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A curated list of awesome developer-first tools products.
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Awesome Developer-First Awesome

A curated list of awesome developer-first products.
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The definition of developer-first for this repo is:

  • Developers are the target audience.
  • "Headless", "API-first", "SaaS" are frequently used keywords.
  • Usually, this means that the front page has some code examples.
  • Products - tools/services that people pay for.
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Track web/app visitors.

  • Mixpanel - Product analytics and dashboards.
  • Baremetrics - Subscription analytics for Stripe.
  • Segment - Collect user data and send it to your other tools.
  • Heap - Product analytics API for web and mobile, captures all events.
  • Pirsch - Privacy-friendly web analytics with a backend integration and API.

Authentication & Identity

Products that handle authentication and user identity for you.

  • Auth0 - Authentication & authorization as a service.
  • AWS cognito - AWS's authentication as a service.
  • Okta - Embeddable authentication with SSO.
  • LoginRadius - Managed user authentication service with SSO.
  • Firebase Auth - Google Firebase's take on authentication.
  • - Passwordless (email-based) log in as a service.
  • Oso - Authorization framework (RBAC).
  • Hanko - Passwordless (WebAuthn API) PSD2, eIDAS, and GDPR compliant.
  • SuperTokens - Opensource and hosted email & Oauth authentication with prebuilt UI.
  • - Permissions and access-control as a service.
  • FusionAuth - Security-centric authentication as a Service, including self-hosting.
  • userfront - Simplistic user authentication with pre-built back-office dashboard.


Continious Integration/Delivery.

  • CircleCI - YML to configure your builds, parallel jobs, jobs marketplace.
  • Gitlab - Open source CI and hosted solution with Github-like abilities.
  • Gitpod - Automated cloud dev environments.

CMS (headless)

Backend only Content Management System, you decide on frontend and consume content via API.

Code Quality

Check your code quality.

  • sonarsource - Lint and code quality checks.
  • Codacy - Automatic code quality checks.

Computer Vision

Manipulate and detect visual data.

  • clarifai - Set of computer vision APIs.
  • CloudSight - Digital media brand recognition.
  • Google Vision AI - Google's AI vision APIs.
  • roboflow - Simplified computer vision model creation for developers.
  • Scanbot SDK - Structured data extraction from images for applications.

Databases & Spreadsheets

Storing data and processing it.

  • Airtable - Database and spreadsheet hybrid with an API.
  • Supabase - Hosted and open source managed postgres DB like firebase.
  • PlanetScale - Hosted managed MySQL database, CI integration & auto scaling.


Tools that help in tracking bugs.

  • Google Cloud's operations suite - Set of debug primitives (capture, log injection, etc) for Google cloud.
  • Lightrun - Debug production servers using a plugin in the IDE (on-prem or SaaS) that supports Java, Node.js, and Python.
  • Rookout - Debug production servers via a cloud-based debugger. Supporting Java, .Net, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.

Deployment Hosting

Products that help you deploy your app/website.

  • Render - Deploy from git to a CDN with SSL.
  • Vercel - Deploy JAMStack (mainly Next.js) via CLI.
  • Netlify - Deploy JAMStack (mainly Gatsby) via CLI.
  • Heroku - Deploy via CLI to scalable servers.
  • Digital Ocean App Platform - Deploy and don't care about infrastructure, works with all major frameworks.
  • - Continuously deploy full-stack apps.
  • - Deploy dockerized full stack apps via a location-aware service (latency reduction).
  • Railway - Out of the box git to deployment with auto scaling, DBs, secrets and rollbacks.


Comments and forums.

  • Commento - Privacy centric embeddable comment system.
  • MuutIo - Tools to create a community-driven app.
  • Bazaarvoice - Ratings, reviews as a service.
  • Yotpo - Reviews ratings and Q&A as a service.


Documentation solutions.

  • readme - Personalized and dynamic developer docs.
  • DeveloperHub - Collaborative developer documentation platform.
  • swimm - Docs that are coupled with your code, auto-synced, works with your IDE.
  • Mintlify - AI powered code documentation, IDE extension (open source).

Environment & Secret Management

Manage environment variables and secrets for multiple apps or projects.

  • Vault - API driven secret key management.
  • Doppler - Environment variable management across projects, in one place.
  • 1Password Secrets Automation - Secrets management with integration to 1Password.
  • Envkey - Environment management with syncing mechanism for all apps.
  • Ubiq - Encryption APIs wiht secret management

Feature Flags

Control production features with conditional flags in your code.

  • LaunchDarkly - Feature flags-as-a-service platform.
  • split - Feature flags platform with data analytics.
  • Flagsmith - Feature flags-as-a-service platform simplified.


Location services.

  • Radar - Geofencing and geo APIs.
  • mapbox - Maps and locations products for devs.
  • SmartyStreets - US Reverse Geocoding and Address Verification APIs.


Products that extend your IDE and help development.

  • Codota - AI code completions for your IDE.
    • TabNine - Deep learning completion (part of codota).
  • Kite - AI assistant in your IDE (Python or JS).

Infrastructure as Code

Declare your infrastructure and reproducibly provision cloud infrastrucure from it.

  • Terraform - DSL, open-source and free (paid solution adds team management, policy-as-code...).
  • Pulumi - Developer-first IaC with Python, TypeScript, Go and more languages...


Integration management systems or products that ease integration development

  • Apideck - Integration marketplace builder, one-API with 3rd parties for quick development.


Translating your product (also denoted i18n).

  • Localazy - App translation built for developers.
  • Tolgee - Developer & translator friendly web-based localization platform.


Sending emails as a service.


Media APIs (optimization, CDN).

  • Cloudinary - Optimize, create, manage, and deliver images and videos.
  • imgix - Transforms, optimizes, and cache images.
  • ImageKit - Automate image optimization, transformation, and delivery.
  • Mux - APIs to upload, manage, and stream video.
  • Pintura - A fully configurable JavaScript image editor SDK.
  • - APIs to generate images and PDFs from reusable templates.


Messaging APIs - SMS, notifications, chats, and VoIP.

  • Twilio - SMS, push notifications, and VoIP APIs.
  • Vonage - Video, SMS, chat, and voice APIs.
  • stream - Feed and chat as a service.
  • Applozic - Chat SDKs, real-time messaging.


Different products that probably don't have a category.

  • Actyx - Developer-first factory building.
  • ngrok - Generate public URLs for internal servers (behind NAT/firewall).
  • zigi - Developer’s assistant for mundane non-coding tasks via Slack.
  • Nylas - APIs for productivity workflows (email, calendar, contacts...) - like plaid for productivity.


Monitoring your production application.

  • Sentry - Application monitoring for bugs and performance.
  • KeenIO - Event streaming platform.
  • Rollbar - Reports errors in production.
  • LogRocket - Replay bugs users had.
  • Dashbird - Serverless realtime monitoring.
  • Statuspal - Public/Private status pages for services with integrations.
  • instatus - Minimalist Jamstack status page.

Natural Language Processing

Interactions with natural language.

  • DialogFlow - Voice/text chatbot framework by Google.


Orchestration tools for (micro) services.

  • Camunda- Platform - Workflow engine that delivers scalable, on-demand process automation.
  • AWS Step Functions - visual workflow service to build distributed applications and automate processes


Handling payments, credit card processing, and invoices.

  • Stripe Payments - Accept payments and move money globally with APIs.
  • Braintree - Paypal's take on API-first payments.
  • Plaid - Accept, send ACH (bank transfers) and get bank information.
  • Paddle - Revenue delivery platform for SaaS with broad geographical support (unlike stripe at the moment).


Repository and artifacts management.

  • Artifactory - Create your own package repository.
  • cloudsmith - Cloud-native private package management.

Reports Generation

Generating reports, mainly PDFs

  • PDFBlade - HTML to PDF API usage based pricing.
  • Carbone - JSON into PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ODS... API.
  • Export SDK - PDF generator API with visual template editor.
  • DocRaptor - HTML to PDF API built specifically for Paged Media using the Prince PDF library.


Fetching data from websites not via an intended API.

  • Apify - Turn websites to an API.
  • proxycrawl - Scrape hard-to-scrape websites with proxies.
  • ScrapingBee - Using headless browsers and proxies to scrape without being blocked.
  • ScrapingANT - Scrape with headless chrome.
  • SerpApi - Real-time search engine scraping API.

Index and search your content as a service API.

  • Algolia - Search as a service and full suite of search APIs.
  • Swiftype - Search as a service (crawlers and React ready).
  • Websolr - Open-source and hosted search with Solr.
  • typesense cloud - Open-source and hosted search as a Service.


Creating and handling the shipment of goods.

  • easypost - Shipping APIs for e-commerce.


Testing tools.


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  1. Awesome Developer-First Awesome
  2. Contents
  3. Analytics
  4. Authentication & Identity
  5. CI/CD
  6. CMS (headless)
  7. Code Quality
  8. Computer Vision
  9. Databases & Spreadsheets
  10. Debugging
  11. Deployment Hosting
  12. Discussions
  13. Documentation
  14. Environment & Secret Management
  15. Feature Flags
  16. GEO
  17. IDE
  18. Infrastructure as Code
  19. Integrations
  20. Localization
  21. Mail
  22. Media
  23. Messaging
  24. Misc
  25. Monitoring
  26. Natural Language Processing
  27. Orchestration
  28. Payments
  29. Repo
  30. Reports Generation
  31. Scraping
  32. Search
  33. Shipping
  34. Testing
  35. Contributing
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