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Add-ons and resources for the CMS Plone
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Awesome Plone Awesome

A community-curated list of awesome Plone add-ons.

Plone is a open source CMS written in Python with a focus on functionality, customizability and security out of the box.

There are over 3000 add-ons for Plone on pypi and over 1500 repositories in the collective. If you want to know if there is already a add-on for Plone that fits your needs, searching for it on GitHub or pypi can be hard. It's hard to understand which one could be a good solution or not.

This list is intended to fill that gap, and create a shared knowledge about common products and techniques.

This list only covers add-ons that work with the latest major versions of Plone (currently 5.2 and 6) and only those that support Python 3.

Plone 6 comes with a new default frontend called Volto, which is written in React and uses plone.restapi to communicate with Plone. Volto is very extendable in itself. Checkout the awesome-volto liststars14 for add-ons to Volto.


Content and utilities for content

Add-ons that provide content-types or additional functionality for content

Searching and Categorizing


Products and resources that help developers and users to create and manage site layouts.

  • - Powerful and extendable editor that allows users to compose the content of a page with different tiles.
  • collective.coverstars47 - Cover allows the creation of elaborate covers built around a drag-and-drop interface. Uses the same blocks/tiles ecosystem as but a different approach to editing.
  • collective.contentsectionsstars4 - Offers a block approach for Plone 6 Classic based entirely on Dexterity content types.


Add-ons that extend the layout editor


Add-ons that handle events and calendars.


Add-ons that allow generating and using forms.


Add-ons to help manage multilingual sites.


Add-ons that handle image, video and audio content.



Add-ons for search engine optimization.


A list of authentication plugins, to integrate Plone with external user , Importsources and Migrations.import

  • pas.plugins.ldapstars13 - Provides users and groups from a LDAP directory.
  • pas.plugins.authomaticstars6 - Authomatic OAuth1/OAuth2/OpenID Login Integration with Plone.
  • iw.rejectanonymousstars3 - Reject unconditionnally anonymous users from a Plone site, without any change in your security policy matrix or workflows. The basic use case is an extranet, where all visitors must be authenticated.
  • pas.plugins.headersstars1 - Reads request headers and uses them for authentication. Think SAML headers that are set by a front web server like Apache or nginx.
  • dm.zope.saml2 - Supports SAML2 based Single Sign-On.
  • collective.impersonatestars4 - Allow administrators to impersonate another user. Useful for verifying workflow/permission set up on real content.
  • collective.pwexpirystars1 - Provideds methods for stronger user passwords in Plone and password attack protection.


Export, Import and Migrations



Add-ons that help developing Plone


Add-ons that help admins deploying and maintaining Plone

Finding more add-ons

It can be hard to find the right add-on for your requirements. Here are some tips:

Once you have a shortlist, test these add-ons. Here are the main issues you need to test before you install an add-on on a production site:

  • Test all required features. Read but do not trust the documentation
  • Check if the add-on runs on your required version
  • Check if it is maintained
  • Does it have i18n-support, i.e. is the user-interface translated to your language?
  • Does it uninstall cleanly?
  • Check for unwanted dependencies

Once you found an add-on you like, you can ask the community if you made a good choice or if you missed something:

If you can't find something that fits your requirements 100% you can:

  • Adapt your requirements to what is available.
  • Invest the time & money to customize an existing add-ons to better fit your needs.
  • Create a new add-on that does exactly what you need.

Official resources

Because Plone also has a lot of good official info resources


Contributions are welcome! Read the contribution guidelines.


  1. Awesome Plone Awesome
  2. Contents
  3. Content and utilities for content
  4. Searching and Categorizing
  5. Layout
  6. Tiles
  7. Events
  8. Forms
  9. Multilingual
  10. Media
  11. Security
  12. SEO
  13. Authentication
  14. Shop
  15. Export, Import and Migrations
  16. Themes
  17. Develop
  18. Sysadmin
  19. Finding more add-ons
  20. Official resources
  21. Contributing
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