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A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software.
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Sep 19th

Tutorials and courses

  • Free Scala Courses - A curated list of free Scala courses.
  • Jul 11th

    Company Blogs

  • 47 Degrees - Functional Programming news, updates, and more.
  • Communities

  • Scala Ukraine - Telegram chat of Ukrainian Scala Community
  • Apr 28th


  • Zionomicon by John A. De Goes, Adam Fraser - Master the dark art of creating scalable, type-safe, concurrent apps with ZIO
  • Sep 20th, 2021

    Commercial courses

  • Foundations of Functional Programming in Scala - a professional video course with exercises covering covers functional principles, custom IO (effects) and functional design.
  • Sep 13th, 2021

    Commercial courses

  • Scala Algorithms - a collection of nearly 100 algorithms in pure-functional Scala with test cases, explanations and a web-based IDE. Built with http4s & Scala.js.
  • May 19th, 2021


  • Pure functional HTTP APIs in Scala by Jens Grassel
  • Mar 9th, 2021


  • Essential Scala by Noel Welsh and Dave Gurnell - Essential Scala is aimed at experienced developers who are encountering Scala for the first time.
  • Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling by Debasish Ghosh
  • Functional Programming for Mortals by Sam Halliday
  • Functional Programming in Scala by Paul Chiusano and Runar Bjarnason
  • Functional Programming, Simplified (Scala edition) by Alvin Alexander
  • Get Programming with Scala by Daniela Sfregola - Tutorial-driven introduction to Scala
  • Practical FP in Scala: A hands-on approach by Gabriel Volpe
  • Programming in Scala by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon, and Bill Venners
  • Scala Cookbook by Alvin Alexander
  • Scala for the Impatient by Cay Horstmann - Covers most Scala features with short and easy to understand explainations.
  • Scala With Cats by Noel Welsh and Dave Gurnell - Learn system architecture and design using the techniques of modern functional programming with Cats
  • The Type Astronaut's Guide to Shapeless by Dave Gurnell
  • Community Members' Blogs

  • Oct 21st, 2020


  • Reactive Programming with Scala and Akka - Use the concepts of reactive programming to build distributed systems running on multiple nodes
  • Exercises

  • S-99 - Ninety-Nine Scala Problems
  • Scala Exercises - Brings the popular Scala Koans to the web. Offering hundreds of solvable exercises organized into 42 categories covering the basics of the Scala language.
  • Exercism - Scala Exercises - Community-driven Scala exercises.
  • Learn-by-doing functional programming course on Scalastars585 - Covers type classes, functors, applicatives, monads, monad transformers, free monad
  • Tutorials and courses

  • A Tour of Scala - Bite-sized introductions to some of the core language concepts.
  • Functional Programming in Scala - Coursera Specialization (5 courses) created by Martin Odersky et al. at the EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne).
  • Resources by Dr. Mark Lewis >> Website | Youtube Playlists
  • Demos and Examples in Scala (Chinese) ★ 923 ⧗ 2stars1.1k - repo of sample Scala library usage, written in Chinese
  • Introduction to programming with dependent types in Scala - Video Course by Dmytro Mitin
  • Scala Collections Cookbook - Scala collections introduction. written in Chinese.
  • Community Members' Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • The Scala Logs - Interviewing developers, open source contributors, subject matter experts, and the like to talk about FP, Scala, open source, and their interests.
  • Scala Love - Podcast about the Scala Programming Language and its community
  • CoRecursive Interviews - In-depth Interviews with software developers, often on the subject of scala libraries and functional programming.
  • Misc.

  • Scala @LibHunt - A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software
  • CA Artstars13 - A small project aimed at learning Scala on intermediate level by experimenting with Cellular Automata
  • Sep 1st, 2020


  • Scala Days Conferences - A youtube channel that provides full fledged videos, recorded at Scala Days Conferences
  • List of Scala Online Courses - A list of free and paid Scala online courses by Classpert, An online course search and comparison website
  • Nov 16th, 2018

    Company Blogs

  • Functional Works / Learn - Quality resources maintained by functional works
  • Scala Times - Weekly newsletter about scala
  • Mar 1st, 2016


  • Scalera Blog - Blog about Scala language and its environment (howto's, good practices, tips,...). Weekly posts written in both spanish and english
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