Awesome List Updates on Oct 18, 2018

14 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Roslyn


Open Source Projects

Open Source Analyzers, Code Fixes, and Refactorings

Blog Posts and Articles


2. Awesome Appium

Become an Appium Pro

3. Awesome Canvas

Canvas / Examples

Libraries / To draw using canvas

Resources / Websites and Tutorials

4. Awesome Speakers

Europe / Netherlands 🇳🇱


Job van Achterberg
Topics: Accessibility

North America / Canada 🇨🇦


Scott Vinkle
Topics: Accessibility

North America / United States of America 🇺🇸


Adrian Roselli
Topics: Accessibility

Chapel Hill

Doug Schepers
Topics: Data visualization, Accessibility, SVG


Carie Fisher
Topics: Accessibility

Redwood City

Jesse Beach
Topics: Accessibility, React


Jaime Lopez
Topics: iOS, Swift, Software Architecture, Development Processes

Shell Little
Topics: Accessibility

5. Awesome Code Review

Academic Papers



Talks and Podcasts


6. Awesome Ember

Packages / Articles about Data

7. Awesome Transit

GTFS Analysis Tools / Ruby

8. Awesome Talks

Software Development

Test-Driven Development

9. Awesome Emails

Frameworks / Misc

10. Learn to Program


1 Million Women To Tech Summer of Code (⭐621)

Free programming course material for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
(Python, JavaScript, Data Science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR & VR)

11. Awesome Vscode

Linters / More

12. Awesome Piracy

Trackers / Semi-Private Trackers

Torrent Clients / Public Trackers

Media Centre Applications / Third Party Hosts

Plex Logging and Metrics / Third Party Hosts

Textbooks / Third Party Hosts

DC++ / Third Party Hosts

Full Movies On / Third Party Hosts

Proxy Sites / Third Party Hosts

13. Awesome Groovy

IDE and Editor Support

Staying up to date

14. Awesome Osint

Phone Number Research / Telegram

Other Tools / Telegram