Awesome List Updates on Oct 29, 2021

17 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Security

Datastores / Online resources

2. Awesome Coq

Projects / Package and Build Management

Projects / Verified Software

3. Awesome Functional Programming

Table of Contents / Books

4. Awesome Software Patreons

Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects / Operating Systems

Open Source Projects / Games

5. Awesome Nosql Guides

Data Structures and Modeling

Trade-Offs in CAP/Brewer's Theorem

Crowd-Sourced Information

Graph Databases

Criticisms and Debates


6. Awesome Datascience

Books / Visualization Tools

7. Awesome Deep Learning

Table of Contents / Books

8. Free Programming Books (English, By Subjects)

Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Science

9. Awesome Nix

Programming Languages / Rust

10. Awesome React Components

Form Components / Input Types

Data Store / Mouse Events

11. Awesome Flutter


12. Awesome Board Games



In this two-person game of strategy, players secretly arrange their ships on a lettered and numbered 10x10 grid and then try to locate and destroy their opponent’s fleet. There are two grids for each player. One grid is used for placing your own vessels and tracking hits made against you, while the second grid is for marking the hits targeted at your opponent. Take turns firing shots by calling out one of the grid’s plot points. If a hit doesn’t strike a ship, it’s considered a miss and pegged with white pieces. If a hit makes contact with a ship, then that strike gets pegged with red. The number of hits each kind of vessel can sustain before it sinks is varied. After some initial exploratory firing, you will likely start to figure out the location of your opponent’s ships and begin to deal the fatal blows. It’s a battle on the high seas!

Battleship image

Players Min. Age Time
2 8+ 30m around

13. Awesome Incident Response

IR Tools Collection / OSX Evidence Collection

14. Awesome Testing

Books / Other

15. Awesome Privacy


Android / iOS

16. Public Apis

Art & Design





Documents & Productivity


Games & Comics



Open Data



17. Urban and Regional Planning Resources

Public Data Resources / Land Use and Land Cover

Planning Data Specifications / Built Environment