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A curated list of awesome things related to Flask
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Sep 7th

Third-Party Extensions

Data Validation and Serialization

  • Flask-Pydanticstars229 - Pydanticstars11.2k support.
  • Resources


  • FlaskCon - Community driven Flask event intended for speakers and attendees all over the world to participate in technical and evangelical sessions related to Flask.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Airbrake - Airbrake Flask integration.
  • May 1st

    Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Reactizestars3 - Hides the Node.js development backend for React behind a Flask application.
  • Nov 1st, 2021

    Third-Party Extensions

    Basic Auth and Session-based (for HTML Endpoints)

  • Flask-SimpleLoginstars173 - Authentication.
  • Hosting


  • Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Aug 1st, 2021

    Third-Party Extensions


  • Rollbar - Flask error logging with Rollbar.
  • May 6th, 2021

    Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Mailman - A port of django.mail for Flask.
  • Apr 1st, 2021



  • PyConWeb - Covers Django, Tornado, Flask, API frameworks. AsyncIO, networking, Frontend, JavaScript, and web security.
  • Feb 28th, 2021

    Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Shell2HTTPstars119 - RESTful/HTTP wrapper for Python's subprocess API, so you can convert any command-line tool into a RESTful API service.
  • Dec 12th, 2020

    Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Adminstars5.2k - Functional admin panel that provides a user interface for managing data based on your models.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    RESTful API Support

  • Eve - RESTful API framework designed for human beings.
  • Flask-Classful - Adds support for class-based views for setting up RESTful API route endpoints.
  • Flask-MongoReststars525 - RESTful API framework wrapped around MongoEngine.
  • Flask-RESTful - Quickly build RESTful APIs.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    RESTful API + Swagger/OpenAPI Documentation Support

  • Connexion - Open source, OpenAPI-based, REST framework built on top of Flask.
  • Flask-Rebarstars218 - Combines Flask, marshmallow, and OpenAPI for robust REST services.
  • Flask-RESTX - Community-driven fork of Flask-RESTPlus that makes it easy to build and document RESTful APIs with Flask.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Swagger/OpenAPI Documentation Support

  • Flask-APISpec - Auto-documenting REST APIs.
  • SAFRS: Python OpenAPI & JSON:API Frameworkstars355 - SAFRS, which is an acronym for SqlAlchemy Flask-Restful Swagger, is meant to help developers create self-documenting JSON APIs for SQLAlchemy database objects and relationships.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Basic Auth and Session-based (for HTML Endpoints)

  • Flask-HTTPAuth - Authentication.
  • Flask-Login - Account management and authentication.
  • Flask Principal - Authorization.
  • Flask-Security-Too - Account management, authentication, authorization.
  • Flask-User - Account management, authentication, authorization.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    JWT-based (for JSON Endpoints)

  • Flask-JWT - Basic support for working with JWTs.
  • Flask-JWT-Extended - Advanced support for working with JWTs.
  • Flask-JWT-Routerstars51 - Adds authorized routes to a Flask app.
  • Flask-Praetorian - Authentication and authorization for Flask APIs.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Authlib - Library for building OAuth and OpenID clients and servers.
  • Authomaticstars991 - Framework agnostic library for Python web applications that simplifies authentication and authorization of users via OAuth and OpenID.
  • Flask-Dancestars901 - OAuth support via OAuthLib.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Caching - Caching support.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Data Validation and Serialization

  • Flask-Marshmallow - Thin integration layer for Flask and marshmallow (an object serialization /deserialization library) that adds additional features to marshmallow.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Peewee - Support for Peewee, an ORM and database migration tool.
  • Flask-Pony - Support for Pony ORM.
  • Flask-SQLAlchemy - Support for SQLAlchemy, a SQL toolkit and ORM.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-MongoEngine - Bridges Flask and MongoEngine for working with MongoDB.
  • Flask-PyMongo - Bridges Flask and PyMongo for working with MongoDB.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Alembic - Configurable Alembic migration environment around a Flask-SQLAlchemy database for handling database migrations.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Other Tools

  • Flask-Excelstars244 - Uses pyexcelstars1.1k to read, manipulate, and write data in different Excel formats: csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-DebugToolbar - Port of Django's debug toolbar for Flask.
  • Flask-Profilerstars702 - Endpoint analyzer/profiler.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Fixturesstars58 - Create database fixtures from JSON or YAML.
  • Mixer - Object generation tool.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Elastic APM Agent - Elastic APM Flask integration.
  • Flask Monitoring Dashboard - Dashboard for automatic monitoring of Flask web-services.
  • Sentry Python SDK - Sentry SDK Flask integration.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-OpenTracingstars133 - OpenTracing instrumentation.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Testing - Unittest extensions.
  • Pytest-Flaskstars430 - Pytest support for testing Flask applications.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Mail - Provides simple email sending capabilities.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-WTF - Integrates Flask with WTForms (provides CSRF protection as well).
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Full-text Search

  • flask-msearchstars195 - Full-text search.
  • Flask-WhooshAlchemy3stars27 - Full-text search + Whoosh indexing capabilities for Flask-SQLAlchemy.
  • SQLAlchemy-Searchable - Provides full-text search capabilities for SQLAlchemy models.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Bcrypt - Provides bcrypt hashing utilities.
  • Flask-CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) handling.
  • Flask-SeaSurfstars179 - Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention.
  • Flask-Talismanstars828 - HTTPS and security headers.
  • Third-Party Extensions

    Task Queues

  • Celery - The most commonly used Python library for handling asynchronous tasks and scheduling.
  • Dramatiq - Fast and reliable alternative to Celery.
  • Flask-RQstars202 - RQ (Redis Queue) integration.
  • Huey - Redis-based task queue that aims to provide a simple, yet flexible framework for executing tasks.
  • Third-Party Extensions


  • Flask-Babelstars394 - Support for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n).
  • Flask-File-Uploadstars142 - Easy file uploads.
  • Flask-FlatPages - Provides flat static pages based on text files.
  • Frozen-Flaskstars724 - Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files.
  • Flask-GraphQLstars1.3k - GraphQL support.
  • Flask-Injectorstars243 - Adds support for dependency injection.
  • Flask-Limiter - Rate limiting features to Flask routes.
  • Flask-Momentstars355 - Moment.js date and time formatting helpers for Jinja2 templates.
  • Flask-Paginate - Pagination support.
  • Flask-Sitemap - Sitemap generation.
  • Flask-SocketIO - Socket.IO integration.
  • Resources

    Official Resources

  • Project Website - Official Flask website.
  • Resources

    External Resources

  • Full Stack Python's Flask Page - Explanation of Flask philosophy and links to other resources and tutorials.
  • Miguel Grinberg's Blog - Multiple Flask-specific tutorials.
  • Nick Janetakis's Blog - Flask Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.
  • Patrick Kennedy's Blog - Numerous tutorials on learning Python web application development with Flask.
  • RealPython - Many high-quality tutorials on Flask.
  • - Up-to-date tutorials on Flask.
  • Resources


  • Discord - Pallets Projects community on Discord (use the #get-help channel for Flask support).
  • IRC Channel - Chat with other Flask users on IRC channel #pocoo on FreeNode.
  • Mailing List - General discussion of Flask and the Pallets projects ([email protected]).
  • Reddit - Flask subreddit.
  • Stack Overflow - Questions tagged flask.
  • Twitter - For official announcements on updates, security fixes, etc.
  • Resources


  • Flask Conf Brazil - Conference for the developers and users of Flask.
  • PyCon US - The largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.
  • PyCon Australia - National conference organized for the Python Programming Community.
  • Euro Python - The largest Python conference in Europe.
  • PyCon - Complete listing of all PyCons globally.
  • Resources


  • Flask - 40+ groups in 20 countries.
  • Python Web Development - 600+ groups in 81 countries.
  • Python - 2,400+ groups in 100 countries.
  • Resources


  • TalkPython - The leading Python podcast with several episodes on Flask.
  • Podcast Init - A popular Python podcast that features Flask guests on occasion.
  • Python Bytes - Another Python podcast that discusses Flask from time to time.
  • Full Stack Python's Best Python Podcasts Page - A list of active Python-specific podcasts.
  • Resources


  • Flask Mega-Tutorial - Overarching tutorial for Python beginner and intermediate developers that teaches web development with the Flask framework.
  • Flaskr TDDstars2.2k - Intro to Flask, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and JavaScript.
  • Make a Web App Using Python & Flask! - Creating a Python Website from the Bottom Up.
  • Resources


  • Developing Web Applications with Python and Flask - This course focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Flask by building and testing a web application using Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Test-Driven Development with Python, Flask, and Docker - Learn how to build, test, and deploy a production-grade microservice powered by Python, Flask, and Docker.
  • Authentication with Flask, React, and Docker - Learn how to add authentication to a Flask and React microservice!.
  • Deploying a Flask and React Microservice to AWS ECS - Learn how to deploy microservices to Amazon ECS powered by Flask, React, and Docker.
  • Build a SAAS App with Flask - Learn to build web applications with Flask and Docker.
  • Full Stack Foundations - Build a data-driven web app with Python.
  • Designing RESTful APIs - Build and Secure a backend API server.
  • Resources


  • Flask Web Development - Learn the framework from the ground up by developing, step-by-step, a real-world project.
  • Real Python - Learn Python programming, by example.
  • Explore Flask - Best practices and patterns for developing web applications with Flask.
  • Projects


  • cookiecutter-flaskstars4.2k - With Bootstrap 4, asset bundling annd minification with webpack, starter templates, and registration/authentication.
  • Cookiecutter Flask Skeletonstars61 - Flask starter project for Cookiecutterstars18.1k.
  • Flask-AppBuilderstars3.9k - Simple and rapid application development framework that includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, Google charts, and much more.
  • flask-base - Includes SQLAlchemy, Redis, User Authentication, and more.
  • Flask-Bootstrapstars203 - Integrated SQLAlchemy, authentication, and Bootstrap frontend.
  • uwsgi-nginx-flask-dockerstars2.7k - Docker image with uWSGI and Nginx for Flask applications in Python running in a single container.
  • React-Redux-Flaskstars1.5k - Boilerplate application for a Flask JWT Backend and a React/Redux Front-End with Material UI.
  • Flask-Scaffoldstars879 - Prototype Database driven Web apps in Angular 6, Bootstrap 4 and REST API's with Flask.
  • Flask-VueJSstars29 - Connect Flask application with VueJS.
  • Projects

    Open Source Projects

  • ActorCloudstars173 - Open-source IoT Platform.
  • Busy Beaverstars68 - Chicago Python's Community Engagement Slack bot.
  • FlaskBBstars2.2k - Classic forum software.
  • Indicostars1.4k - Feature-rich event management system, made at CERN.
  • Quokka CMS - The happiest CMS in the world.
  • PythonBuddystars247 - Online Python Editor with live syntax checking and execution.
  • Redashstars21.8k - Designed to enable anyone, regardless of the level of technical sophistication, to harness the power of data big and small.
  • SkyLinesstars360 - Live tracking, flight database, and competition framework.
  • Security Monkeystars4.3k - Monitors AWS, GCP, OpenStack, and GitHub orgs for assets and their changes over time.
  • SecureDropstars3.3k - Open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from, and communicate with anonymous sources.
  • SimpleLoginstars2.9k - Protect your online identity with email alias.
  • - Git hosting service (check out Why I chose Flask to build's mini-services as well).
  • Timesketchstars2k - Collaborative forensic timeline analysis.
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