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A curated list of resources on automated load- and performance testing using k6 🗻
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Oct 6th


  • Load Testing with Azure DevOps and k6 - How to setup Azure DevOps to perform automated load tests using k6, handleCallback, and JUnit.
  • K6 — Custom Slack Integration: Metrics are the Magic of Tests - How to send k6 output results to Slack using the handleSummary callback.
  • Sep 14th


  • Beginner's guide to load testing with k6 - Introductory guide in several parts, helping you get started with k6.
  • Beautiful Load Testing With K6 and Docker Compose - How to run load tests using the awesome combination of Docker Compose, K6, InfluxDB and Grafana.
  • Reference Projects

  • k6-multiscenario-templatestars14 - Use K6 to implement a Multi Scenario template.
  • docker-k6-grafana-influxdbstars29 - Demonstrates how to run load tests with containerised instances of K6, Grafana and InfluxDB.
  • Aug 17th


  • Introducing TestRail in your K6 tests - Reporting k6 output to TestRail.
  • Aug 1st


  • k6 CircleCI Orb - k6 Orb for running k6 in CircleCI. Supports running tests both on the CircleCI runner and in the k6 cloud SaaS service.
  • Jul 19th


  • Load Testing SQL Databases with k6 - How to use the xk6-sql extension to test SQL databases directly.
  • May 17th


  • k6-reporterstars11 - Tool for generating k6 HTML reports.
  • Mar 26th


  • k6-reporterstars55 - Tool for converting k6 output to HTML reports.
  • Mar 1st

    Reference Projects

  • k6-typescript-templatestars74 - Template to use TypeScript with k6.
  • CI

  • k6 for GitHub actions - Marketplace action for running k6 in GitHub Actions.
  • k6 for Azure DevOps Pipelines - Marketplace Extension for running k6 in an Azure Devops Pipeline.
  • Articles

  • Load Testing & Black Friday capacity planning - How Back Market prepared for Black Friday with k6 based load testing.
  • Feb 28th

    Reference Projects

  • k6-bitbucket-pipelines-examplestars0 - Running k6 load tests as part of a Bitbucket Pipeline build.
  • Dec 11th, 2020

    Reference Projects

  • continuous-k6k8sstars7 - Continuously run k6 tests in Kubernetes using cronjobs.
  • Nov 29th, 2020


  • GitHub Topic: xk6 - Explore k6 extensions tagged with the xk6 label.
  • Jun 11th, 2020


  • Integrating k6 with Apache Kafka - Sending output from k6 to Apache Kafka.
  • Load Testing Your API with Swagger/OpenAPI and k6 - Generate k6 load test scripts from OpenAPI specifications.
  • Load Testing Your API with Postman - How to use Postman collections to load test your API.
  • Reference Projects

  • bounded-disturbancesstars26 - A .NET Chaos Engineering workshop. Using Simmy and k6.
  • Apr 27th, 2020


  • k6 for visual studio code - Marketplace Extension for running k6 directly from your IDE.
  • Apr 2nd, 2020


  • Performance Testing your web app with k6 - A walkthrough of the open-source load and performance regression testing tool, k6, and how to load test your APIs and websites.
  • Tools

  • k6 generatorstars10.1k - Tool for converting Swagger/OpenAPI specifications to k6 test scripts.
  • Mar 30th, 2020


  • Website Performance + Load Testing with K6 ( in 5 MINUTES! - Introductory overview of k6, showing how to create a test from a HAR file.
  • Mar 23rd, 2020

    Reference Projects

  • example-data-generationstars18 - Generate realistic data for k6 using faker.
  • Mar 9th, 2020


  • Load Testing with k6 - Brief overview of features and capabilities of k6.
  • Test and visualize with InfluxDB, Grafana and K6 - Setting up load tests and visualizing them using grafana dashboards.
  • Open source load testing tool review 2020 - Detailed comparison of the most popular open source load testing tools.
  • Reference Projects

  • k6-circleci-examplestars5 - Running k6 load tests as part of a CircleCI build.
  • k6-jenkins-examplestars6 - Running k6 load tests as part of a Jenkins build.
  • k6-github-actions-examplestars15 - Running k6 load tests as part of a GitHub Actions build.
  • k6-azure-pipelines-examplestars10 - Running k6 load tests as part of an Azure DevOps Pipeline.
  • k6-performance-test-websocketstars3 - Example of performance test for websocket with k6.
  • k6-es6stars2 - Example project using Webpack, Babel and Browserify to make most ES6 code work in k6.
  • Tools

  • k6-to-junitstars14 - Tool for converting k6 output to JUnit XML for easy use with CIs.
  • har-to-k6stars38 - Tool for converting HAR recordings to k6 test scripts.
  • postman-to-k6stars247 - Tool for converting Postman collections to k6 test scripts.
  • jmeter-to-k6stars46 - Tool for converting JMeter test cases to k6 test scripts.
  • - Useful utility libs for k6 scripts.
  • Stacks

  • CloudPosse's Load Testing Stackstars38 - Load testing stack using k6, Grafana and InfluxDB.
  • Load Impact's OSS Load Testing Stackstars28 - Open-source stack that works well for running load tests, storing results and visualizing those results in dashboards.
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