Awesome List Updates on Aug 08 - Aug 14, 2016

37 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome LaTeX

Misc. Tools

2. Awesome Deep Learning

Researchers / Datasets

Researchers / Frameworks

3. Engineering Blogs

Companies / A companies

Companies / U companies

4. Vertx Awesome

Authentication Authorisation

5. Awesome Shell

Command-Line Productivity

Multimedia and File Formats / Directory Navigation

6. Awesome Cryptography

Algorithms / Symmetric encryption

Algorithms / Hash functions

Books / Hash functions

Standalone / Hash functions

Plugins / Git

C / Git

C++ / Git

C-sharp / Git

Common Lisp / Git

Elixir / Git

Erlang / Git

Haskell / Git

JavaScript / Git

Java / Git

Julia / Git

Lua / Git

PHP / Git

Python / Git

R / Git

Ruby / Git

Rust / Git

Swift / Git

Blogs / Git

Web-tools / Git

Web-sites / Git

7. Awesome Research

Datasets / General and Interdisciplinary

Datasets / Life Science

Datasets / Physical Sciences

Datasets / Arts and Humanities

Datasets / Engineering

Datasets / Social Sciences

Editors / LaTeX

8. Free for Dev

Web Hosting

9. Awesome Opensource Apps


10. Awesome Microservices

PHP / Scala

API Gateways / Edge Services / Scala

Storage / Scala

11. Awesome Robotics


12. Awesome Pyramid


Who uses it?

13. Awesome Linux Containers


14. Awesome Machine Learning

Swift / General-Purpose Machine Learning

15. Awesome Swift


Pagination / Barcode

16. Awesome Fonts

Programming fonts / Programming fonts with ligatures

JavaScript libs / Programming fonts with ligatures

GitHub Showcases / Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

17. Citizen Science

Conferences and Events / Other Types of Support

Questions and Knowledge Gaps / Other Types of Support

18. Tips

Forced push but still ensure you don't overwrite other's work

git push --force-with-lease <remote-name> <branch-name>

Show how many lines does an author contribute

git log --author='_Your_Name_Here_' --pretty=tformat: --numstat | gawk '{ add += <!-- @doxie.inject start -->; subs += <!-- @doxie.inject end -->; loc += <!-- @doxie.inject start --> - <!-- @doxie.inject end --> } END { printf "added lines: %s removed lines: %s total lines: %s
", add, subs, loc }' -


git log --author='_Your_Name_Here_' --pretty=tformat: --numstat | awk '{ add += <!-- @doxie.inject start -->; subs += <!-- @doxie.inject end -->; loc += <!-- @doxie.inject start --> - <!-- @doxie.inject end --> } END { printf "added lines: %s, removed lines: %s, total lines: %s
", add, subs, loc }' - # on Mac OSX

Number of commits in a branch

git rev-list --count <branch-name>

19. Awesome Cpp


20. Awesome Nodejs

Packages / Filesystem

21. Awesome Jvm




22. Awesome Php

Table of Contents / Build Tools

23. Awesome Math

Probability and Statistics / Statistics

24. Awesome Malware Analysis

Debugging and Reverse Engineering / Other Resources

25. Awesome Dotnet




26. Git Cheat Sheet



Improved Git-flow (⭐5.4k)



You need a working git installation as prerequisite. Git flow works on OSX, Linux and Windows.
OSX Homebrew:
$ brew install git-flow-avh
OSX Macports:
$ port install git-flow
Linux (Debian-based):
$ sudo apt-get install git-flow
Windows (Cygwin):
You need wget and util-linux to install git-flow.
$ wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate install <state> | bash

Getting Started

Git flow needs to be initialized in order to customize your project setup. Start using git-flow by initializing it inside an existing git repository:
git flow init


To use default
git flow init -d


Develop new features for upcoming releases. Typically exist in developers repos only.
Start a new feature:
This action creates a new feature branch based on 'develop' and switches to it.
git flow feature start MYFEATURE
Finish up a feature:
Finish the development of a feature. This action performs the following:
1) Merged MYFEATURE into 'develop'.
2) Removes the feature branch.
3) Switches back to 'develop' branch
git flow feature finish MYFEATURE
Publish a feature:
Are you developing a feature in collaboration? Publish a feature to the remote server so it can be used by other users.
git flow feature publish MYFEATURE
Getting a published feature:
Get a feature published by another user.
git flow feature pull origin MYFEATURE
Tracking a origin feature:
You can track a feature on origin by using
git flow feature track MYFEATURE

Make a Release

Support preparation of a new production release. Allow for minor bug fixes and preparing meta-data for a release
Start a release:
To start a release, use the git flow release command. It creates a release branch created from the 'develop' branch. You can optionally supply a [BASE] commit sha-1 hash to start the release from. The commit must be on the 'develop' branch.
git flow release start RELEASE [BASE]
It's wise to publish the release branch after creating it to allow release commits by other developers. Do it similar to feature publishing with the command:
git flow release publish RELEASE
(You can track a remote release with the: git flow release track RELEASE command)
Finish up a release:
Finishing a release is one of the big steps in git branching. It performs several actions:
1) Merges the release branch back into 'master'
2) Tags the release with its name
3) Back-merges the release into 'develop'
4) Removes the release branch
git flow release finish RELEASE
Don't forget to push your tags with git push --tags


Hotfixes arise from the necessity to act immediately upon an undesired state of a live production version. May be branched off from the corresponding tag on the master branch that marks the production version.
Git flow hotfix start:
Like the other git flow commands, a hotfix is started with
$ git flow hotfix start VERSION [BASENAME]
The version argument hereby marks the new hotfix release name. Optionally you can specify a basename to start from.
Finish a hotfix:
By finishing a hotfix it gets merged back into develop and master. Additionally the master merge is tagged with the hotfix version
git flow hotfix finish VERSION



Git flow schema


  1. Arabic Git Cheat Sheet
  2. Brazilian Portuguese Git Cheat Sheet
  3. Chinese Git Cheat Sheet
  4. German Git Cheat Sheet
  5. Greek Git Cheat Sheet
  6. Hindi Git Cheat Sheet
  7. Korean Git Cheat Sheet
  8. Polish Git Cheat Sheet
  9. Spanish Git Cheat Sheet
  10. Turkish Git Cheat Sheet
  11. Bengali Git Cheat Sheet

27. Awesome Tensorflow

Blog posts

28. Awesome Choo

Contents / Official resources

Contents / Dependencies

Contents / Demos

Contents / Community

Contents / Plugins and addons

Contents / Resources

Contents / Projects using choo

29. Awesome Pokemon

Development Projects / Miscellaneous

30. Awesome Open Company

Similar lists / Videos

31. Awesome Elixir

Algorithms and Data structures




Examples and funny stuff

Framework Components





Release Management



Third Party APIs


32. Awesome Sketch

Plugins / Nice-to-have 👍

33. Awesome Dtrace

Visualization methods

Visualization / Ruby

34. Awesome Crystal


Project Generators

Template Engine

Web Frameworks

35. Awesome Alfred Workflows


36. Awesome Vulkan


37. Awesome Dotnet Core


Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Security