Awesome List Updates on Dec 09, 2019

7 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Bitcoin


Blockchain API and Web services

Blockchain Explorers

JavaScript Libraries

Python Libraries

Java Libraries

Scala libraries

.Net Libraries


Blockchain dump

Full nodes


Additional Resources

2. Awesome Php

Table of Contents / Content Management Systems (CMS)

Table of Contents / Documentation

Table of Contents / Filtering and Validation

Table of Contents / Serverless

3. Awesome Quantum Computing

Development Tools

4. Awesome Cmake


5. Awesome Ios

TextField & TextView / Collection View Layout

6. Awesome Speakers

Asia / Lebanon 🇱🇧


Frans Allen
Topics: CDN, Cloud, SaaS, DNS, Web Performance & Security

Europe / Finland 🇫🇮


Mathias Buus
Topics: Peer to Peer, Node.js

Olga Dmitricenko
Topics: Virtual Reality, Web Image Processing

Tereza Sokol
Topics: Elm, Visualizations

7. Awesome Crystal

Framework Components