Top 50 Awesome List


This week

1. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim



  • anuvyklack/hydra.nvimstars280 - Bind a bunch of key bindings together. Port of Emacs Hydra.
  • Plugin


  • GitHub/copilot.vimstars3.3k - GitHub Copilot.
  • Plugin

    Treesitter based

  • mfussenegger/nvim-ts-hint-textobjectstars211 - Region selection with hints on the AST nodes of a document powered by Treesitter.

  • 2. vuejs/awesome-vue



  • VueJS English community
  • Components & Libraries

  • vue-composition-formstars26 - Vue Form Validate with Composition API

  • 3. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • .NET in Action, Second Edition - An introduction to implementing full-featured, cross-platform professional applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. [$]
  • RPC

  • gRPC UIstars3.3k - gRPC UI is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers via a browser. It's sort of like Postman, but for gRPC APIs instead of REST.
  • gRPCurlstars7.1k - gRPCurl is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers. It's basically curl for gRPC servers.
  • Serialization

  • F# Data - F# type providers for accessing XML, JSON, CSV and HTML files (based on sample documents) and for accessing WorldBank data

  • 4. APA-Technology-Division/urban-and-regional-planning-resources

    Planning Coding Resources


  • city-seer-api - A package for pedestrian-scale network-based urban analysis: network analysis, landuse accessibilities and mixed uses, statistical aggregations.

  • 5. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac

    Developer Tools

    Developer Utilities

  • XCSnippetsAppstars33 - Explore code snippets from the Swift and iOS community, view and edit the snippets before adding them conveniently to Xcode. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Utilities

    System Related Tools

  • Time Machine Inspectorstars25 - Find out what's hogging up your Time Machine backups. Open-Source Software Freeware

  • 6. avelino/awesome-go


  • slogstars90 Lightweight, configurable, extensible logger for Go.
  • Websites


  • CodeCrafters Golang Track — Achieve mastery in advanced Go by building your own Redis, Docker, Git, and SQLite. Featuring goroutines, systems programming, file I/O, and more.
  • Third-party APIs

  • goagistars5 - Go library to build Asterisk PBX agi/fastagi applications.

  • 7. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Security and PKI

  • Warrant — Hosted enterprise-grade authorization and access control service for your apps. Free tier includes 1 million API requests per month and 1,000 authz rules.
  • Tools for Teams and Collaboration

  • Sema - Free developer portfolio tool able to consolidate and snapshot contributions across multiple repositories into a single report.
  • Design and UI

  • - Free tool to easily generate custom cross browser css gradients. In RGB and HEX format.

  • 8. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Should I Focus on Blazor or ASP.NET Core? - duration June 16, 2022 - Should I learn Blazor in more depth or should I better understand ASP.NET Core? Which one is the better one to learn well first? Should I bounce back and forth or specialize in one?
  • Test-Driving CSS Styles in Blazor - duration June 20, 2022 - This video is about test-driving CSS styles in Blazor.
  • Native client apps with Blazor Hybrid - duration May 25, 2022 - Blazor uses the latest open web standards to enable full stack web development with .NET. But what if you need to build a native client app? Blazor is expanding beyond the web to enable support for building native client apps using a hybrid of web technologies and .NET. In this session we’ll look at the new Blazor Hybrid support in .NET MAUI for building cross platform native client apps for mobile and desktop as well as Blazor Hybrid support for modernizing WPF and Windows Forms apps.
  • Articles

  • Implementing RavenDB time series in a Blazor project - June 21, 2022 - Implementing RavenDB time series in a Blazor project.
  • Podcasts

  • Umbraco Heartcore and Blazor with Poornima Nayar - May 4, 2022 - In this episode we talked with Poornima Nayar about Umbraco Heartcore and where you might use it, Blazor, a little on GraphQL and how it fits very well with mobile apps which communicate with remote APIs. Duration: 59 minutes.

  • 9. kitspace/awesome-electronics

    Other Lists

  • delftopenhardware/awesome-open-hardwarestars35 - Helpful items for making and learning about open source hardware projects.

  • 10. soruly/awesome-acg

    Databases / Data Sources

  • anime-streamingstars45 - A curated list of worldwide legal anime streaming. [English]
  • manga-platformstars16 - A curated list of worldwide legal manga reading site. [English]
  • Web

  • ojosama-webstars31 - テキストを壱百満天原サロメお嬢様風の口調に変換するWebアプリ. [日本語]
  • Uncategorized

  • marine_buttonstars40 - Play 宝鐘マリン's voice on web. [日本語]

  • 11. jetli/awesome-yew


  • mb2 - A poker server with a Yew client. Click the Demo button and then Start to see the client.
  • Puzzle Cubestars2 - Rubix Cube solver using Rust and Yew, Live Demo.

  • 12. jorgebucaran/


  • Pufferfishstars35 - Text Expansions for Fish.

  • 13. aorumbayev/awesome-algorand


    Nodes and Indexers

  • Algorand Node UIstars12 - Terminal UI for remote Algorand node management.
  • Blockchain Explorers

  • Dappflow - Algorand Private Network Explorer (supports Sandbox in localhost).
  • Development

    JavaScript & TypeScript

  • perawallet-connectstars19 - JavaScript SDK for integrating Pera Wallet to web applications.

  • 14. aniftyco/awesome-tailwindcss

    Starters & Themes

  • 🚀 Vite + Lit + Tailwind Starterstars0 - Boilerplate using Vite, Lit and Tailwind CSS.

  • 15. humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech


  • Ungoogled Chromiumstars14.8k - Chromium without Google integration, enhancing privacy, control, transparency
  • Tracking

  • Tracker Zapper - A menubar app for Mac to remove link tracking parameters automatically.
  • TBlock - A system-wide, platform-independent ad-blocker written in Python and released under GPLv3.
  • Social networks

  • Quetre - A libre front-end for Quora.
  • SponsorBlock - Browser extension that allows you to skip YouTube video sponsors.

  • 16. innocenzi/awesome-inertiajs



  • Dry requestsstars112 - Generic Laravel package for real-time form validation.
  • Flashstars10 - Laravel package for sharing properties from anywhere.
  • Page loaderstars7 - Unplugin for loading Inertia pages from configured namespaces.

  • 17. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • ls (twopizza9621536)stars0 - Adds some more aliases for ls.
  • ls (zpm-zsh)stars69 - Colorizes the output of ls.
  • exa (twopizza9621536)stars0 - Combines DarrinTisdale/zsh-aliases-exastars78, hermitmaster/zsh-exa-pluginstars1, MohamedElashri/exa-zshstars6, ptavares/zsh-exastars7, RitchieS/zsh-exa/stars2, todie/exa.plugin.zshstars0, zplugin/zsh-exastars3 and zsh-exa-ls-pluginstars2. It also adds the default bash ls aliases and changes some aliases to avoid conflicts with other commands that exa does not replace.
  • sudo (hcgraf)stars24 - The sudo plugin from oh-my-zsh, extracted to a standalone. Toggles sudo before the current/previous command by pressing *ESC-ESC- in emacs-mode or vi-command mode.
  • sudo (none9632)stars0 - Adds sudo as a prefix to the current command by typing ESC-ESC.
  • Themes

  • doomstars0 - Doom-inspired. Looks similar to powerline. Has customizable segments, decorators for git status, rust, node.js, python and ruby versions.
  • gazellestars0 - Minimalist theme with git status decorations.

  • 18. wbkd/awesome-d3


  • britechartsstars3.7k - Client-side reusable charting library [bar, line, donut, sparkline, step]

  • 19. osmlab/awesome-openstreetmap


    Mobile Maps

  • Komoot - A route planner and navigation app specializing in hiking and cycling. (Android, iOS / Wiki)
  • Maps

    Web Maps

  • OpenLevelUp! - An OSM based indoor viewer.(Wiki)
  • Cyle.Travel - An OSM-based bike route-planner, together with extensive editorial content about long-distance cycle routes and city cycling. (Wiki)
  • AccessMap - A web map project to enable accessible, safe sidewalk trip planning for people with limited mobility. Currently rendering senveral cities in Washington State. (Source Code)

  • 20. directus-community/awesome-directus


  • Cloudinary Upload Interfacestars0 - Simple interface for upload/read cloudinary image.

  • 21. radek-sprta/awesome-game-remakes


  • OpenNoxstars154 - Collaboration project extending the Nox engine.

  • 22. vlang/awesome-v



  • vagistars2 - Asterisk FastAGI library in V.
  • Applications


  • Vieterstars1 - Archlinux repository server & package build system, written in V.
  • Vlang Benchmarks Visualizationstars7 - Fancy statistics and plots for Is V still fast?.
  • Applications


  • klonolstars11 - CLI tool to help you "clone all" git repositories belonging to you. Works with GitHub and Gitea.

  • 23. ayr-ton/awesome-geek-podcasts

    In Portuguese

  • DASH - Podcast sobre games em que cada episódio explora um game, tema, franquia ou desenvolvedor a fundo, servindo até como um mini-doc em áudio.

  • 24. grafana/awesome-k6


  • Umbraco 9 - What a Performance! - test the performance of Umbraco v9 on Azure against Umbraco v8 and comparing Windows vs Linux.

  • 25. sindresorhus/awesome-electron


    Closed Source

  • RunJS - Playground for JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • 26. kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood


  • Falsehoods about Plain Text - Plain text can't cut it, which makes Unicode even more incredible for its ability to just work well.
  • Falsehoods about text - A subset of the falsehoods from above, illustrated with some examples.
  • Geography

  • Falsehoods about Maps Data - The complexity of geopolitics need to be materialized in data structure.
  • Falsehoods about Geography - Takes on places, their names and locations.
  • Business

  • Falsehoods about Online Shopping - Covers prices, currencies and inventory.

  • 27. frenck/awesome-home-assistant

    Custom Integrations

  • The Watchmanstars111 - Keep track of missing entities and services in your config files.

  • 28. zudochkin/awesome-newsletters



  • This Week In React. Weekly newsletter for experienced React and React-Native developers.
  • React Newsletter. The free, weekly newsletter of the best React.js news and articles.
  • React Native Newsletter. Free occasional summary of React Native news, articles, issues & pull requests, libraries and apps.
  • React Native Now. Hand picking the best React Native news, tutorials, libraries, articles, and videos.

  • 29. AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS

    ☁ Free Servers


  • Public Hosts 576

  • 30. jthegedus/awesome-firebase


  • 🔧 FirelordJSstars20 - Extremely High Precision Typescript Wrapper for Firestore Web.
  • Follow


  • 📹 Fireship - A YouTube channel by Jeff Delaney, a Google Firebase expert and creator of the famous "X in 100 Seconds" videos.

  • 31. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted



  • Apache Solr - Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene. (Source Code) Apache-2.0 Java
  • Software


  • Datasette - An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data, easy import and export and database management. (Demo, Source Codestars6.2k) Apache-2.0 Python

  • 32. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust



  • rbatis/fast_logstars58 — Rust async log High-performance asynchronous logging Build Status
  • Libraries


  • bytecodealliance/wasmtimestars7.8k — A standalone runtime for WebAssembly Build Status

  • 33. stn1slv/awesome-integration



  • Huawei Cloud Distributed Message Service - A fully managed, high-performance message queuing service that enables reliable, flexible, and asynchronous communication between distributed applications.
  • Huawei Cloud Distributed Message Service for Kafka - Managed Apache Kafka service.
  • Oracle Cloud Streaming - A real-time, serverless, Apache Kafka-compatible event streaming platform.

  • 34. matiassingers/awesome-readme


  • NASA/ogmastars192 - Clear description. Feature list. Demo GIFs. Simple install instructions. Usage code samples. TOC for easy navigation.

  • Jun 13th - Jun 19th, 2022

    1. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • BloomRPCstars8.2k - BloomRPC aims to provide the simplest and most efficient developer experience for exploring and querying your GRPC services.
  • gRPCstars3.2k An RPC library and framework for .NET Core. Read more about it on Docs Microsoft
  • CoreRPCstars63 - Extensible library for WCF-like RPC targeting netstandard1.3. Compatible with .NET, Mono and .NET Core.

  • 2. eozer/awesome-snmp



  • Scapystars7.7k - Packet manipulation program & library. Scapy has a module to build/dissect SNMP packets.

  • 3. ebu/awesome-broadcasting

    Video Production

  • AutoMixstars3 - Web-based control surface for ATEM vision mixers with automated camera switching, designed for visualised radio.

  • 5. rockerBOO/awesome-neovim


    Preconfigured Configuration

  • Abstract-IDE/Abstractstars78 - Abstract, The NeoVim configuration to achieve the power of Modern IDE.
  • Plugin


  • rcarriga/vim-ulteststars360 - The ultimate testing plugin for Neovim.
  • nvim-neotest/neoteststars412 - An extensible framework for interacting with tests within Neovim.
  • Plugin


  • vigoux/complementree.nvimstars39 - Light and synchronous completion plugin based on tree-sitter and with a functional-programming interface.

  • 6. msub2/awesome-webxr



  • Ethereal Enginestars446 - A full stack MMO engine built on three.js and bitECS with support for WebXR.

  • 7. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Components & Libraries

    Event Handling

  • v-on-page-videostars2 - Vue.js directive to change the state of a Video element on visibility change
  • Resources


  • React vs Vue - their communities (My typeof Radio) [es-MX]
  • Resources


  • Vue 3.0 and decentralized app (dApp)stars10

  • 8. mxschmitt/awesome-playwright


  • Playwright Test for VSCode - Official Playwright test extension for VS Code.
  • Maestro for IntelliJ - Playwright plugin for IntelliJ.

  • 9. agucova/awesome-esp


  • Sming Frameworkstars1.3k - Superb C/C++ IoT Framework with support for ESP8266 and ESP32.
  • Tools

  • NodeMCU Flasherstars1.7k - The official flashing tool for the NodeMCU OS.
  • Projects

    Smart Home and IoT

  • DoorsignEPDstars91 - A smart doorsign with an E-Paper display using the ESP32.
  • ESPEasystars2.7k - Easily turn ESP modules into multifunction sensor devices for home automation systems.
  • HomePointstars520 - Control MQTT/HomeKit smart home devices from an ESP32-powered screen.
  • openHASP - Control your home automation devices from a customizable touchscreen UI connected via MQTT.

  • 10. tortuvshin/open-source-flutter-apps

    Health and Fitness

  • WorkoutTrackerstars3 - A Flutter app to help you keep track of workout sessions by Daniel Choi.
  • Media

  • MovieLabstars3 - A useful and modern movie database app by Erfan Rahmati.

  • 11. EbookFoundation/free-programming-books


  • Learning Lua ebook - Rip Tutorial (Compiled from StackOverflow documentation) (PDF)
  • Python

  • Modeling Creativity: Case Studies in Python - Tom D. De Smedt (PDF)

  • 12. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • paxtonstars0 - Inspired by powerline. Includes segments for git branch, time, last command exit status and current directory. Requires a powerline-compatible font.
  • yellow-sea-diamondsstars0 - Includes decorations for git status, current directory, active python virtual environment, and the exit status of the last command run.
  • Completions

  • fzshellstars39 - Fuzzy completions supplied by a user.
  • Plugins

  • smartcachestars1 - Caches command output to speed up shell startup time.
  • git-syncstars41 - A ZSH plugin to sync git repositories and clean them up.

  • 13. AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS

    📖 RSS Readers


  • Big News 1170 iOS
  • Cupfeed 1175
  • 📖 RSS Readers

    Hosted Readers

  • 期待 綫上版 1204 iOSOnline
  • 😣 Services that have stopped supporting RSS

  • every collection still has public RSS feed but Raindrop does not plan to support further improvements for RSS due to possible privacy issues. 399

  • 14. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    APIs, Data and ML

  • Stoplight - Saas for collaborativly designing and documenting for APIs. The free plan offers free design, mocking and documentation tools to get started.
  • Tools for Teams and Collaboration

  • Dyte - The most developer-friendly live video & audio SDK, featuring collaborative plugins to enhance productivity and engagement. The free tier includes 10,000 minutes of live video/audio usage every month.
  • Email

  • — Mailazy is the only simple transactional email service you’ll need. 10500 emails/month free forever (350 emails/day sending limit).

  • 15. mostafatouny/awesome-theoretical-computer-science

    Lecture Notes

  • Tim Roughgarden. Foundations of Blockchains - The science and technology of blockchain protocols and the applications built on top of them, with an emphasis on fundamental principles rather than specific protocols. - See also Lecture Videos.
  • General


  • Lacona. LOGIC: Lecture Notes for Philosophy, Mathematics, and Computer Science

  • 16. CodyReichert/awesome-cl

    HTTP Servers

    Clack plugins

  • tiny-routesstars5 - A tiny routing library for Common Lisp targeting Clack. BSD_3Clause.

  • 17. jaywcjlove/awesome-mac

    Developer Tools


  • UTM - UTM is an easy-to-use GUI for QEMU and can run ARM64, x64 and other VMs on M1 Macs. Open-Source Software

  • 18. analysis-tools-dev/static-analysis

    Multiple languages

  • coala ⚠️ — Language independent framework for creating code analysis - supports over 60 languages by default.

  • 19. markets/awesome-ruby


  • Fingerprinterstars242 - CMS/LMS/Library etc versions fingerprinter.
  • haitistars244 - Hash type identifier (CLI & lib).
  • Pipalstars529 - Password analyser and statistics generator
  • WhatWebstars3.9k - Website Fingerprinter.
  • WPscan - WordPress vulnerability scanner.

  • 20. matiassingers/awesome-readme


  • httpie/httpiestars22.2k - Description of what the project does. Demo screenshots. Project logo. TOC for easy navigation. Build badges. Quick and simple installation and usage sections. Includes an examples section.
  • Articles

  • "Art of Readme - Learn the art of writing quality READMEs."stars6k - Stephen Whitmore
  • Tools

  • Common Readmestars347 - A common readme style for Node. Includes a guide and a readme generator.

  • 21. avelino/awesome-go


  • go-email-normalizerstars46 - Golang library for providing a canonical representation of email address.
  • Go Tools

  • - Online tool to preview text/template templates live.
  • Utilities

  • EaseProbestars782 - A simple, standalone, and lightWeight tool that can do health/status checking daemon, support HTTP/TCP/SSH/Shell/Client/... probes, and Slack/Discord/Telegram/SMS... notification.

  • 23. frenck/awesome-home-assistant

    Custom Integrations

  • Spotcaststars403 - Start Spotify playback on an idle Chromecast device as well as control Spotify connect devices.
  • Sonoff LANstars1.7k - Control Sonoff devices with eWeLink (original) firmware over LAN and/or Cloud.
  • WebRTC Camerastars587 - View RTSP streams from IP Cameras in real-time through WebRTC or MSE with Pan/Zoom controls.
  • HACS - This is a manager for your custom integration (components) and plugin (lovelace elements) needs.
  • Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractorstars757 - Presents a live view of a map for Xiaomi (Roborock/Viomi/Roidmi/Dreame) vacuums without a need for rooting.
  • Dashboards

    Icon packs

  • simpleiconsstars70 - Use the free icons from the simpleicons set.
  • Hass Hue Iconsstars161 - Additional Philips Hue bulbs and fixtures icons.
  • In case you need help

    Other Communities

  • 🇳🇱 Dutch Domotics Discord - Dutch Discord server with home automation enthusiasts.

  • 24. denolib/awesome-deno



  • bettermapstars8 - A TypeScript extension of the JavaScript Map with Array-like features.
  • durationjsstars4 - Get time duration from a timestamp or a human-readable string.
  • Modules


  • cottonstars119 - SQL Database Toolkit for deno
  • deno_mongostars432 - MongoDB database driver.
  • deno_mysqlstars224 - MySQL database driver.
  • maxminddbstars5 - A library that enables the usage of MaxmindDB geoIP database files
  • redisstars370 - An experimental implementation of redis client for deno.
  • Modules

    Frontend framework

  • reflexstars21 - React Framework for Deno and Oak.

  • 25. liuchong/awesome-roadmaps

    Programming Language

  • C++ Developer Roadmapstars1.3k - Roadmap focuses on general competencies and skills about C++ in 2022 .
  • Miscellaneous

  • Awesome Quality Assurance Roadmapstars1k - Roadmap for QA and software testing learning curve which you might need to start the journey .

  • 26. substrate-developer-hub/awesome-substrate

    FRAME Pallets

  • RMRK Palletsstars44 - Nested, conditional & Multi-resourced NFTs.
  • Tools

  • substrate-toml-lint - A toml parser and checker to avoid common errors in Substrate projects.

  • 27. veggiemonk/awesome-docker

    Development with Docker

    Development Environment

  • coderstars574 - remote development machines powered by Terraform or Docker by @coder
  • Container Operations

    Reverse Proxy

  • Swarm Routerstars57 - A «zero config» service name based router for docker swarm mode with a fresh and more secure approach. By @flavioaiello

  • 28. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted



  • Actionsflow - The free Zapier/IFTTT alternative for developers to automate your workflows based on Github actions. (Source Codestars2.5k) MIT Docker/Nodejs

  • 29. mgramin/awesome-db-tools


  • DBHawk - Datasparc offers database security, database management, database governance and data analytics - all in one solution.
  • API

  • Remultstars584 - End-to-end type-safe CRUD via REST API for your database, with fine-grained access control.
  • Schema


  • DbSchema - Universal database designer for out-of-the-box schema management, schema documentation, design in a team, and deployment on multiple databases. DbSchema features tools for writing and executing queries, exploring the data, generating data, and building reports.

  • 30. matteocrippa/awesome-swift



  • Harbethstars101 - Metal API for GPU accelerated Graphics and Video and Camera filter framework.

  • 31. ellisonleao/magictools

    Must see

    Game Jams

  • GMTK Game Jam - Popular yearly game jam
  • Code

    Engines and Frameworks

  • 🎉 Screen 13stars54 - An easy-to-use Vulkan rendering engine. Provides a render graph for Rust.

  • 32. tobiasbueschel/awesome-pokemon

    Development Projects


  • Who's That Pokémon?stars0 - Guess Pokémon from their silhouette.

  • 33. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • Displaying Custom Reports in Blazor using Syncfusion - duration May 20, 2022 - In the last video, we created a custom report using the Bold Reports Designer. We could use the provided Bold Reports Viewer to display the reports, but that does not always fit with what you want to accomplish. That is why today we will implement a report viewer in a Blazor Server application. That way, we can show our custom report to our clients directly inside of our site instead of sending them to a separate application.
  • Creating Office Files in Blazor using Syncfusion - PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - duration May 13, 2022 - Creating office files in C# has always been a popular solution. You can generate reports in formats that users are comfortable with. With the Syncfusion file controls, you can not only create Excel files, you can also create Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents. In this video, we will look at the office file controls in Syncfusion and how to use them.
  • Intro to Blazor Controls in Syncfusion - duration May 11, 2022 - The Blazor controls in Syncfusion are pretty impressive. In this video, we will look at the DataGrid, charts, a Kanban-style board, a dashboard, autocomplete textboxes, context menus, signature pads, menu bars, toast messages, and more. There are so many controls to look at, in fact, that we are going to purposefully ignore the office file creation and display controls, as well as reporting. That way, we can spend more time on the other controls today and then focus on the office files in another video. The reporting will actually have two different videos dedicated to it.
  • Intro to SignalR in C# Part 1 - using Blazor, WPF, best practices, and more - duration April 25, 2022 - SignalR is an excellent way to connect two or more clients together for real-time communication. The best part is that this library is just a wrapper around web-standard technologies such as Web Sockets and Long-Polling. It just makes them easier to use. That means we can even use SignalR with other clients such as Java or JavaScript. In this video, we are going to learn how to set up SignalR and how to connect to it using web clients and desktop clients. Throughout the video, we will cover best practices, as well as how to use this in the real world.
  • Articles

  • What’s new in the Microsoft Fluent UI library for Blazor versions 1.3 and 1.4 - June 9, 2022 - The FAST team and friends have been hard at work not only on Microsoft’s core Web Components platform, but also on Fluent UI integrations for Blazor. This post will give you an overview of what’s new and changed in versions 1.3 and 1.4 of the Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor library.
  • A Full-Stack Web App Using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL: Part 3 - June 8, 2022 - A Full-Stack Web App Using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL: Part 3. Part 1.
  • A Full-Stack Web App Using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL: Part 1 - February 17, 2022 - This article shows how to create a full-stack web application using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL with SQL Server as our database.
  • Other Languages

  •'s podcast #44 - [French]'s podcast #44: "Blazor et WebAssembly vont-ils tuer JavaScript ?".
  • Modern web apps with Blazor - [Italian] Video about Blazor.

  • 34. rust-embedded/awesome-embedded-rust

    no-std crates

  • drogue-devicestars110: A distribution of tools and examples for building embedded applications in Rust.
  • ectorstars4: An async actor framework for embedded, based on embassy.
  • embedded-updatestars1: Pluggable firmware update protocol for embedded devices.
  • embedded-tlsstars34: A TLS 1.3 implementation that runs in a no-std environment.
  • Books, blogs and training materials

  • Ferrous Systems' Embedded Training Courses: 2020-current editionstars199 A hands-on training course for beginner and advanced learners of Embedded Rust, based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52840 hardware. This training was given at Oxidize Conferences and by Ferrous Systems to corporate customers.
  • Old books, blogs and training materials

  • Ferrous Systems' Embedded Training Courses: 2019 editionstars101 A hands-on training course for beginner and advanced learners of Embedded Rust, based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 and Decawave's DWM1001-DEV hardware. This training was given at Oxidize Conferences and by Ferrous Systems to corporate customers.

  • 35. aniftyco/awesome-tailwindcss


  • 💼 Tails Devtoolsstars77 - All-in-one browser extension for Tailwind CSS.

  • 36. aliesbelik/awesome-gatling


    Awesome Lists

  • Awesome Locuststars27 - Open-source scalable load testing framework written in Python.
  • Related


  • How They Load Teststars9 - A curated collection of publicly available resources on how companies around the world perform load testing.
  • Load Testing Toolkitstars59 - Collection of open-source tools for debugging, benchmarking, load and stress testing your code or services.

  • 39. dersvenhesse/awesome-scriptable


  • scriptable-pocket-widgetstars4 - Shows unread or favorited Pocket articles.

    Scriptable Pocket Widget Screenshot

  • 40. fkromer/awesome-ros2


    Cloud robotics

  • robolaunch

  • 41. aliesbelik/awesome-jmeter



  • How They Load Teststars9 - A curated collection of publicly available resources on how companies around the world perform load testing.
  • Load Testing Toolkitstars59 - Collection of open-source tools for debugging, benchmarking, load and stress testing your code or services.

  • 42. sindresorhus/awesome


  • SNMPstars5 - A protocol for collecting, modifying, and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks.

  • 43. fffaraz/awesome-cpp


  • Toucastars63 - Open-source regression testing system that you can self-host. [Apache2] website

  • 44. jetli/awesome-yew


  • zzhackstars102 - A personal blog, based on Rust & Yew, Live Demo.

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