Awesome List Updates on Nov 03, 2017

8 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Steam

C# / General

C# / Misc

2. Awesome Network Analysis

Books / General Overviews

Journals / Topic-specific

3. Awesome Talks

Cognitive Development

4. Awesome4girls

Events/Meetups / Javascript

5. Awesome Gbdev

Related projects / Syntax highlighting packages

6. Awesome Speakers

Europe / Sweden


Erik Rasmussen
Topics: React, Redux, Redux-Form, Forms

North America / United States of America 🇺🇸


Eric Bailey
Topics: Accessibility

Gleb Bahmutov
Topics: Computer Science, JavaScript, Reactive Programming

Lea Verou
Topics: CSS, HTML


Miriam Suzanne
Topics: CSS, Sass, Architecture, Design Systems


Lis Pardi
Topics: Web

Richard Feldman
Topics: Elm


Brad Frost
Topics: Web Design, Atomic Design, Web Development

Lin Clark
Topics: React, WebAssembly, Browsers Internals

License / Brazil 🇧🇷

São Paulo

Caroline Soares
Topics: Frontend development, woman's inspiration, JavaScript, CSS

Fernanda Bernardo
Topics: CSS, JavaScript, HTML

João Victor Dias
Topics: Computer Vision, Keras, CNN, R, Data Science path

Sibelius Seraphini
Topics: React, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, Relay Modern, Open Source, Machine Learning, Blockchain


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7. Awesome Cpp





8. Awesome Swift

Dependency Managers

Key Value Store

Layout / Barcode

Auto Layout / Barcode

HTML / Barcode

UI / Barcode

Payment / Barcode

UICollectionView / Barcode

UITableView / Barcode

Utility / Barcode