Awesome List Updates on Oct 11, 2023

9 awesome lists updated today.

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1. Awesome Webxr

Content Hubs / Reddit

2. Awesome Connectivity Info

Periodic Global Connectivity Reports

3. Awesome Db Tools

Monitoring/Statistics/Perfomance / Samples

4. Awesome Azure Openai Llm

The Problem with RAG

Vector Database Comparison / Vector Database Options for Azure

Semantic Kernel / Semantic Function

Semantic Kernel / Semantic Kernel Glossary

Prompt Guide & Leaked prompts / Prompt Template Language

Survey on Large Language Models / GPT series release date

5. Mind Expanding Books


Health / Miscellaneous

6. Awesome Board Games



Ambush! is a strategy board game developed by Avalon Hill, known for its innovative approach to single-player gameplay in the wargaming genre. Released in 1983, it broke away from the traditional requirement of two players by allowing a solo player to engage in man-to-man combat scenarios. What made Ambush! unique was its use of tables, charts, and a "paragraph book" to control the opponent's actions, eliminating the need for an opposing player. This approach kept the enemy hidden until they became visible through gameplay, enhancing the element of surprise and realism. While it allowed for multiple players to participate by controlling different squads or soldiers, the complexity of scenario creation often required players to purchase expansion modules. Ambush! is a strategy game that offers an engaging and challenging experience for players seeking tactical warfare simulations.


Players Min. Age Time
1 12 180-240m

7. Awesome Selfhosted

Software / File Transfer - Peer-to-peer Filesharing

Software / Manufacturing

Software / Recipe Management

8. Free for Dev

Web Hosting

9. Awesome Angular

Tailwind CSS Based / Google Developer Experts

UX Components / Google Developer Experts