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A collection of resources covering Nginx, Nginx + Lua, OpenResty and Tengine
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Nov 8th

Jun 5th, 2020


  • The Architecture of Open Source Applications (Volume 2): nginx
  • Nginx discovery journey
  • Nginx Internals
  • Configuration

  • Beginner's Guide
  • Alphabetical index of variables
  • Useful Rewrites for Nginx
  • Nginx Configuration Primer
  • Nginx Primer 2: From Apache to Nginx
  • Understanding the Nginx Configuration Inheritance Model
  • NGINX Config - Online nginx configuration generator
  • Modules development

  • Official Development Guide
  • Guide to Nginx Module Development
  • Advanced Topics In Nginx Module Development
  • Understanding Nginx

  • Nginx Optimization: understanding sendfile, tcp_nodelay and tcp_nopush
  • Tutorials

  • NGINX and NGINX Plus Admin Guide
  • Introduction to nginx.conf scripting
  • Load Balancing with NGINX and NGINX Plus (Part 2)
  • Optimizing Nginx for High Traffic Loads
  • APIs

  • Outbound API rate limits: the nginx way
  • Using Nginx to comply with a third-party API's rate limits
  • Kong - Management Layer for Microservices and APIs
  • Hacks

  • Using Environment Variables In Nginx.conf
  • Nginx: a caching, thumbnailing, reverse proxying image server?
  • Tips

  • Things you didn't know Nginx could do
  • Nginx + Lua

  • Nginx, Lua, and beyond
  • Augmenting APIs with Nginx and Lua
  • Adding OAuth Support to Nginx via Lua
  • Scripting libdrizzle with Lua inside Nginx
  • Scaling TextRazor in the Cloud with Nginx and Lua
  • LSSO - Lua + Nginx SSO System with an OAuth Backendstars38
  • Measuring Nginx Cache Performance using Lua and Redis
  • OpenResty

  • Lapis - A web framework for Lua or MoonScript powered by OpenResty
  • Nginx image processing server with OpenResty and Lua
  • SysAdvent 2014 - OpenResty, Nginx and Lua (Sourcestars9)
  • OpenResty (Nginx) with dynamically generated certificates
  • Ceryx - A dynamic reverse proxy
  • An Introduction To OpenResty
  • Programming OpenResty (written by the OpenResty creator)
  • Tengine

  • Tengine Web Server
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