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A curation of prompts, plugins & other resources for Fish. 🐚
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Jun 22nd


  • Pufferfishstars50 - Text Expansions for Fish.
  • Feb 1st


  • Spongestars51 - Clean command history from typos automatically.
  • Mar 5th, 2021

    Dec 31st, 2020


  • Sparkstars278 - Sparklines for Fish.
  • Dec 21st, 2020


  • Purestars929 - One-to-one port of that ZSH prompt to Fish.
  • Hydrostars358 - Minimal, lag-free prompt with async Git status.
  • Plugins

  • Fundlestars324 - plugin manager.
  • Autopairstars166 - Auto-complete matching pairs in the Fish command-line. (Alternativestars242).
  • Abbreviation Tipsstars149 - Remembering abbreviations by displaying tips when you can use them.
  • Fisherstars5.9k - Manage functions, completions, bindings, and snippets from the CLI.
  • Async Promptstars266 - Make your prompt asynchronous.
  • Dec 13th, 2020

    Community Resources

  • The Fish Cookbookstars1.7k 🍣
  • Plugins

  • Donestars555 - Automatically receive notifications after a long process finishes.
  • Replaystars294 - Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. (Alternativestars1.8k)
  • zstars904 - Pure-Fish rupa/z-like directory jumping.
  • fzfstars905 - Ef-🐟-ient key bindings for junegunn/fzf. (Alternativestars768).
  • nvmstars1.4k - Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish.
  • GitNowstars228 - A collection of utility functions to speed up your git workflow.
  • Getoptsstars191 - CLI options parser (alternative to the argparse builtin).
  • Dec 10th, 2020


  • Tidestars1.4k - A modern prompt manager for Fish.
  • Plugins

  • Fishtapestars304 - TAP-based test runner for Fish.
  • Jul 25th, 2020

    Community Resources

  • StackOverflow #fish
  • Gitter Channel
  • Plugins

  • Apple Touchbarstars83 - Customize your Touch Bar in iTerm2.
  • Virtualfishstars937 - Virtualenv wrapper.
  • Official Resources

  • Try in browser! 🍀
  • Jul 23rd, 2020

    Official Resources

  • Official Site
  • GitHub Repositorystars19.3k
  • Community Resources

  • r/fishshell
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