Top 50 Awesome List


Aug 10th

1. theimpossibleastronaut/awesome-linguistics


  • Essentials of Linguistics, 2nd edition - An introductory book (2nd edition).

  • 2. gramantin/awesome-rails


    Other external resources

  • [Explore Ruby] ( - Discover & find a curated list of popular & new Ruby libraries across all languages, top authors, trending project kits, discussions, tutorials & learning resources.

  • 4. automata/awesome-jamstack



  • Astro Snipcartstars23 - Astro Snipcart allows developers to build E-Commerce sites using the Astro framework and the Snipcart platform.

  • 5. YuzheSHI/awesome-agi-cocosci


    Meta Learning

  • Meta-Q-Learning - ICLR'20, 2020. [All Versions]. The milestone paper on context Meta-RL.

  • 6. mcauser/awesome-micropython



  • micropython-dotstarstars17 - A MicroPython port of the Adafruit CircuitPython APA102/DotStar library.

  • 7. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust



  • mbr/socketcanstars49 [socketcan] — Linux SocketCAN library

  • 8. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted



  • TeslaMatestars3.1k - A powerful data logger for Tesla vehicles. MIT Elixir
  • tmate - Instant terminal sharing. (Source Codestars4.9k) ISC C
  • Teleport - Certificate authority and access plane for SSH, Kubernetes, web applications, and databases. (Source Codestars12.6k) Apache-2.0 Go
  • Neko - A self hosted virtual browser ( clone) that runs in Docker. (Source Codestars2.2k) Apache-2.0 Docker/Go
  • asciinemastars2k - Web app for hosting asciicasts. (Demo) Apache-2.0 Elixir/Docker
  • Software


  • Attendize - Ticket selling and event management platform. (Source Codestars3.5k) AAL Docker/PHP
  • Software

    Software Development - Project Management

  • Taiga - Agile Project Management Tool based on the Kanban and Scrum methods. (Source Code) MPL-2.0 Docker/Python/Nodejs

  • 9. alfred-workflows/awesome-alfred-workflows


  • Bluetooth Controllerstars60 - Manage bluetooth status and device connectivity.

  • 10. erwanlemerrer/awesome-audit-algorithms



  • Active Fairness Auditing - (ICML) Studies of query-based auditing algorithms that can estimate the demographic parity of ML models in a query-efficient manner.
  • Papers


  • Extracting Training Data from Large Language Models - (USENIX Security) Extract verbatim text sequences from the GPT-2 model’s training data.

  • 11. stn1slv/awesome-integration


    API Documentation

  • APITree - The central place for managing and sharing API specifications.
  • OpenAPI Explorerstars150 - OpenAPI Web component to generate a UI from the spec.
  • RapiDocstars1.1k - Create beautiful, customizable, interactive API documentation from OpenAPI Specification.
  • Redocstars18.5k - An open-source tool for generating documentation from OpenAPI (fka Swagger) definitions.
  • Slatestars34.5k - Beautiful static documentation for your API.
  • Projects

    API Design

  • Spectralstars1.6k - A JSON/YAML linter with out of the box support for OpenAPI 3.0 & 2.0 and AsyncAPI.

  • 12. antdimot/awesome-lowcode

    Online database creator apps

  • Amplication - Build production-ready Node.js applications without wasting time on repetitive coding.

  • 13. mxschmitt/awesome-playwright


  • playwright-tesults-reporterstars0 - A library for uploading test results to Tesults from Playwright.
  • monocart-reporterstars4 - A playwright test reporter, shows suites/cases/steps in html grid.
  • allure-playwright - Allure integration with Playwright Test framework.

  • 14. agarrharr/awesome-cli-apps


    Text Editors

  • ostars182 - Configuration-free text editor and IDE.

  • 15. krzjoa/awesome-python-data-science

    Probabilistic Methods

  • pomegranatestars3k - Probabilistic and graphical models for Python. GPU accelerated

  • 16. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Neovim Lua Development

  • miversen33/import.nvimstars122 - A safe require replacement with niceties.

  • 17. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Components & Libraries

    Admin Template

  • Vitify Adminstars26 - Vite 3 + Vuetify 2 + TypeScript, Vue 2.7
  • Components & Libraries

    Infinite Scroll

  • virtual-liststars3 - Virtual list component. Features: Vue2, Vue3, TypeScript, SSR, horizontal list, virtual table.

  • 18. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac

    Developer Tools

    API Development and Analysis

  • HTTPie - HTTPie is making APIs simple and intuitive for those building the tools of our time.Freeware

  • 19. georgezouq/awesome-ai-in-finance

    Strategies & Research

    Time Series Data

  • mlforecaststars84 - Scalable machine learning based time series forecasting.

  • 20. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Game Development

  • LoSpec — Online tools for creating pixel art and other restrictive digital art, lots of tutorials/pallet list available to choose for your games

  • 22. gbdev/awesome-gbdev



  • GB Flash Cartridges for Sale - A List of available, ready-made Game Boy Flash Cartridges.

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