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A curated list of awesome things related to Directus
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Jun 22nd


  • Cloudinary Upload Interfacestars0 - Simple interface for upload/read cloudinary image.
  • Jun 2nd

    Examples / Showcases

  • Official Examplesstars67 - Integration examples with Directus.
  • May 9th


  • Tags M2Mstars9 - M2M driven tags interface.
  • May 2nd


  • Lite SDK (TypeScript)stars6 - Query builder for the Directus API (Browser, Deno, Node.js). Bring your own fetch.
  • Apr 11th


  • PHP SDKstars18 - PHP SDK to provide easy access to the Directus API.
  • Apr 8th


  • Data Grid Interfacestars6 - A data grid interface width @revolist/vue3-datagrid for Directus 9.
  • SparkLine Displaystars2 - A sparkline display with apexcharts for Directus 9.
  • Mar 25th

    Official Resources

  • Community Help Board
  • Feb 9th


  • SQL Panelstars10 - Panel component which shows result of stored SQL query as a table.
  • Websocket Subscribestars33 - An extension to subscribe to Directus updates over a websocket.
  • SVG Map Picker Interfacestars11 - Select a value from a SVG Map box.
  • SESstars3 - An extension for sending emails with AWS SES.
  • Search Syncstars49 - Sync data into a search engine index, supports Algolia, ElasticSearch & MeiliSearch.
  • Dictionarystars13 - Save key-value pairs as JSON blobs with a progress indicator for completeness.
  • WordPress-like Slugstars33 - Slug/Permalink interface with support for pre- and suffixes.
  • Link Metastars14 - Stores hyperlink metadata into Directus.
  • Group Modalstars14 - Group interface fields into a modal that can be opened with a button.
  • Display Linkstars21 - Display URLs with an "open in new tab" button.
  • Official Resources

  • Community Repositories
  • Nov 25th, 2021


  • Image Scoutstars55 - Search and select images found on a variety of royalty free image sites (Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash & Giphy!).
  • Date Picker Interfacestars9 - An alternative Date Picker Interface to the original Directus DateTime interface.
  • Nov 8th, 2021


  • Flutter SDK - Flutter SDK to provide interface for Directus API.
  • Oct 21st, 2021


  • User-friendly file paths - Use the folder and file module structure to reference to assets.
  • Oct 20th, 2021


  • Draw Interfacestars7 - Free draw interface for Directus app.
  • Official Resources

  • Live Discussions on Discord
  • Oct 7th, 2021


  • Editor.js Interfacestars101 - Block editor (Editor.js) interface for Directus 9.
  • Aug 23rd, 2021


  • directus-auto-migratestars39 - A CLI to automatically generate Directus migrations based on the changes in a real instance.
  • Aug 20th, 2021


  • Offical JS SDK - The JS SDK provides an intuitive interface for the Directus API from within a JavaScript-powered project (Browsers and Node.js).
  • Offical Gatsby Source Plugin - Source plugin for pulling data into Gatsby from a Directus API.
  • react-directusstars28 - A set of React components and utilities for Directus Headless CMS.
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