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A curated list of awesome projects and resources related to the Substrate blockchain development framework.
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Aug 29th


  • Metadata Portal - A self-hosted webpage that shows the latest metadata and chain specs for any given network.
  • Aug 27th

    Client Libraries

  • .NET Toolchain/SDKstars10 - Toolchain for Substrate .NET. Pre-generated SubstrateNETstars5; Maintained by Ajuna Network.
  • go-substrate-gen - Generate Go (de)serialization/client code from Substrate metadata.
  • Tools

  • offline-election - Tool to predict nominated proof-of-stake elections.
  • Aug 26th


  • Typechain-Polkadotstars6 - Hepls users to generate typescript types from contract ABIs (ink!) and generate runtime code to interact with contracts and deploy them.
  • scale-value - Analogous to serde_json but for SCALE; Library to decode arbitrary SCALE encoded bytes into a dynamic Value given type info from scale-info.
  • scale-decode - Decode SCALE bytes into arbitrary custom types by implementing a visitor trait.
  • Aug 24th


  • - Multi-chain block explorer with API and DeFi support across 40+ parachains.
  • Nova Polkadot Utilsstars5 - Contains static info & metadata to support client apps in Polkadot ecosystem to map it to various netowrks.
  • subalfred - An all-in-one Substrate development toolbox.
  • Support

  • Polkadot Treasury - The Treasury funds are allocated through the voting on spending proposal.
  • Client Libraries

  • .NET Substrate APIstars16 - Used in nuget, and Unity Example; Maintained by Ajuna Network.
  • Mobile

  • Nova Substrate SDK Androidstars3 - Substrate SDK and tools for Android.
  • Nova Substrate SDK iOSstars7 - Substrate SDK and tools for iOS.
  • Jun 15th

    FRAME Pallets

  • RMRK Palletsstars54 - Nested, conditional & Multi-resourced NFTs.
  • Tools

  • substrate-toml-lint - A toml parser and checker to avoid common errors in Substrate projects.
  • May 24th

    SCALE Codec

  • C++stars0 - Maintained by Soramitsu.
  • JavaScript / TypeScript implementations:
  • May 17th


  • Polkadot PANICstars39 - Monitoring and alerting solution for Polkadot nodes by Simply VC, compatible with many Substrate chains.
  • May 6th


  • DotJobs - A job board for the Substrate and Polkadot ecosystem projects, maintained by Stateless.Money.
  • Developer Hub GitHub - Substrate Developer Hub repositories.
  • Ecosystem Projects - Projects and teams building with Substrate.
  • Polkadot Stack - An awesome list maintained by our friends at Web3 Foundation.
  • Support

  • Builders Program - White-glove solutions and dedicated support team for visionary teams using Substrate.
  • Stack Exchange - The best place for all technical questions.
  • Blogs

  • Official - Published by Parity.
  • Videos

  • Seminar Crowdcast - Upcoming events and latest recordings.
  • Substrate: A Rustic Vision for Polkadot by Gavin Wood at Web3 Summit 2018
  • Templates

  • Frontier - Fronter enabled EVM and Ethereum RPC compatible Substrate node, ready for hacking.
  • Front-Endstars238 - Polkadot-JS API and React app to build front-ends for Substrate-based chains.
  • Parachainstars156 - Cumulus enabled Substrate node, derived from upstream.
  • substrate-stencil - A template for a Substrate node that includes staking and governance capabilities.
  • FRAME Pallets

  • Chainlink Feed Palletstars131 - Chainlink feed token interface.
  • Official in Substrate - Large collection, Parity maintained.
  • Open Runtime Module Library (ORML)stars347 - Community maintained collection of Substrate runtime modules.
  • Sunshine Bounty - Distributed autonomous organization (DAO) for administering a bounty program.
  • Sunshine Identity - Keybase-inspired identity management.
  • Sunshine Faucet - Dispense resources for a development chain.
  • Framework Extensions

  • Bridgesstars213 - A collection of tools for cross-chain communication.
  • Cumulusstars523 - A set of tools for writing Substrate-based Polkadot parachains.
  • Frontierstars367 - End-to-end Ethereum emulation for Substrate chains.
  • IntegriTEE - Trusted off-chain execution framework that uses Intel SGX trusted execution environments.
  • Client Libraries

  • .Net APIstars30 - Maintained by Usetech.
  • subxt - Official Rust client.
  • C++ APIstars17 - Maintained by Usetech.
  • Go RPC Clientstars148 - Maintained by Centrifuge.
  • Kotlin Clientstars14 - Maintained by
  • Polkadot-JS APIstars1k - Semi-official JavaScript library for Substrate-based chains.
  • Python Interfacestars166 - Maintained by Polkascan Foundation.
  • Rust API Clientstars183 - Rust client maintained by Supercomputing Systems AG.
  • Mobile

  • Fearless Utils Androidstars15 - Android Substrate tools.
  • Fearless Utils iOSstars8 - iOS Substrate tools.
  • React-Native-Substrate-Signstars20 - Rust library for React Native.
  • Tools

  • offchain::ipfs - Substrate infused with IPFS.
  • polkadot-js-bundle - A standalone JS bundle that contains Polkadot{JS} libraries.
  • polkadot-launch - Simple CLI tool to launch a local Polkadot test network.
  • polkadot-runtime-prom-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for Polkadot runtime metrics (modifiable for Substrate use).
  • polkadot-starship - Another tool to launch a local Polkadot test network, with emphasis on the ability to run big testnets.
  • srtool-actions - GitHub actions to easily use the srtool Docker image to build your own runtime.
  • srtool - Docker image to deterministically build a runtime.
  • subsee - CLI to inspect metadata of a Substrate node as JSON.
  • substrate-balance-calculator - Breakdown the balances of your Substrate account.
  • substrate-balance-graph - Create a graph of the token balance over time of a Substrate address.
  • substrate-graph-benchmarks - Graph the benchmark output of FRAME pallets.
  • substrate-js-utils - A set of useful JavaScript utilities for Substrate that uses the Polkadot{JS} API; Also deployed as a website.
  • substrate-society - A basic front-end for the FRAME Society pallet.
  • subwasm - CLI to inspect a runtime WASM blob offline. It shows information, metadata and can compare runtimes. It can also help you fetch a runtime directly from a node.
  • sup - Command line tool for generating or upgrading a Substrate node.
  • - Scalable, decentralized database, file storage, and computation services for Substrate chains and more.
  • Archivestars182 - Indexing engine for Substrate chains.
  • Dev Hub Utilsstars4 - Unofficial utilities for working with official Substrate Developer Hub resources.
  • Europastars70 - A sandbox for the Substrate runtime execution environment.
  • Fork Off Substratestars93 - Script to help bootstrap a new chain with the state of a running chain.
  • fudgestars13 - Core lib for accessing and (arbitrarily) manipulating substrate databases, including the building and importing of local blocks.
  • Gantree Librarystars11 - A suite of technologies for managing Substrate-powered parachain networks via rapid spin-up & tear-down.
  • Halvastars34 - A toolchain for improving the experience of developing on Substrate.
  • Hydrastars43 - A GraphQL framework for Substrate nodes.
  • Jupiterstars49 - Testnet for smart contracts written for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Megaclitestars1 - Zero-knowledge tools for the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Parity Signer - Upcycle an unused mobile phone into an air-gapped hardware wallet.
  • Polkadot Tool Index - List of tools available for your development with Polkadot and any Substrate chain including Block Explorers, Wallets, Network Monitoring & Reporting, Clients, Benchmarking, Fuzzing, Forking, SCALE Codec, CLI Tools and much more.
  • Polkadot-JS Apps UI - Semi-official block explorer & front-end for Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkadot-JS Extensionstars834 - Browser extension for interacting with Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkascan - Multi-chain block explorer maintained by Polkascan Foundation.
  • Proxy Hot Wallet Demostars17 - A demonstration of a secure, convenient, and flexible hot wallet architecture built on Substrate primitives.
  • Redspotstars62 - A Truffle-like toolkit for smart contracts for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Sidecarstars175 - REST service that runs alongside Substrate nodes.
  • Staking Rewards Collectorstars60 - A script to parse and output staking rewards for a given Kusama or Polkadot address and cross-reference them with daily price data.
  • Subkey - Command line utility for working with cryptographic keys.
  • SubQuery - A GraphQL indexer and query service that allows users to easily create indexed data sources and host them online for free.
  • Subscan - Multi-network explorer for Substrate-based chains.
  • Subsquid - An indexing framework (SDK + infrastructure) to quickly and easily turn Substrate and EVM on-chain data into APIs and host them.
  • Substatestars5 - 100% no-std/wasm compatible Substrate storage key generator library for Rust.
  • Substrate debug-kitstars93 - A collection of tools and libraries for debugging Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Docker Buildersstars16 - A set of Dockerfiles and GitHub Actions to auto-build and push a Docker image for Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Faucet Botstars2 - Python-based faucet for development purposes.
  • Substrate Graphstars28 - GraphQL indexer for Substrate-based chains.
  • TxWrapperstars59 - Helpful library for offline transaction creation.
  • VSCode Substrate - Plugin for Visual Studio Code.
  • Products and Services

  • OnFinality - Free and paid services to shared Substrate based nodes.
  • Alternative Implementations

  • Gossamerstars357 - A Polkadot client implemented in Go; from ChainSafe.
  • Kagome - A C++17 implementation of the Polkadot client; from Soramitsu.
  • LimeChain AssemblyScript Runtimestars11 - An account-based Substrate proof-of-concept runtime written in AssemblyScript; from LimeChain.
  • SCALE Codec

  • Codec Definition - Official codec documentation.
  • Gostars51 - Maintained by Itering.
  • Haskell - Maintained by Robonomics Network.
  • Java - Maintained by Emerald.
  • Parity SCALE Codecstars181 - Reference implementation written in Rust.
  • Rubystars17 - Maintained by Itering.
  • Apr 19th


  • Substrate Devs Chat (Telegram) - Chat with other Substrate developers, also bridged to matrix.
  • Feb 4th


  • polkadot-scripts - A collection of scripts Parity uses to diagnose Polkadot/Kusama.
  • Nov 17th, 2021

    SCALE Codec

  • Cstars4 - Maintained by Matthew Darnell.
  • Nov 8th, 2021

    Client Libraries

  • Subscan Go Utilitiesstars155 - SS58 and more, developed by Subscan.
  • Tools

  • SS58 Transform - Display key's addressees with all SS58 prefixes.
  • Oct 19th, 2021

    Client Libraries

  • sube - Lightweight Rust client library and CLI with support for type information.
  • SCALE Codec

  • Scalesstars6 - Serializing SCALE using type information from a type registry.
  • Resources

  • Official Homepage - Vision, ecosystem, opportunities, and much more.
  • Support

  • Web3 Foundation Grants - Funding for ecosystem development.
  • Events

  • Sub0 Developer Conference - Semiannual, online and in-person for all things Substrate.
  • Substrate Seminar - Bi-weekly collaborative learning sessions.
  • Blogs

  • DotLeap - Polkadot and Substrate Community blog and newsletter.
  • Videos

  • Parity YouTube
  • Templates

  • Basestars666 - Minimal FRAME-based node, derived from upstream.
  • Framework Extensions

  • FRAME - A system for building Substrate runtimes.
  • ink!stars1k - Rust smart contract language for Substrate chains.
  • Polkadot-JS - Rich JavaScript API framework for front-end development.
  • Mobile

  • Polkadot-Dartstars21 - Dart Substrate API.
  • PolkaWallet SDKstars16 - Flutter SDK for Substrate-based App.
  • Jul 26th, 2021


  • srtool-cli - CLI frontend for the srtool Docker image.
  • Oct 16th, 2020


  • Polkadot Network Technical Explainers
  • SCALE Codec

  • AssemblyScriptstars18 - Maintained by LimeChain.
  • Pythonstars48 - Maintained by Polkascan Foundation.
  • Sep 30th, 2020


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