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A curated list of useful libraries for Apache TinkerPop3 and Tinkerpop2
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Feb 7th, 2020

  • grammesstars108 - A Go package built to communicate with Apache TinkerPop™ Graph computing framework using Gremlin.
  • Aug 20th, 2018

    Query Languages

  • Cypher for Gremlinstars312 - Cypher for Gremlin adds Cypher support to any Gremlin graph database.
  • Jun 25th, 2018

  • greskell-websocketstars25 - Haskell client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server.
  • Query Languages

  • greskellstars25 - Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language
  • Jan 19th, 2018


  • JanusGraphstars4.5k - JanusGraph: an open-source, distributed graph database
  • JanusGraph for DynamoDB (Amazon)stars438 - The Amazon DynamoDB storage backend for JanusGraph.
  • Dec 29th, 2017


  • orientdb-gremlinstars89 - TinkerPop3 Graph Structure Implementation for OrientDB.
  • Dec 8th, 2017

    Tutorials and Resources

  • Graphstars707 - Graph Databases, Gremlin and TinkerPop - A Tutorial.
  • Sep 11th, 2017

  • blueprints-scalastars78 - Tinkerpop Blueprints Scala.
  • Java
  • Fermastars137 - An ORM / OGM for the TinkerPop graph stack.
  • TinkerPop 2 Libraries

  • Fermastars137 - An ORM / OGM for the TinkerPop graph stack.
  • Jan 2nd, 2017

  • goblin 3.5stars92 - A Python 3.5 rewrite of the TinkerPop 3 OGM Goblin.
  • Implementations

  • hgraphdbstars245 - HBase as a TinkerPop Graph Database.
  • Oct 24th, 2016

  • neo4j-gremlin-bolt - Allows use of the Apache Tinkerpop Java API with the neo4j server using the BOLT protocol.
  • Jul 18th, 2016

  • goblinstars92 - OGM for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server.
  • Jun 13th, 2016


  • DuctileDBstars13 - Ductile DB is a graph database based on Hadoop/HBase which provides a vast set of features.
  • TinkerPop3 implementationstars1.5k - Mirror of Apache TinkerPop.
  • Query Languages

  • Peapodstars40 - A new object-graph-wrapper for the Tinkerpop3 graph stack.
  • TinkerPop 2 Libraries

  • Framesstars137 - An Object to Graph Framework.
  • Archimedesstars37 - Clojure library for Blueprints (part of the TinkerPop graph stack).
  • AccumuloGraphstars33 - An implementation of TinkerPop Blueprints using Accumulo.
  • Frontenacstars28 - A .NET port of the TinkerPop Stack.
  • Mogwaistars36 - TinkerPop 2 Graph Database Library for Python.
  • spring-data-gremlinstars68 - Spring data gremlin makes it easier to implement Graph based repositories. This module extends Spring Data to allow support for potentially any Graph database that implements the TinkerPop Blueprints 2.x API.
  • blueprints-scalastars78 - TinkerPop Blueprints Scala.
  • Jun 11th, 2016

    Query Languages

  • gremlin-pystars51 - Write pure Python Gremlin that can be sent to Gremlin Server.
  • gremlin-scalastars478 - A Scala language wrapper for TinkerPop3.
  • gremlin-template-stringstars17 - A Javascript Gremlin language builder.
  • ipython-gremlinstars42 - Gremlin in IPython and Jupyter.
  • ogre - A Clojure language wrapper for TinkerPop3.
  • sparql-gremlinstars68 - A SPARQL to Gremlin traversal compiler.
  • sql-gremlinstars68 - A SQL to Gremlin traversal compiler.
  • Implementations

  • Hadoop (Giraph) - OLAP graph processor using Giraph.
  • Hadoop (Spark) - OLAP graph processor using Spark.
  • IBM Graph - OLTP graph database as a service.
  • Neo4j - OLTP graph database.
  • Stardog - RDF graph database with OLTP and OLAP support.
  • TinkerGraph - In-memory OLTP and OLAP reference implementation.
  • Unipopstars192 - OLTP Elasticsearch and JDBC backed graph.
  • Elastic Gremlinstars68 - TinkerPop3 implementation on Elasticsearch backend.
  • C# .NET
  • Teva Gremlin (.NET - C#) - A Gremlin Server driver for .NET.
  • Clojure
  • scalajs-gremlin-clientstars6 (scala) - A Gremlin-Server client with ad-hoc extensible, reactive, typeclass based API.
  • Go
  • go-gremlinstars104 - Go graph database client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server.
  • Gremgostars96 - A fast, efficient, and easy-to-use Go client for the TinkerPop graph database stack.
  • Java
  • gremlin-driver (java) - A Gremlin Server driver for Java.
  • Javascript
  • ts-tinkerpopstars52 - Utilities for using TinkerPop3 via the node-java API in Typescript.
  • gremlin-javascriptstars212 (js) - A Gremlin Server driver for JavaScript.
  • Python
  • python-gremlin-reststars7 - A REST-based client for Gremlin Server.
  • gremlinclientstars29 - An asynchronous Python 2/3 client for Gremlin Server that allows for flexible coroutine syntax - Trollius, Tornado, Asyncio.
  • aiogremlinstars47 (python) - A Python 3 library based on asyncio and aiohttp that uses websockets to communicate with the Gremlin Server.
  • gremlinrestclient (python) - Python 2/3 library that uses HTTP to communicate with the Gremlin Server over REST.
  • Reactive
  • reactive-gremlinstars32 (scala) - An Akka HTTP Websocket Connector.
  • Scala
  • Gremlin Scalastars478 - Scala wrapper for Apache TinkerPop3 Graph DSL.
  • Tutorials and Resources

  • Getting Started with TinkerPop - Learn the basics of getting up and going with TinkerPop.
  • The Gremlin Console - Discusses uses cases of the Gremlin Console and usage patterns.
  • Gremlin Recipes - Reference for common traversal patterns and style.
  • Gremlin Language Variants - Learn how to embed Gremlin in a host programming language.
  • SQL2Gremlin - Learn Gremlin using typical patterns found when querying data with SQL.
  • Getting Started with Graph Databases - Compares relational databases to graph databases and SQL to Gremlin.
  • Jun 6th, 2016


  • Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow has a relatively active community.
  • Jun 3rd, 2016


  • blazegraphstars692 - TinkerPop3 implementationstars57 for Blaze Graph; a high performance graph database.
  • sqlgstars215 - Sqlg is a implementation of TinkerPop3 on a RDBMS.
  • tinkergraph-jsstars66 - A pure JavaScript implementation of TinkerPop's TinkerGraph in-memory graph database.
  • gremlin-javascriptstars212 - JavaScript graph database client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server.
  • Clojure
  • ogrestars120 - Clojure library for querying TinkerPop graphs.
  • Java
  • neo4j-tinkerpop-apistars6 - Apache Licensed Neo4j API for TinkerPop3.
  • PHP
  • gremlin-phpstars72 - gremlin-server php driver compatible with TinkerPop3. It will allow you to connect to gremlin-server and it's backends (Neo4J, Titan, etc.).
  • Python
  • Mogwaistars36 - TinkerPop3 Graph Database Library for Python.
  • Communities

  • Gremlin-users - Mailing list for Gremlin users.
  • TinkerPop-dev - Mailing list for TP3 deverlopers.
  • People to Follow

  • Marko Rodriguez - Founder of TinkerPop and Aurelius.
  • Stephen Mallette - Senior developer for Gremlin, TinkerPop and Titan DB.
  • Daniel Kuppitz - One of the main developers of Gremlin.
  • Jason Plurad - Senior Developer at IBM. TinkerPop committer and active on the community.
  • Tutorials and Resources

  • Introduction to Gremlin - Official introduction to the Gremlin language.
  • Datastax Introduction - A tutorial provided by Datastax to Gremlin and TinkerPop3.
  • TinkerPop Book - A long promised book for Tinkeprop but never fulfilled until now. You cans till request a notification.
  • Linux Foundation Presentation - A presentation by Linux Foundation given by David Robinson at IBM aboit Apache TinkerPop3.
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