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Useful resources for Silverstripe CMS and framework
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Jun 22nd, 2021


IDE Plugins

  • Jetbrains / PHPStorm Silverstripe Template Language Support - Syntax highlighting for Silverstripe template files.
  • Dec 3rd, 2020


    Documentation & Tutorials

  • Font reference - Built in icon font for backend usage.
  • TinyMCE Configuration Examples For SS3stars30 - Configuration examples for the HTMLEditorField.
  • Nov 2nd, 2020



  • SSPakstars43 - Tool for managing bundles of db/assets from Silverstripe environments.
  • SSPystars1 - Python version of SSPak, that can handle assets more than 2GB.
  • Tools

    IDE Plugins

  • VSCode Silverstripe - Syntax highlighting for Silverstripe template files in VSCode.
  • PHPStorm / Webstorm Live Templatesstars3 - Shortcuts for adding various Silverstripe specific code snippets.
  • Very Useful Modules

    Module Listings

  • Silverstripe Recipes on Packagist - Preconfigured sets of modules for different kind of projects.
  • Oct 30th, 2020



  • Official Silverstripe Blog - News around Silverstripe CMS.
  • - Useful findings of Silverstripe developers.
  • Resources

    Video Channels

  • Official StripeCon YouTube Channel - Talks of various StripeCon conferences.
  • Very Useful Modules

    Site Search

  • Solr searchstars10 - Interface for Solr search, supporting up to the latest Solr version. With submodules for e.g. transitioning from the "Fulltext Search" module, as well as subsite, fluent and others.
  • Oct 11th, 2020

    Very Useful Modules

    Site Search

  • Silverstripe Searchablestars13 - Adds more complex site searching using the Silverstripe ORM. With dedicated templates for search results across multiple search objects.
  • Searchable DataObjectsstars25 - Fast and simple MySQL based search. Useful for single language sites.
  • Fulltext Searchstars43 - Full fledged search interface for Solr4.
  • Fulltext Search Local Solr - Easy to install Solr4 instance for local development.
  • Oct 8th, 2020


    Conferences & Meetups

  • Meetups - A list of Silverstripe related Meetups.
  • European Silverstripe Conference - Every year in another country.
  • Very Useful Modules

    Development Helpers

  • Version Truncatorstars36 - Automatically delete old SiteTree page versions.
  • Debugbarstars50 - Shows debugging statistics in your browser.
  • IdeAnnotatorstars42 - Auto-generates class annotations on dev/build.
  • Populatestars22 - Populate your database through YAML files.
  • Mock DataObjectsstars18 - Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently with fake data.
  • UserSwitcherstars15 - Adds a small form both in the frontend and backend to quickly login as any user.
  • Masqueradestars14 - Allows an Administrator to "login" as another "Member". This can be useful for debugging and remote support.
  • Resources

    Official Websites

  • - Framework and CMS.
  • - Silverstripe Ltd., the company behind the CMS.
  • Resources

    Documentation & Tutorials

  • API Docs - Autogenerated API documentation.
  • Technical Documentation - For developers. Explains all core concepts.
  • Using the CMS - Documentation for end users how to use the core features.
  • Silverstripe Lessons - Learn how to build a Silverstripe site step by step with a real-world project.
  • Resources

    Video Channels

  • Official Silverstripe Vimeo Channel - Various videos from meetups and conferences.
  • Resources


  • Stack Overflow - Silverstripe related questions on Stack Overflow.
  • Silverstripe User Slack - Community slack channel for instant help or hanging around with other developers.
  • Forum - Official forum for asking questions or discussing.
  • Very Useful Modules

    Module Listings

  • SS Addons: Themes and Modules - The official module registry.
  • SSMods: Detailed Module Search - Alternative module search.
  • Most Used Modules - Shows which modules are downloaded most.
  • Tools


  • Twisted Bytes - Useful vagrant box with multiple PHP versions, MariaDB or PostgreSQL, mail catcher and much more.
  • Twisted Bytes Box Templates - Useful templates for different development scenarios using the Twisted Bytes vagrant box.
  • Laravel Homesteadstars3.8k - Prepackaged box for local development.
  • Scotchbox - Popular LAMP/LEMP stack for local development.
  • Zauberfisch Vagrant Boxesstars6 - Preconfigured Vagrant boxes for SS3 and SS4.
  • Tools


  • brettt89/sspak - SSPak Docker image.
  • brettt89/silverstripe-web - Apache + PHP Docker image with pre-installed PHP modules for SilverStripe support.
  • brettt89/silverstripe-solr-cwp - CWP Solr Docker image.
  • Very Useful Modules

    General Modules

  • Multiuser editing alertstars15 - Alerts users in the Silverstripe CMS when multiple people are editing the same page.
  • Very Useful Modules

    I18N (Internationalisation)

  • Fluentstars93 - Multi-language translate module for Silverstripe, without having to manage separate site trees.
  • Autotranslatestars4 - Creates automatic translations of fields using Google Translate API.
  • Very Useful Modules

    Fancy Form Fields

  • Markdown Fieldstars10 - Can replace your HTMLEditorFields (using TinyMCE) so you can utilise Markdown syntax.
  • Code Editor Fieldstars25 - Gives you a syntax-highlighted text area field - great for CMS-based YAML or HTML.
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