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A collection of awesome resources for Splunk
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Sep 11th, 2020


  • Miscellaneous Scripts for fixing issues with the Universal Forwarderstars19 - This kit was compiled based on common issues with Splunk deployments and managing idiosyncrasies that tend to naturally occur.
  • Dec 13th, 2019


  • Splunk Website - Splunk's Homepage.
  • Splunk Answers - Splunk's Community Questions and Answers.
  • SplunkBase - Splunk and Community built apps and add-ons.
  • Splunk Blogs - Blog posts on various topics.
  • Splunk Dev - Develop on Splunk.
  • Splunk Docs - Documentation.
  • Apps

    IT Service Intelligence

  • ITSI Documentation - ITSI Documentation.
  • Visualisations

  • Punchcard - Punchcard Visualisation.
  • Horizon Chart - Horizon Chart Visualisation.
  • Sankey Diagram - Sankey Diagram Visualisation.
  • Conferences, Meet-Ups and Socialising

  • UserGroups - Find a nearby usergroup.
  • .Conf - Splunk's annual conference website.
    • Past .Conf Material - Watch past presentations and download the slides from past .conf presentations.
  • Splunk UserGroups Slack - Splunk's publicly accessible Slack.
  • Splunk Trust - The Splunk Trust is an invite only group of Splunk Ninjas.
  • Nov 21st, 2019

    Unofficial Resources

    Personal Home Pages

  • Simon Duff - Miscellaneous scripts and visualisations.
  • Duane Waddle - Miscellaneous Splunk items.
  • Ryan Faircloth - Security and Syslog related materials.
  • George Starcher - Many Splunk related items, including details on Splunk ES's Extreme Search.
  • Anthony Tellez - Security and Machine Learning items.
  • Vladimir's GitHub - Code for a number of Splunk resources, including CIM Validationstars62.
  • Nico's GitHub - Repository of searches and dashboards to assist with optimising concurrency settings.
  • David Veuve - Some early resources on Splunk basics and optimisations (infrequently updated).
  • Unofficial Resources

    SPL Repositories

  • GoSplunk - Search Engine for Splunk Queries split by sourcetype and use-case.
  • Oct 9th, 2019


  • Splunk App for Infrastructure - Correlate logs and metrics for infrastructure monitoring.
  • Visualisations

  • Event Timeline Viz - Interactive timeline with call-outs for events.
  • Sep 11th, 2019


  • Splunk Sizing Calculators
    • Storage - Web Based Storage Requirement Calculator.
  • Apps

    Enterprise Security

  • ES Home Page - Splunk's Home Page for Enterprise Security.
  • ES Splunkbase Entry - Download page (if licensed).
  • ES Documentation - Splunk documentation for Enterprise Security.
  • Awesome-ESstars9 - An Awesome list for all things Enterprise Security.
  • Apps

    IT Service Intelligence

  • ITSI Home Page - Splunk's Home Page for IT Service Intelligence.
  • ITSI Splunkbase Entry - Download page (if licensed).
  • Awesome-ITSIstars10 - An Awesome list for all things IT Service Intelligence.
  • Visualisations

  • Timeline - Interactive timeline.
  • Halo - Hierarchical, relational pie charts.
  • Heat Map - A grid of related measurements, colour intensity derived from the value.
  • Calendar Heat Map - Heatmap broken down by days.
  • WebGL Globe - Spinning globe with events correlated to locations (flashy C-level eye-candy).
  • Splunkbase Custom Visualizations - Download other custom visualizations from Splunkbase.
  • Conferences, Meet-Ups and Socialising

  • /r/Splunk - Unofficial Sub-Reddit.
  • IRC - Instructions for connecting to #splunk of Efnet.
  • Splunk Store - Order some Splunk Schwag you missed from a meetup or .conf.
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