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Dec 23rd, 2020


  • buckwheatstars23 - Multi-language tokenizer for extracting identifiers from source code.
  • astminerstars232 - Library and tool for mining of path-based representations of code and other data derived from ASTs.
  • RefactoringMinerstars255 - Library/API for detection of refactorings in changes of Java code.
  • Apr 27th, 2020

    Data Sets

  • Eclipse AERI stacktraces - Collection of stacktraces of Exceptions encountered by users of the Eclipse IDE, as retrieved by the AERI reporting system.
  • Software Heritage Graph Dataset - Graph of the development history and file metadata of >80 million software projects from various forges (GitHub, Gitlab, Debian, PyPI, Google Code, etc) in a deduplicated and unified representation (paper here).
  • Tools

  • Percevalstars261 - Fetch repository data from tens of back-ends.
  • Jul 2nd, 2019

    Data Sets

  • Cryptocurrency GitHub Activity and Market Cap Dataset - Activity such as commits, stars, prices, and market cap of over 200 cryptocurrency projects on GitHub over time. Raw, historic data is also available.
  • Tools

  • CryptOSSstars8 - Mine GitHub activity and market cap data for cryptocurrency projects.
  • Jul 1st, 2019

    Data Sets

  • Linux Kernel 4.21 Call Graphs - The Linux Kernel 4.21 Call Graphs produced using CScoutstars161.
  • Jun 30th, 2019

    Data Sets

  • Grammar Zoo - Collection of grammars of DSLs and GPLs, some extracted from metamodels and document schemata.
  • Jun 12th, 2019

    Data Sets

  • Unified Bug Dataset - Static source code based datasets which includes the Bugcatchers Bug Dataset, the Bug Prediction Dataset, the Eclipse Bug Dataset, the GitHub Bug Dataset, some datasets from the PROMISE repository.
  • May 27th, 2019

    Data Sets

  • GitHub Bug Dataset - Bug Dataset of 15 Java open-source projects characterized by static source code metrics.
  • May 12th, 2019


  • Comingstars80 - A Java framework for analyzing code changes and mining instances of change patterns from Git repositories.
  • May 9th, 2019


  • Puppeteerstars38 - Detect configuration smells in Puppet code.
  • DbDeostars13 - Extract embedded SQL statements and detect database schema smells.
  • Designite - Compute source code metrics and detect a variety of implementation, design, and architecture smells for C#.
  • DesigniteJavastars138 - Compute source code metrics and detect a variety of implementation and design smells for Java.
  • Feb 27th, 2019

    Research Outlets

  • Outlets exclusively devoted to empirical software engineering research
  • Outlets that publish empirical software engineering research
  • Repositories

  • Zenodo - Software data collections in CERN's open-access repository.
  • SIR - Software-artifact infrastructure repository; Java, C, C++, and C# software together with test suites and fault data.
  • PROMISE - About 20 datasets related to software engineering research.
  • FLOSSmole - Collaborative collection and analysis of free/libre/open source project data.
  • Data Sets

  • AndroidTimeMachine - Graph-based dataset of commit history of 8,431 real-world Android apps.
  • AndroZoo - Collection of Android Applications.
  • Bug Prediction Dataset - Collection of models and metrics from Eclipse JDT Core, PDE UI, Equinox Framework, Lucene, Mylyn, and their histories.
  • Code Reviews - Code reviews of OpenStack, LibreOffice, AOSP, Qt, Eclipse.
  • CoREBench - Collection of 70 realistically Complex Regression Errors that were systematically extracted from the repositories and bug reports of four open-source software projects: Make, Grep, Findutils, and Coreutils.
  • Defects4Jstars457 - Collection of 395 reproducible bugs collected with the goal of advancing software testing research.
  • Enron Spreadsheets and Emails - All the spreadsheets and emails used in the paper 'Enron's Spreadsheets and Related Emails: A Dataset and Analysis'.
  • Findbugs-mavenstars1 - Set of FindBugs reports for the Java projects of the Maven repository.
  • GHTorrent - Scalable, queriable, offline mirror of data offered through the GitHub REST API.
  • GitHub on Google BigQuery - GitHub data accessible through Google's BigQuery platform.
  • KaVE - Developer tool interaction data.
  • Maven metricsstars0 - Collection of software complexity & sizing metrics for the Maven Repository.
  • Maven Dependency Graph - Snapshot of the whole Maven Central taken on September 6, 2018, stored in a graph database.
  • mzdatastars7 - Multi-extract and multi-level dataset of Mozilla issue tracking history.
  • npm-minerstars0 - The dataset contains the analysis results of 5 open source software quality tools eslint, escomplex, nsp, jsinspect and sonarjs for 2000 popular (in terms of stars and downloads) npm packages.
  • OCL Expressions on GitHubstars4 - Data set of 9188 OCL expressions originating from 504 EMF meta-models in 245 systematically selected GitHub repositories.
  • RepoReapers Data Set - Data set containing a collection of engineered software projects from GHTorrent.
  • STAMINA - (STAte Machine INference Approaches) data are used to benchmark techniques for learning deterministic finite state machines (FSMs).
  • Stack Exchange - Anonymized dump of all user-contributed content on the Stack Exchange network.
  • TravisTorrent - Provides free and easy-to-use Traivs CI build analyses.
  • Ultimate Debian Database (UDD) - Data about various aspects of Debian (e.g. packages, bugs, mainteners) in the same SQL database.
  • Unix historystars5.8k - Git repository with 46 years of Unix history evolution.
  • Tools

  • Boa - Domain-specific language and infrastructure that eases mining software repositories.
  • ckjm - Chidamber and Kemerer Java Metrics.
  • Diggitstars18 - Agile Ruby Tool to analyze Git repositories.
  • GrimoireLab - Free/Libre/Open Source tools for Software Development Analytics.
  • MetricMiner - Lean Java DSL to mine and extract data (e.g. commits, developers, modifications, diffs) from Git and SVN repositories.
  • Maven-minerstars25 - Java tools and infrastructure to resolve the whole Maven dependency graph, hosted in Maven Central, in the form of a Neo4j Graph.
  • PyDrillerstars624 - Python Framework to analyse Git repositories.
  • qmcalcstars53 - Calculate quality metrics from C source code.
  • reaperstars99 - Python tool to compute a score for a repository from GHTorrent. The score quantifies the extent to which the project contained within the repository is engineered.
  • VulData7stars32 - Java framework enabling the automated collection of commits fixing vulnerabilities that are reported in NVD (links NVD with Git).
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