Awesome List Updates on Apr 23, 2016

7 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Cyclejs

Learn / Example Applications

Libraries / Utilities

Libraries / Components

2. Awesome Microservices

PHP / Scala

Data Formats / Scala

Vocabularies / Scala

3. Awesome Elixir

Third Party APIs

4. Awesome Network Analysis

Books / Dissemination

Books / Topic-specific

Conferences / Topic-specific

Professional Groups / Research Groups (Other)

Software / Social, Economic and Political Networks

Software / MATLAB

Software / Python

Varia / Tutorials

5. Awesome Book Authoring

Royalties, Advances, and Other Money Stuff

6. Rbooks

Data Science

Data Manipulation with R, Second Edition [Packt]

This book starts with the installation of R and how to go about using R and its libraries. We then discuss the mode of R objects and its classes and then highlight different R data types with their basic operations.

The primary focus on group-wise data manipulation with the split-apply-combine strategy has been explained with specific examples. The book also contains coverage of some specific libraries such as lubridate, reshape2, plyr, dplyr, stringr, and sqldf. You will not only learn about group-wise data manipulation, but also learn how to efficiently handle date, string, and factor variables along with different layouts of datasets using the reshape2 package.

By the end of this book, you will have learned about text manipulation using stringr, how to extract data from twitter using twitteR library, how to clean raw data, and how to structure your raw data for data mining.

7. Awesome R

Other Interpreters