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👻 A curated list of awesome VLC and LibVLC resources.
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Sep 8th

Nov 22nd, 2021

VLC native plugins

  • vlc-mixerstars0 - Audio mixer VLC plugin written in Zig.
  • Nov 17th, 2021

    VLC lua extensions

  • VideoLAN addons website - VideoLAN addons website.
  • vlc-deletestars38 - VLC extension to remove videos from the hard disk.
  • TraktForVLCstars293 - Automatically what you're watching on VLC.
  • playlist-youtube-vlcstars0 - Lua plugin to parse Youtube playlists.
  • vlc-super-skipperstars6 - Automatically Skip Opening and Ending Sequences.
  • Oct 28th, 2021

    VLC native plugins

  • vlc-win10smtcstars6 - Plugin that integrates VLC Media Player with Windows 10 System Media Transport Controls (SMTC).
  • Jun 30th, 2021


  • Stack Overflow - LibVLC - LibVLC on Stack Overflow.
  • Stack Overflow - VLC - VLC on Stack Overflow.
  • Mailing Lists - VideoLAN developer mailing lists.
  • IRC - The VideoLAN IRC information.
  • Forum - The official VideoLAN forum.
  • LibVLC Discord - The official LibVLC Community Discord Server.
  • Twitter - The official VideoLAN Twitter account.
  • Reddit - Unofficial VLC community on Reddit.
  • Tutorials

  • HLS Record tutorial - How to record an HLS stream with LibVLCSharp and .NET Core.
  • RTSP mosaic tutorial - Cross-platform RTSP Mosaic views with LibVLCSharp.
  • MediaElement tutorial - VLC Media Player control in Xamarin Forms.
  • Jun 17th, 2021


  • WebChimera.jsstars665 - Electron bindings for libvlc.
  • May 12th, 2021


  • Code & Bug tracker - Recently moved from Trac, contains a lot of valuable info on bugs and feature requests.
  • VLC native plugins

  • vlc-plugin-markerstars4 - The marker plugin provides you the ability to mark important sections of a video. These sections can be viewed later without the need to search for it in the entire video.
  • Bindings

  • VLCKit - The libvlc bindings for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS in Objective-C.
  • libvlcjni - The libvlc bindings for the Android platform.
  • flutter_vlc_playerstars368 - Flutter bindings to LibVLC.
  • Apr 8th, 2021


  • vlc.js (beta) - WebAssembly support for LibVLC.
  • Apps

  • VLC Benchmark (Beta) - Video decoding and rendering benchmark tool, based on VLC.
  • Apr 6th, 2021


  • - Where it all starts.
  • LibVLC API docs - Docs for LibVLC's engine. C APIs.
  • Wiki - Lots of great info on here.
  • CLI flags - A comprehensive list of all VLC commandline flags. Really useful for searching random flags that you come across in the wild.
  • VLC native plugins

  • vlc-pause-click-pluginstars643 - Plugin for VLC that pauses/plays video on mouse click.
  • vlc-tip-pluginstars42 - TIP (translate it, please) is a plugin for VLC media player that helps you to study languages by watching videos.
  • vlc-bittorrentstars334 - A bittorrent plugin for VLC.
  • Apps

  • VLC desktop - The original Desktop app running on Linux/Windows (Qt) and macOS (Cocoa).
  • VLC iOS - VLC for iOS is the official port of VLC on the iOS/tvOS platforms.
  • VLC Android - VLC for Android, Android TV and ChromeOS.
  • Bindings

  • vlc-unity - Unity3D integration for VLC.
  • python-vlcstars296 - Python vlc bindings.
  • vlcjstars932 - Java framework for the vlc media player (desktop).
  • LibVLCSharpstars1.1k - Cross-platform .NET/Mono bindings for LibVLC.
  • libvlc-gostars316 - Go bindings for libVLC and high-level media player interface.
  • libvlcpp - C++ bindings for libvlc.
  • dart_vlcstars379 - Dart bindings for libvlc.
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