Awesome Npm Scripts Overview

Everything awesome related to npm scripts and using npm as a build tool.

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Awesome npm Scripts Awesome

Everything awesome for using npm as a build tool.

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Notice: I'm currently too busy to actively expand this list; therefore, I've decided to make this an OPEN Open Source Project. Individuals making significant and valuable contributions are given commit-access to the project to contribute as they see fit.




Task Runners

Tools for running multiple commands or npm scripts in parallel or sequentially.

File Watchers

Tools to watch your source files and run a build command whenever any of the files change.

Dev Servers

Cross-platform Utilities

Utilities to perform common command-line tasks without worrying about cross-platform compatibility.

Utility Packs

Other Utilities


Cross-platform Shell Reference

A quick reference of the shell operators & commands that work the same on Unix and Windows.

npm run Reference

You can use npm run-script or npm run; they both do the same thing, but npm run is shorter.


See (猸677).