect statements for the usage with Playwright Test or Jest Playwright.
  • eslint-plugin-playwrightstars33 - ESLint plugin for your Playwright testing needs.
  • Apr 11th, 2021

    Language Support

  • playwright-ruby-clientstars59 - Playwright port for Ruby.
  • playwright-crstars16 - Playwright port for Crystal.
  • playwright-ruststars44 - Playwright port for Rust.
  • Mar 31st, 2021


  • chrome-aws-lambdastars2.5k - Support for running Microsoft's Playwright on AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions.
  • Mar 17th, 2021


  • axe-playwrightstars39 - Custom commands for Playwright to run accessibility (a11y) checks with axe-core.
  • Oct 23rd, 2020

    Language Support

  • playwright - Official Playwright in Node.js (JavaScript and TypeScript).
  • playwright-pythonstars5.7k - Official Playwright port to Python.
  • playwright-sharpstars1.3k - Official Playwright port to .NET with C#.
  • playwright-javastars420 - Official Playwright port to Java.
  • playwright-gostars609 - Playwright port for Golang.
  • Oct 16th, 2020


  • playwright-teststars774 - Official build a cross-browser end-to-end test suite with Playwright.
  • Sep 20th, 2020


  • Playwright CLIstars1k - CLI for common Playwright actions. Record and generate Playwright code, inspect selectors and take screenshots.
  • Aug 24th, 2020


  • - Practical guides and runnable examples on Playwright (and Puppeteer).
  • - A central home for tutorials, tooling, and showcases of the Playwright ecosystem.
  • Jul 14th, 2020


  • pytest-playwrightstars14 - Pytest plugin for using Playwright pages with fixtures.
  • heroku-playwright-buildpackstars25 - Heroku buildpack for running Playwright on a Heroku Dyno.
  • Utils

  • playwright-sessionstars34 - Visual Debugger for Playwright automation.
  • Showcases

  • Heroku Playwright Examplestars14 - Example using Playwright on Heroku.
  • Jun 23rd, 2020


  • Moonstars147 - Tools for executing Playwright tests in parallel in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Apr 21st, 2020


  • playwright-github-actionstars179 - GitHub Action to install all the required dependencies.
  • Apr 10th, 2020


  • jest-playwrightstars420 - Jest adapter for running Playwright.
  • Showcases

  • playwright-jest-examplesstars69 - Examples of the Jest Playwright tools in combination to test popular sites.
  • VS Codestars126.7k - Playwright is used to run cross-browser tests on their web builds.
  • TypeScriptstars77.4k - Playwright is used test typescript.js across browsers.
  • Elastic APM JS agentstars213 - Playwright is used to run benchmark tests across browsers.
  • Blockstackstars132 - Playwright is used to run cross-browser UI tests.
  • xterm.jsstars12.2k - Playwright is used to run cross-browser integration tests.
  • Mar 17th, 2020


  • headless-testing - Connect your Playwright tests with browsers in the Cloud.
  • Mar 16th, 2020


  • playwright-amazon-linux-buildstars4 - Browser build for Playwright to run on Amazon Linux 2.
  • Utils

  • playwright-fluentstars60 - Fluent API Wrapper around Playwright.
  • Mar 9th, 2020


  • CodeceptJSstars3.6k - Supercharged End 2 End Testing Framework for Node.js.
  • QA Wolfstars2.9k - Create browser tests 10x faster.
  • Utils

  • Try Playwright - Interactive playground for running Playwright tests.
  • query-selector-shadow-domstars149 - Extend the selectors engine by selecting Shadow DOM roots.
  • playwright-videostars178 - Record your Chromium browser sessions.
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