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List of Golang books
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Jul 23rd

Advanced Books

Practical Go: Building Scalable Network and Non-Network Applications

  • Writing command line applications
  • Writing a HTTP services and clients
  • Writing RPC services and clients using gRPC
  • Writing middleware for network clients and servers
  • Storing data in cloud object stores and SQL databases
  • Testing your applications using idiomatic techniques
  • Adding observability to your applications
  • Managing configuration data from your applications
  • May 31st

    Starter Books

    Go, from the beginning Free

  • Build Console apps
  • Create Web APIs
  • Test your code
  • Create and publish reusable packages that others can consume
  • Organize your files in a project
  • Work with files and directories
  • Parse text with the string library and regular expressions.
  • Mar 18th

    Advanced Books

    Everyday Go

  • Learn unit testing
  • Make lovely CLIs
  • Monitor services
  • Release with GitHub Actions
  • Ship it with Docker
  • Work out Goroutines
  • Mar 15th

    Starter Books

    Pro Go

  • Gain a solid understanding of the Go language and tools
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the Go standard library
  • Use Go for concurrent/parallel tasks
  • Use Go for client- and server-side development
  • Mar 12th

    Web Development

    Wasm Cooking with Golang

  • Wasm & Go in your browser
  • Wasm & Go with Node.js
  • WasmEdge & Go
  • Wasm in the Cloud: Do you know Atmo?
  • Jul 31st, 2021

    Starter Books

    Learning Go: An Idiomatic Approach to Real-World Go Programming

  • Learn how to write idiomatic code in Go and design a Go project
  • Understand the reasons for the design decisions in Go
  • Set up a Go development environment for a solo developer or team
  • Learn how and when to use reflection, unsafe, and cgo
  • Discover how Go's features allow the language to run efficiently
  • Know which Go features you should use sparingly or not at all
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