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Add-ons and resources for the CMS Plone
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Aug 7th

Content and utilities for content

  • collective.documentgeneratorstars14 - Generate Documents (.odt, .pdf, .doc) from content based on appy framework ( and OpenOffice/LibreOffice.
  • Aug 5th

    Content and utilities for content

  • collective.embeddedpagestars0 - A content type to embed remote HTML pages in Plone Classic and Volto.
  • Finding more add-ons

  • Make a list of required features.
  • Look in this list first.
  • Search pypi:
  • Search the collective organization on github:
  • Search the plone organization on github:
  • Google for your requirements
  • Aug 4th


  • collective.purgebyidstars4 - Use tag-based cache invalidation in Plone (e.g. with Varnish's xkey module).
  • May 24th

    Content and utilities for content

  • dexterity.membranestars2 - Enables content to be used as users and groups in Plone sites.
  • May 20th


  • - Powerful and extendable editor that allows users to compose the content of a page with different tiles.
  • collective.coverstars47 - Cover allows the creation of elaborate covers built around a drag-and-drop interface. Uses the same blocks/tiles ecosystem as but a different approach to editing.
  • collective.contentsectionsstars4 - Offers a block approach for Plone 6 Classic based entirely on Dexterity content types.
  • Tiles

  • - A set of standard tiles used by Mosaic, but can be used from any other tile manager.
  • collective.tiles.carouselstars0 - A slider tile for based on the carousel component of Bootstrap 5.
  • collective.tiles.advancedstaticstars0 - A tile that shows html text (similar to the static text portlet), with some additional configuration like the possibility to add custom css classes.
  • collective.tiles.collectionstars1 - A tile that shows a set of collection results with possibility to choose (and develop) custom layouts.
  • Official resources

  • Plone 6 Documentation - Official documentation for the upcoming Plone 6 (work on progress).
  • plone.api - Documentation for plone.api.
  • May 19th

    Export, Import and Migrations

  • collective.transmogrifierstars5 - A configurable pipeline, aimed at transforming content for import and export.
  • collective.exportimportstars11 - Export and import content and a lot of other data from and to Plone. The main solution for all kinds of migrations based on plone.restapi.
  • collective.migrationhelpersstars11 - Helpers and examples to use during migrations.
  • collective.jsonifystars12 - Export Plone content to JSON.
  • Authentication

  • collective.pwexpirystars1 - Provideds methods for stronger user passwords in Plone and password attack protection.
  • collective.impersonatestars4 - Allow administrators to impersonate another user. Useful for verifying workflow/permission set up on real content.
  • iw.rejectanonymousstars3 - Reject unconditionnally anonymous users from a Plone site, without any change in your security policy matrix or workflows. The basic use case is an extranet, where all visitors must be authenticated.
  • pas.plugins.headersstars1 - Reads request headers and uses them for authentication. Think SAML headers that are set by a front web server like Apache or nginx.
  • dm.zope.saml2 - Supports SAML2 based Single Sign-On.
  • Themes

  • plonetheme.tokyostars6 - Tokyo Theme for Plone implements Bootstrap 4 into Plone, with an emphasis on keeping things as close to "default" as possible.
  • plonetheme.grueezibuesistars1 - A kitten inspired theme for Plone 6.
  • collective.sidebarstars4 - A sidebar that consolidates toolbar and navigation.
  • collective.editablemenustars3 - A customizable navigation menu for Plone.
  • Content and utilities for content

  • zopyx.ipsumplonestars2 - Creates demo content and demo images for Plone.
  • collective.folderishtraversestars2 - Traverse to first item in folder.
  • collective.folderishtypesstars1 - Provides the types "Folderish Event", "Folderish News Item" and "Folderish Document" as replacements for default types. Those types are able to hold any other content, like a Folder.
  • collective.restrictportletsstars0 - Allows you to restrict the available portlets that non-Managers can add.
  • SEO

  • bda.plone.gtmstars2 - Google Tag Manager Integration.
  • collective.behavior.seostars2 - Adds extra fields used for SEO optimisation.
  • Events

  • collective.easyformplugin.registrationstars3 - Add a behavior to collective.easyform to manage registration forms for events.
  • collective.fullcalendarstars2 - Display events in a nice calendar UI using
  • collective.venuestars3 - Venue type with geolocation support for use with events or any other location specific content.
  • Forms

  • collective.easyformstars13 - EasyForm provides a Plone form builder through-the-web using fields, widgets, actions and validators. Form input can be saved or emailed. A simple and user-friendly interface allows non-programmers to create custom forms.
  • collective.fieldeditstars3 - A flexible form to edit selected fields of a content type.
  • collective.honeypotstars3 - Honeypot protection for forms.
  • collective.z3cform.datagridfieldstars8 - A field with a datagrid (table), where each row is a sub form.
  • collective.z3cform.norobotsstars6 - A "human" captcha widget based on a list of questions/answers.
  • plone.formwidgets.hcaptchastars0 - HCaptcha widget to protect Plone from bots, spam, and other forms of automated abuse.
  • yafowil.plonestars2 - Yafowil is a form library for Python. This is its Plone Integration package.
  • Multilingual

  • collective.linguatagsstars0 - Multilingual Tags for Plone.
  • - Indexes optimized to query multilingual content made with
  • Media

  • collective.autoscalingstars1 - Automatic scaling of large images. Useful to reduce your database size when editors upload too large images.
  • collective.behavior.bannerstars3 - A behavior to create banners and sliders from banners.
  • collective.lazysizesstars6 - Integration of lazysizes, a lightweight lazy loader, into Plone.
  • collective.wavesurferstars0 - Implementation of audio player for Plone.
  • redturtle.gallerystars2 - Adds a gallery view with a carousel made with slick.
  • Security

  • collective.explicitacquisitionstars1 - Disallow access to acquired content outside the current path.
  • collective.geotransformstars2 - Graceful E-mail Obfuscation for Plone.
  • Sysadmin

  • collective.catalogcleanupstars4 - Removes data from the catalog that no longer belong to an actual object.
  • collective.iftttstars2 - Enables any Plone site to play in the IFTTT ecosystem. For example when a news item is published, then tweet about it or post it on Facebook.
  • dm.historical - Access any historical state of your database. Can be useful to find out what happened to objects in the past and to restore accidentally deleted or modified objects.
  • May 18th

    Content and utilities for content

  • collective.a11ycheckstars0 - Reports accessibility issues to your site editors when a page is saved.
  • collective.bbcodesnippetsstars1 - Provides generic and extensible BBCode markup integration for Plone.
  • collective.consentstars1 - Ask users for consent to different topics, before they can continue.
  • collective.dexteritytextindexerstars10 - Dynamic SearchableText index for dexterity content types. For Plone 6 this was merged into Plone core.
  • collective.documentviewerstars22 - Very nice document viewer that integrates DocumentCloud viewer and PDF processing into Plone.
  • collective.easyformplugin.createdxstars5 - Creates Plone content objects from EasyForm submissions.
  • collective.geolocationbehaviorstars1 - Geotagging for Plone content using LeafletJS.
  • collective.glossarystars2 - Content type to define a glossary and its terms.
  • collective.immediatecreatestars0 - Create content immediatly and skip the add form.
  • collective.lineagestars12 - Subsites: Turns subfolders of a Plone site to appear as autonomous Plone sites. There is also a whole ecosystem off addons specific to subsites.
  • collective.mailchimpstars5 - MailChimp newsletter integration for Plone.
  • collective.mirrorstars1 - A content type that mirrors the content of any other container.
  • collective.mustreadstars0 - Tracking user views on content that are marked as must-read.
  • collective.remoteproxystars1 - Proxy for remote content. All remote URLs for which a local proxy was created are replaced in the resulting content.
  • collective.richdescriptionstars1 - Formatable description field for Plone.
  • collective.workspacestars6 - Easily manage 'membership' in specific areas of a Plone Site. It allows to grant people access to areas of content using a membership group rather than local roles for each user, and to delegate control over that group to people who don't have access to the site-wide user/group control panel.
  • plone.pdfexportstars2 - Generic PDF export functionality for Plone content.
  • Products.EasyNewsletterstars28 - Powerful newsletter/mailing product for Plone.
  • Searching and Categorizing

  • cioppino.twothumbsstars14 - Rate content using up- and down-thumbs.
  • collective.bookmarksstars1 - Bookmarks/ favorites/ wish-list for Plone.
  • collective.collectionfilterstars9 - Faceted navigation filter for collection or contentlisting tiles.
  • collective.elastic.plonestars2 - ElasticSearch Integration for Plone content.
  • collective.searchandreplacestars6 - Find and replace text in Plone content objects.
  • collective.solrstars19 - Solr search engine integration for Plone.
  • collective.taxonomystars17 - Create, edit and use hierarchical taxonomies to categorize content.
  • eea.facetednavigationstars4 - Very powerful interface to improve search without programming skills. Configuration is done through-the-web and lets you gradually select and explore different facets (metadata/properties) of the content and narrow down you search quickly and dynamically.
  • Products.PloneKeywordManagerstars3 - Change, merge and delete keywords/tags/subjects).
  • Media

  • - Crops Images in Plone manually using cropper JS library.
  • plone.gallerystars3 - Photo gallery view for Plone.
  • Develop

  • Products.PDBDebugModestars1 - Post-mortem debugging: open a pdb session whenever an exception occurs so you you can find out what is going wrong. Plus: By adding /pdb to a url you end up you in a pdb session on the current context. A killer tool for developers.
  • plone.reloadstars10 - Code and configuration reload without server restarts.
  • Products.PrintingMailHoststars1 - Log mail messages instead of sending mail.
  • experimental.gracefulblobmissingstars2 - Gracefully handle missing binary files in Plone.
  • collective.relationhelpersstars7 - Helpers to manage, create, export and rebuild relations in Plone 5.x. For Plone 6 this was merged into Plone core.
  • Sysadmin

  • collective.fingerpointingstars5 - Keeps track of different events and write them down to an audit log.
  • collective.recipe.backupstars4 - Powerful and flexible backup/restore solution for Plone.
  • collective.revisionmanagerstars5 - Manage Products.CMFEditions histories that can bloat your database.
  • collective.sentrystars5 - Sentry integration to aggregate errors and help finding their causes.
  • haufe.requestmonitoringstars5 - Detailed request logging functionality on top of the publication events. Useful to find out what takes longer than it should.
  • Authentication

  • pas.plugins.ldapstars13 - Provides users and groups from a LDAP directory.
  • Shop

  • bda.plone.productshopstars4 - Flexible and modular e-commerce solution for Plone.
  • Official resources

  • Discord chat - Discord is the best way to chat with members of the Plone community.
  • Plone support - Where to find help.
  • Oct 19th, 2018

    Official resources

  • - Official website for developers and community.
  • - Official community forum, the best place to get help.
  • - Training classes for developers/integrators/users/designers.
  • Mar 4th, 2018


  • pas.plugins.authomaticstars6 - Authomatic OAuth1/OAuth2/OpenID Login Integration with Plone.
  • Official resources

  • - Official documentation for developers/integrators.
  • Media

  • wildcard.mediastars13 - Provides audio and video content types and behaviors.
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