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🎉 A curated list of awesome projects related to TDengine
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Jun 9th


  • Business metrics monitoring based on TDenginestars6 - Highly customized business metrics monitoring with TDengine & Spring Boot
  • May 24th


  • tdengine_hivemqstars0 - HiveMQ to TDengine.
  • Apr 27th


  • tdengine-ormstars4 - TDengine ORM based on tdengine-restful-connector & php-tdengine.
  • Data

  • YoMo x TDenginestars1 - Streaming high frequency logs to TDengine.
  • Apr 25th


  • HiveMQ-TDengine-Extensionstars1 - A TDengine extension for HiveMQ.
  • rsyslog plugin for tdenginestars1 - rsyslog plugin for TDengine.
  • HiveMQ TDengine Pluginstars4 - HiveMQ TDengine Plugin.
  • hivemq-tdengine-jdsl-extensionstars0 - HiveMQ TDengine JDSL Plugin.
  • GUI

  • TDengineGUIstars126 - A simple TDengine Desktop Manager.
  • Taos.Studiostars72 - A GUI tool for viewing and editing data for TDengine.
  • balloonfishstars6 - Electron + Vue3 + Vite2.0 based TDengine time-series database visualized management tool.
  • tdengine-clientstars3 - A simple TDengine interface.
  • IoT

  • DG-IoTstars242 - DG-IoT platform industry application extension plugin.
  • dgiot_tdenginestars1 - TDengine adapter plugin.
  • node-red-contrib-tdenginestars6 - TDengine connector plugin for Node-RED.
  • ORM

  • sqlistars1.9k - ORM SQL Interface, Criteria, CriteriaBuilder, ResultMapBuilder.
  • TDengine ORM Frameworkstars2 - ORM framework of TAOS Data's time-series database TDengine.
  • IoTSharp.EntityFrameworkCore.Taosstars135 - Entity, Framework, EF, Core, Data, O/RM, entity-framework-core, TDengine.
  • taodbi - An abstract interface package to use the big data system TDengine.
  • crownstars27 - crown is a simple and small ORM for TDengine.
  • Connector

  • PDO_TAOSstars37 - TDengine driver for PDO.
  • yii2-tdenginestars0 - TDengine for yii2, pdo_taos needed.
  • php-tdenginestars45 - PHP extension of TDengine, supports Swoole.
  • tdengine-restful-connectorstars8 - PHP extension of TDengine, support Swoole.
  • imi-tdenginestars4 - Encapsulated TDengine connection pools, used in imi framework.
  • pytaosstars1 - Python RESTful API of TDengine.
  • NestJS TDengine Driverstars1 - NestJS TDengine Driver(RESTful based).
  • taos-rsstars0 - TDengine Java RESTful Client.
  • TDengine Rust bindingsstars7 - It's a Rust bindings project for TDengine.
  • TDenginexstars0 - TDengine Connector for Elixir.
  • Stack

  • NewLife.Corestars1.5k - NewLife.Core Database core.
  • NewLife.XCodestars13 - NewLife.XCode Database Middle-ware.
  • Container

  • TDengine cluster for kubernetesstars12 - TDengine cluster for kubernetes.
  • Distribution

  • tdengine-client-macos-unofficialstars0 - Unofficial compiled TDengine client for macOS.
  • Unofficial TDengine Windowsstars2 - Unofficial TDengine Windows client & server package.
  • Others

  • auto_taos_cfgstars0 - Auto generate TDengine log/data/cfg.
  • Sentinel Consolestars0 - Sentinel-Dashboard with TDengine.
  • Davincistars4.3k - Davinci is a DVsaaS (Data Visualization as a Service) Platform.
  • Data

  • tsarchivestars3 - Consume data streams from a Kafka topic, archive the data packets into the TDengine time series database.
  • Apr 24th


  • TD-Sparkstars0 - A java project, read from TDengine and write to TDengine on Spark.
  • Dataset

  • airQualitystars2 - 3000+ District air quality metrics: CO2, CO1, PM2.5, PM10 and so on.
  • Apr 15th

    Mar 25th


  • Zeus IoTstars583 - Zeus IoT is the world's first open source Internet of Things distributed collection platform based on Zabbix, with the ability to collect, analyze, and store data from millions of IoT devices.
  • Connector

  • Go Connector for TDenginestars2 - Implements internal database interface database/sql/driver of Go-lang.
  • Data

  • Integrate TDengine to YoMostars2 - Demonstrates how to integrate TDengine to YoMo and store data to TDengine after stream processing.
  • taostdstars1 - taostd is a simple sql executor for TDengine.
  • Algorithm

  • PyODDSstars199 - An End-to-end Outlier Detection System.
  • PYTSDA-TDenginestars21 - An End-to-end time series data analysis system with TDengine.
  • Container

  • TDengine Containersstars1 - TDengine Client, Node, Adapter and Arbitrator Rootless and smallest containers as possible.
  • Dataset

  • seedlink2taos_pystars8 - A Python program that fetches seismic waveform data from IRIS and writes to TDengine database.
  • Observability

  • TDengine interface for n9e transferstars3
  • Mar 24th


  • pulsar-io-tdenginestars2 - The TDengine connector connects Pulsar and TDengine.
  • Data

  • flink-connector-tdenginestars7
  • Container

  • TDengine-K8Sstars0
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