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This week

1. vuejs/awesome-vue

Components & Libraries

Asset Management

  • vue-sfc-splitstars0 - Convert SFCs for native browser use without build

  • Oct 18th - Oct 24th, 2021

    1. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Tools for Teams and Collaboration

  • vspace — Free links manager with private/public spaces, includes slack and google docs integration and chrome plugin.
  • Issue Tracking and Project Management

  • Toggl — Provides 2 free productivity tools. Toggl Track for time management and tracking app with a free plan provides seamless time tracking and reporting designed for freelancers in mind. It has unlimited tracking records, projects, clients, tags, reporting and more. And Toggl Plan for task planning that comes with a free plan for solo developers with unlimited tasks, milestones and timelines.
  • APIs, Data and ML

  • — Simple service to get public IP address in different formats.

  • 2. Solido/awesome-flutter



  • Todo Liststars252 [252⭐] – Step by step tutorial how to build Todo List with Flutter by Andrei Lesnitsky
  • Articles


  • Roadmap to Flutter Developmentstars2.6k [2579⭐] - Visual roadmap with principles, patterns, and frameworks for Flutter newbies by Olexandr Leuschenko.
  • Articles


  • Rendering Pipeline [776👍] and Let's build a render tree - Engine architecture by Adam Barth.

  • 3. avelino/awesome-go

    Editor Plugins

  • Go Docstars4 - A Visual Studio Code extension for showing definition in output and generating go doc.
  • coc-go language server extension for Vim/Neovimstars387 - This plugin adds gopls features to Vim/Neovim.
  • Command Line

    Standard CLI

  • subcmdstars0 - Another approach to parsing and running subcommands. Works alongside the standard flag package.
  • Web Frameworks

    Actual middlewares

  • midstars1 - Miscellaneous HTTP middleware features: idiomatic error return from handlers; receive/respond with JSON data; request tracing; and more.

  • 4. edm00se/awesome-board-games


    The Game of Life

    Hit the road for a roller-coaster life of adventure, family, unexpected surprises, and pets! Want to take the family path, start a career, or venture down a risky road? In this game, players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life. Move the car token around the gameboard from Start to Retirement, and experience unexpected surprises related to family, career, and other milestones of life. Players can adopt pets in this version of The Game of Life game. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins! Adult assembly required. This board game also has a digital app version.

    the game of life image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 6 8+ 30-80m

    The Singaporean Dream

    A spin-off from Monopoly Deal, Singaporean Dream is an interactive card game where you can sabo, complain and pay your way to be the perfect Singaporean.

    The Singaporean Dream image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 6 18+ 20-30m


    Noir is a "denouement" game that lasts only a few minutes per round. The "denouement mechanic" is a special type of storytelling game, where the key elements of the stories events are determined by the game, then the players must weave them together in the most inventive of ways. Noir is packed with a grim cast of Femme Fatales, gum shoe P.I.s, mean Mobsters and hardened Hit Men. The play throws up stories which are by turns dark, hilarious, inventive and always, always memorable. At the bitter end the best denouement of the game wins!

    Noir game image

    Players Min. Age Time
    3 - 6 10+ 10-60m


    Ark Nova

    In Ark Nova, you will plan and design a modern, scientifically managed zoo. With the ultimate goal of owning the most successful zoological establishment, you will build enclosures, accommodate animals, and support conservation projects all over the world. Specialists and unique buildings will help you in achieving this goal.

    Ark Nova

    Players Min. Age Time
    1 - 4 14+ 90-150m

    Leaving Earth

    The year is 1956. Mankind stands at the dawn of a new age, the Space Age, when the flying bombs of yesteryear will become the rocket ships of tomorrow. As the director of a national space program, your country is depending on you for success in this great contest. You may be the first to create an artificial satellite, send a probe to another planet, or even put a man on the moon.

    Leaving Earth game image

    Players Min. Age Time
    1 - 5 15+ 60-180m


    Cobra Paw

    Players take turns rolling the dice — which feature six unique symbols — then race to grab the tile with the matching pattern before anyone else. Whoever grabs six tiles first wins!

    Cobra Paw image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 6 5 5-15m

    5. rust-unofficial/awesome-rust


    Audio and Music

  • pdeljanov/Symphoniastars507 — A pure Rust audio decoding and media demuxing library supporting AAC, FLAC, MP3, MP4, OGG, Vorbis, and WAV.
  • Applications

    System tools

  • dalance/procsstars2.3k — A modern replacement for 'ps' written by Rust Regression
  • cantino/mcflystars2.9k - Fly through your shell history. Great Scott! build badge
  • Libraries

    Text search

  • tantivystars5.4k [tantivy] — Build Status

  • 6. academic/awesome-datascience


  • Maria Khalusova - Data science blog
  • Data Sets

  • MapLight - provides a variety of data free of charge for uses that are freely available to the general public. Click on a data set below to learn more
  • Podcasts

  • O'Reilly Data Show Podcast
  • AI at Home

  • 7. quozd/awesome-dotnet


  • WPF-Mathstars388 - a .NET library for rendering mathematical formulae using the LaTeX typesetting style, for the WPF framework
  • Office

  • Toxystars202 - .NET text extraction framework supports a few file formats
  • ORM

  • SqlSugarstars3.7k - Another ORM library supports many RDBMS including MySql, SqlServer, Sqlite, Oracle, Postgresql

  • 8. matteocrippa/awesome-swift



  • Rugbystars158 - 🏈 Cache CocoaPods for faster rebuild and indexing Xcode project.
  • Libs

    Augmented Reality

  • ARHeadsetKitstars18 - High-level framework for using $5 Google Cardboard to replicate Microsoft Hololens.
  • Libs


  • Toast-Swiftstars21 - An easy to use library to create iOS 14 and newer style toasts.

  • 9. HQarroum/awesome-iot


  • AREG SDKstars13 - AREG SDK is an interface-centric real-time asynchronous communication engine to enable distributed- and mist-computing, where connected Things interact and provide services, as if they act like thin distributed servers.
  • Macchina.iostars458 - EDGE is a rich software framework for quickly building IoT device applications running on Linux-based devices. EDGE implements a web-enabled, secure, modular and extensible JavaScript and C++ runtime environment and provides ready-to-use and industry proven software building blocks. These enable devices to talk to various sensors, other devices and cloud services, and to process, analyze and filter sensor data locally, at the edge device or within the local network.

  • 10. veggiemonk/awesome-docker

    Container Operations

    Terminal UI
  • dockdashstars96 detailed stats. By @byrnedo

  • 11. ziadoz/awesome-php


    Web Applications

  • Adminer - Database management in a single PHP file.
  • Cachetstars12.4k - The open source status page system.
  • Lycheestars5.9k - An easy to use and great looking photo-management-system.
  • PHP Queuestars632 - An application for managing queueing backends.
  • phpRedisAdminstars2.8k - A simple web interface to manage Redis databases.

  • 12. matiassingers/awesome-readme


  • alichtman/shallow-backupstars798 - Clear description of what the project does. GIF Demo. TOC for easy navigation. Badges. Links for further reading. Simple install instructions.
  • aregtech/areg-sdkstars13 - Description of the project and use cases with explanation graphics. Build with multiple tools and integration instructions, reference to the guidance to create the first project. Examples. Project logo. Multiple badges. Headlines with graphics. TOC for easy navigation.

  • 13. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • polyglotstars129 - a dynamic prompt for zsh, bash, ksh93, mksh, pdksh, dash, and busybox ash that uses basic ASCII symbols (and color, when possible) to show username, whether it is a local or remote ssh sesssion, abbreviated path, git branch and status, exit status of last command if non-zero, any virtual environment created with virtualenv, venv, pipenv, poetry, or conda.
  • pskfyistars0 - Based on lambda. Themed for ubuntu but easily tweaked.
  • barionstars0 - A fast compiled prompt with a compact git status overview. Reminiscent of powerline. Requires Crystal to build.
  • git-prompt (awgn)stars11 - A fast git prompt for bash, zsh and fish.
  • enlightenmentstars5 - Includes decorations for git status, vi-mode indicator, and the time for last command to execute.
  • Plugins

  • fuzzy-wdstars0 - Adds fuzzy search for directories warped withe the WD plugin.
  • zawstars508 - ZSH anything.el-like widget.

  • 14. aniftyco/awesome-tailwindcss

    UI Libraries, Components & Templates

  • 🧩 Material Tailwind - Easy to use components library for Tailwind CSS and Material Design.
  • 📁 Material Tailwind Kit React - Free Tailwind CSS and React UI kit.
  • 📁 Material Tailwind Dashboard React - Free Tailwind CSS and React admin template.
  • 📚 a17t - Atomic design toolkit built to extend Tailwind CSS.
  • 📚 tails-uistars169 - React UI library using Tailwind CSS.

  • 15. APA-Technology-Division/urban-and-regional-planning-resources

    Public Data Resources


  • Tasking Manager - Tasking Manager is a platform where anybody can learn to use Open Street Map and contribute to mapping undermapped areas of the world. This work is critical for disaster preparation and resiliency in developing countries, so that aid workers and community members have access to accurate maps when disasters strike.
  • Educational and Informational Resources

    Literature Resources

  • Repository and Open Science Access Portal (ROSA P) - Provides access to a range of full-text current and historical documents from the National Transportation Library. Resources are available from all modes of transportation as well as related disciplines such as climate change research.
  • Educational and Informational Resources

    AICP Resources

  • APA Florida Examp Prep Webpage - Comprehensive collection of study materials compiled by APA Florida. APA members can also email Henry Bittaker at the address given for access to recordings of exam prep and practice question study sessions led by him.

  • 16. hangtwenty/dive-into-machine-learning

    Other courses

  • Data science courses as Jupyter Notebooks:
  • Kevin Markham's video series, Intro to Machine Learning with scikit-learn, starts with what we've already covered, then continues on at a comfortable place.
  • More Data Science materials

  • Python Data Science Handbook, as Jupyter Notebooks
  • Swami Chandrasekaran's "Becoming a Data Scientist" is a concise, printable picture of a data science curriculum (caveat: it is from 2013, but still useful)
  • Risks

    It's dangerous to go alone, take these!

  • Awesome-Artificial-Intelligence-Guidelines.stars629
  • Awesome-ML-Model-Governancestars27

  • 17. EbookFoundation/free-programming-books


  • Let us C - Yashavant Kanetkar (PDF) (🗃️ archived)
  • The Basics of C Programming - Marshall Brain (PDF)
  • Java

  • Writing Advanced Applications for the Java 2 Platform - Calvin Austin and Monica Pawlan (PDF)
  • Cilk

  • Cilk 5.4.6 Reference Manual (PDF)

  • 18. godotengine/awesome-godot

    Plugins and scripts

    Godot 3.2+

  • Line Collider 2Dstars1 - A script which adds colliders that follow an array of Line2Ds (useful for prototypes).

  • 19. croqaz/awesome-decentralized


  • Deltachat: Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control. It doesn't have their own servers but uses the most massive and diverse open messaging system ever: the existing e-mail server network. Chat with anyone if you know their e-mail address, no need for them to install DeltaChat, all you need is a standard e-mail account.
  • Other

  • Solid: Solid was created by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores called Pods. Pods are like secure personal web servers for your data. For developer resources, see Developer Resources. For a listing of some Solid applications, see Solid Applications.

  • 20. golemfactory/awesome-golem

    Developer and Requestor Resources

  • Yagna Python API docs - Documentation for Yapapi.

  • 22. msub2/awesome-webxr



  • XR Foundation Discord - Official server for XR Foundation, responsible for XREngine and various other metaverse-related projects.
  • Development


  • XREnginestars207 - A full stack MMO engine built on three.js and bitECS with support for WebXR.

  • 23. iamericfletcher/awesome-r-learning-resources


  • An Introduction to R - The aim of this book is to introduce you to using R, a powerful and flexible interactive environment for statistical computing and research. Authors: Alex Douglas, Deon Roos, Francesca Mancini, Ana Couto & David Lusseau

  • 24. playcanvas/awesome-playcanvas

    Product Configurators

  • Fjällräven Kånken - Backpack configurator.

  • 25. aviaryan/awesome-no-login-web-apps

    Audio and Video

  • Vileo - Record your screen or webcam and download the video from within your browser.
  • Games

  • Orion - Board/puzzle game. Cleverly combine tiles from bags to fill up the board.
  • Utilities (uncategorized)

  • Meditation Timer - A meditation timer to keep track of your sessions.

  • 26. tramcar/awesome-job-boards



  • - Highly active job board for functional programming enthusiasts
  • Programming


  • Kotlin Jobs
  • Programming


  • Scala Jobs

  • 27. desireevl/awesome-quantum-computing


  • Introduction to Quantum Information Science - “Introduction to Quantum Information” by Professor Artur Ekert at the University of Oxford.
  • Books

  • Understanding Quantum Technologies - Excellent Book which provides a 360 degree approach of quantum technologies encompassing all dimensions.

  • 28. kiloreux/awesome-robotics


  • Autonomous Mobile Robots edX
  • Robotics Nanodegree Udacity 💵
  • Companies

  • Neobotix manufacturer of industrial, research and as well as custom mobile robots.

  • 29. AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


  • As .NET 6 Nears GA, Blazor WebAssembly Can Now Use Native Dependencies - October 15, 2021 - Less than a month before .NET 6 ships, Microsoft announced Blazor WebAssembly apps can now use native dependencies, allowing developers to tap into native C code, for example, upon jumping through a few hoops.
  • Sample Projects


  • Photinostars236 - stars last commit Build native, cross-platform desktop apps that are lighter than light. Photino is a lightweight open-source framework for building native, cross-platform desktop applications with Web UI technology.
  • Sample Projects


  • BlazorGamesstars133 - stars last commit This project is a Blazor WebAssembly project where we design, model, implement, and play common board and card games. This website is deployed here:
  • Trains.NETstars128 - stars last commit 2D game built with .NET and C# on a Twitch stream. Trains is available to play online at (Mirror at if that doesn't work).
  • Flappy Blazor Birdstars48 - stars last-commit Blazor Flappy Bird's port. [Wasm Demo] | [Multiplayer Demo].
  • Board Gamesstars44 - stars last commit Fusionstars1.1k + Blazor sample and a fully functional web app allowing you to play real-time multiplayer board games. Demostars44.
  • ABlazorPongstars9 - last commit A classic Pong in Blazor WebAssembly, with sounds, without a single line of Javascript. Demo.

  • 30. szenergy/awesome-lidar


  • ARHeadsetKitstars18 - Using $5 Google Cardboard to replicate Microsoft Hololens. Hosts the source code for research on scene color reconstructionstars6.

  • 31. ashishb/android-security-awesome


    Reverse Engineering

  • - Online APK and Java decompiler

  • 32. awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted


    Gateways and Terminal Sharing

  • Neko - A self hosted virtual browser ( clone) that runs in Docker. (Source Codestars131) Apache-2.0 Docker/Go
  • Software

    Communication - Custom Communication Systems

  • pWSstars123 - pWS is a free, open-source Pusher drop-in alternative. MIT Nodejs
  • Software

    Media Streaming - Audio Streaming

  • euterpe - Self-hosted music streaming server with RESTful API and Web interface. (Demo, Source Codestars204) GPL-3.0 Go

  • 35. brabadu/awesome-fonts

    Free fonts


  • Fontshare - A free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF)

  • 36. vuejs/awesome-vue



  • CVue-Awesomestars8 Auto Resume Builder by Emre Coşkunçay
  • Components & Libraries


  • vue-icomoonstars4 - With vue-icomoon you can easily use the icons you have selected or created in icomoon.
  • Components & Libraries


  • vue-follow-tooltipstars1 - Tiny tooltip directive for Vue 3.

  • 37. stingalleman/awesome-audiovisual

    Lighting Software

  • LightFactory - PC Lighting Control software witch also is the backend of the NEO Console. ⚠ not free.

  • 38. andrewda/awesome-frc


  • SERT Visionstars24 - A Jetson-powered OpenCV vision tracking solution, complete with status GUI and NetworkTable hooks.

  • 39. JanVanRyswyck/awesome-talks


  • Explaining Team Flow by Michel Grootjans [14:30]

  • 40. thomasbnt/awesome-web-monetization



  • svelte-monetizationstars28 - A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the Web Monetization API.
  • web-monetized-videostars13 - A web component with has play and pay policy and charges you for the amount of video watched.
  • awesome-jsgamesstars190 - A curated list of awesome JavaScript Games
  • mediadisclosuresstars0 - An open-source, always evolving, universal content rating system.
  • web-monetization-demostars1 - This is a Web Monetization Demo
  • Resources


  • Web Monetization like I'm 5 - Monetizing the web!

  • 41. substrate-developer-hub/awesome-substrate

    Client Libraries

  • sube - Lightweight Rust client library and CLI with support for type information.
  • Substrate .Net APIstars18 - Maintained by Usetech.
  • Substrate .NET Standard APIstars23 - Used in nuget, and Unity 3D integration examplestars4 - Maintained by DOTMog.
  • Kotlin Substrate Clientstars12 - Maintained by
  • SCALE Codec

  • Scalesstars5 - Serializing SCALE using type information from a type registry.
  • Codec Definition - Official codec documentation.
  • Resources

  • Official Homepage - Vision, ecosystem, opportunities, and much more.
  • Ecosystem Projects - Projects and teams building with Substrate.
  • DotJobs - A job board for the Substrate and Polkadot ecosystem projects, maintained by Stateless.Money.
  • Polkadot Stack - An awesome list maintained by our friends at Web3 Foundation.

  • 42. zoidbergwill/awesome-ebpf

    Projects Related to eBPF

  • pixiestars2.1k - Observability for Kubernetes using eBPF. Features include protocol tracing, application profiling, and support for distributed bpftrace deployments.

  • 43. SE-ML/awesome-seml


  • REVISE: REvealing VIsual biaSEsstars71 - Automatically detect bias in visual data sets.

  • 44. sbilly/awesome-security


    Scanning / Pentesting

  • Deepfence ThreatMapperstars683 - Apache v2, powerful runtime vulnerability scanner for kubernetes, virtual machines and serverless.

  • 45. markets/awesome-ruby

    Core Extensions

  • Bitwisestars36 - Fast, memory efficient bitwise operations on large binary strings
  • Email

  • Ahoy Emailstars933 - Analytics and tracking for e-mails.
  • Machine Learning

  • m2cgenstars1.9k - A CLI tool to transpile trained classic ML models into a native Ruby code with zero dependencies.

  • 46. agarrharr/awesome-static-website-services

    Functions as a Service

  • - Full stack app hosting with data storage included, similar to Heroku with a developer centric approach. Free to use up to 3 apps.

  • 47. ecohealthalliance/awesome-parasite


  • Zover - A conglomeration of the previous bat (DBatVir) and rodent virus (DRodVir) databases with the addition of mosquito- and tick- borne viruses. Database is described here.

  • 48. kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood

    Software Engineering

  • What every software engineer should know about search - A better sourced article on the difficulty of implementing search engines.

  • 49. zudochkin/awesome-newsletters


    Common Section

  • GIMTEC. The weekly newsletter I wish I had when I finished my development bootcamp.

  • 50. francoism90/awesome-kde



  • Latte-Dock - Latte is a dock based on Plasma frameworks that provides an elegant and intuitive experience for your tasks and plasmoids 📌.

  • 51. uraimo/awesome-software-patreons

    Open Source Projects

  • Open Chemistry - Umbrella of multiple open source chemistry projects including Avogadro, cclib, DeepChem, MSDK, Open Babel, RDKit, and 3DMol.js.

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