Awesome List Updates on Sep 04 - Sep 10, 2017

33 awesome lists updated this week.

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1. Awesome Steam

Third-Party Services / Misc

2. Awesome Mqtt

Operating System / Firmwares for ESP based Devices

3. Awesome Mac

Design and Product / Design Tools

4. Awesome Deep Learning Papers

Contents / New papers

5. Awesome Deep Learning

Researchers / Datasets

6. Awesome Esolangs


7. Colorful

Color Palettes / Web App

8. Awesome Preact

Contents / Testing Utils

9. Awesome Remote Job

Job boards aggregators

10. Awesome Crystal


Official Documentation Translations

11. Awesome Css Frameworks

Stalled Development

12. Awesome Broadcasting

Multimedia content processing

13. Awesome Recursion Schemes


Implementations / Hylomorphisms in the Wild

14. Awesome Rails

DevTools / Other external resources

15. Awesome Courses

Courses / Systems

16. Awesome Tensorflow


17. Awesome Opensource Apps


18. Engineering Blogs

Companies / U companies

Companies / X companies

19. Awesome Dotnet Core

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Application Templates

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / Database

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools / SDKs

20. Awesome Webgl

References / Firefox Specific Tools/Debugger

21. Awesome


22. Awesome Php

Table of Contents / Database

23. Awesome Aws

Open Source Repos / Route 53

Open Source Repos / SES

24. Free for Dev

Code Quality


25. Awesome Cpp


26. Awesome Dotnet

Application Frameworks


27. Awesome No Login Web Apps

Music, Radio and Podcasts / Others

28. Awesome Vue

Resources / Tutorials

Projects Using Vue.js / Open Source

Components & Libraries / UI Components

Components & Libraries / UI Utilities

29. Awesome Web Design



30. Awesome Laravel

Starter Projects / Videos

31. Vertx Awesome

Build tools


32. Awesome Hacking Locations

Lithuania 🇱🇹 / Vilnius

Mos Cafe

Nice cafe where they don't mind if you stay for the whole day. The wifi is so so but you can buy wi2 premium for 3$/6h.


Wifi Power Address Open Hours
〒604-8162 Kyoto, Nakagyō-ku, Shichikannoncho, 烏丸通六角下る253-1 読売京都ビル Daily: 10:00-21:00

There are plenty of "Caffeine" branded cafes around that have pretty good wifi and service. English speakers are hit and miss, be prepared for a lot of random pointing and confusion. If you're paying with a credit card, expect people freaking out about what to do with a receipt that requires signing (no POS systems here support PINs).

Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Amsterdam


A cafe connected to a bookshop. Very tolerant of hacker types who never leave. Wifi is about 8mbit, and fairly stable. Most speak enough English you can order a coffee, and the coffee is good. Cow milk only.


Wifi Power Address Open Hours
Gedimino pr. 2-4, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania 9–21

Norway 🇳🇴 / Ålesund

Lugar 34

Very comfy and chill place. Beer is expensive as hell like everywhere else in Norway, but they also do excellent coffee. Has hippie style. 8mbit/1mbit wifi. Great opening hours.


Wifi Power Address Open Hours
Storgata 34 09–01

Switzerland 🇨🇭 / Zurich

Cafe Linne

Nice place. Food is a bit pricey but very good. Coffee is good. English is understood, as are foreign cards. Wifi is good enough. Open ridiculously late!


Wifi Power Address Open Hours
Some Svartbäcksgatan 22, 75 332 Uppsala, Sweden 8–22

33. Awesome Keycloak

Example Projects