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Oct 5th

1. avelino/awesome-go


HTTP Clients

  • heimdallstars2.1k - An enhanced http client with retry and hystrix capabilities.
  • Science and Data Analysis

  • goraphstars650 - Pure Go graph theory library(data structure, algorithm visualization).
  • Utilities

  • go-convertstars15 - Package go-convert enables you to convert a value into another type.

  • 2. unixorn/awesome-zsh-plugins


  • skullstars1 - Includes git status, python virtual environment and ruby rvm status decorations.

  • 3. ahkscript/awesome-AutoHotkey



  • ImagePutstars16 - by iseahound - Image library for converting to files, streams, windows, base64, urls, cursors, screen coordinates, clipboard, pointers, handles, and more. Supports AutoHotkey v1 and v2. - Forum thread: link

  • 4. coq-community/awesome-coq



  • CoLoRstars25 - Library on rewriting theory, lambda-calculus and termination, with sub-libraries on common data structures extending the Coq standard library.
  • Flocq - Formalization of floating-point numbers and computations.
  • Bedrock Bit Vectorsstars25 - Library for reasoning on fixed precision machine words.
  • Projects


  • coq-dpdgraphstars69 - Tool for building dependency graphs between Coq objects.

  • 5. ripienaar/free-for-dev

    Analytics, Events and Statistics

  • Statvoo Analytics — Forever FREE Customer Analytics for ALL your websites, with Unlimited Events per month
  • STUN, WebRTC, Web Socket Servers and Other Routers

  • Tailscale — Zero config VPN, using the open source WireGuard protocol. Installs on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android devices. Free plan for personal use with 20 devices.

  • 6. shuaibiyy/awesome-terraform

    Terraform Enterprise

  • tfe-state-explorerstars15 - Simple shell for exploring remote terraform enterprise state, with autocomplete. 💀

  • 7. edm00se/awesome-board-games


    The Estates

    Players take on the role of investors seeking to make the most money by developing buildings in The Estates. The Estates is a new urban development featuring high-end infrastructure and a modern atmosphere for its citizens. The City Council recently approved the zoning map for The Estates. It calls for two rows of four buildings each, located between the River and Main Street. The meadows on the other side of the River are to remain a recreational area for the City. Players will bid for the various building pieces and place them in The Estates to their benefit. All buildings in completed rows score positive points, while all buildings in incomplete rows score negative points. It is possible to have zero completed rows of buildings. At the end, the player with the highest score wins The Estates!

    The Estates image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 5 10 40-60m
    ### Telepathy

    In this puzzle solving challenge of deduction, logic and intuition, players go head to head to see who can be the first to guess their opponent's secret square. Every action turn brings you closer to finding the hidden, ancient symbol. But watch out; your opponent may be closer to solving your secret square than you think! The Telepathy board game is an outstanding logic building tool, ideal for educators and puzzle solvers alike. If you like Sudoku, Mastermind, or Battleship, this game is for you.

    Telepathy Image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 4 12 20m


    Small World

    An area control game where players control different fantasy races with a unique set of abilities. The goal is to conquer and control as much of the player board as possible and halting your opponents' expansion. When your race can't expand any further you let it fall into decline and pick a new race to continue the quest for dominance.

    Small World game image

    Players Min. Age Time
    2 - 5 8 40-80m

    8. ramnes/awesome-mongodb



  • Tuning MongoDB performance for production systems (Marek Trunkat, Apify) - The techniques and MongoDB Cloud features to debug performance issues and expose sub-optimal queries

  • 9. vuejs/awesome-vue

    Components & Libraries

    Admin Template

  • Vue-Admin-Templatestars1 - A beautiful free vuejs admin template, designed using vuetify and apexcharts. Live Demo

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